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If you don't happen to see the TV or Radio show you've been looking for then why not get in touch I still have hundreds of videos and audio tape I still need to transfer to CD and DVD.

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  • sue holmes (Monday, December 03 18 10:24 am GMT)

    thanks doc for sending me the DVDS of Bluebelle, been after this series for years. Great quality and fantastic service, with me in 2 days. Will recommend you to everybody.

  • Lee (Monday, November 12 18 11:55 am GMT)

    Fantastic service, and a pleasure to deal with. Got my DVD's this morning, and the quality is excellent.

    Thanks a million

  • LINDA VALINS (Saturday, October 20 18 02:21 pm BST)

    OldTimeTV is such a find! From the beginning to the end of my communications with Doc it has been an efficient and smooth process. The DVDs are fabulous quality & even when I had a small glitch with one of them, Doc mailed me replacements within 48 hours. Where else would you find customer service like this? THANK YOU, DOC! & thanks for all the many hours of watching you have given me.

  • Dean Fletcher (Tuesday, September 04 18 02:16 pm BST)

    Excellent back catalogue of old time tv/radio website service only the 2nd time I’ve used it in 5yrs but found what I was looking for both times.
    An excellent service
    Very pleased & many thx to Doc.

  • Chris Long (Thursday, July 12 18 12:27 pm BST)

    I had given up all hope of ever tracking down a few shows from an old favourite of mine. These have never been released on DVD and all signs are that they will never see the light of day.

    I contacted Doc and a couple of days later four well packaged DVDs arrived on my doorstep. Excellent transfer quality too.

    What a terrific service this is for anyone who has given up all hope of locating rare, unreleased shows. Top notch results and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Doc.

  • Leonie Brown (Tuesday, June 05 18 03:27 pm BST)

    What a wonderful Company with so many amazing memories on DVD. Owned by such a helpful and lovely guy, Doc. I definitely recommend using him and telling all your friends about him!

  • Noor (Monday, June 04 18 07:28 pm BST)

    I still can't believe I was able to find SOMEONE who had the 1986 series King of the Ghetto!! The DVDs are quality and Doc is just fantastic!!!

    All DVDs were securely packed and arrived in Florida a lot faster than expected. This site is a dream and Doc is absolutely incredible!!

    I will be purchasing more titles very soon :)

  • Martin Harbor (Wednesday, May 23 18 01:21 pm BST)

    Wow! This site is an amazing treasure trove of classic TV (to my mind classic TV is the best) from all over the world. I happily spend lazy afternoons looking through, with floods of happy memories.
    Thank you so much Doc for bringing back my childhood. Looking forward to getting more happy memories from you.

  • George sermetliotis (Saturday, May 05 18 09:44 pm BST)

    Hello,i love you site,it's the best and most exciting one I've ever seen,it l👀ks like an old tv series itself,😅 keep on going,your fantastic!🖐
    Many regards from George

  • Matthew (Monday, April 02 18 05:03 pm BST)

    As one of those middle aged men who could bore for England on the subject of old British telly, this sight is heaven, eldorado and nirvana all rolled into one. Thank you Doc

  • Gordon (Saturday, March 10 18 03:42 pm GMT)

    An excellent site for those hard to find tv shows etc.
    The service provided by the Doc is second to none, fast and efficient.
    Thoroughly recommended.

  • ray williams (Saturday, November 25 17 04:26 pm GMT)

    WOW cant believe the lists i will be ordereing forevermore

  • Marie (Wednesday, September 13 17 07:05 pm BST)

    As usual brilliant service from Doc. Love looking in the website for more to add to my collection.

  • Colin (Wednesday, August 16 17 01:20 am BST)

    Not only is the Doc a gentleman but he will bend over backwards to help as he did for me in obtaining a show which rekindled childhood memories. The only downpoint was it made me feel so very old watching the show from the 1970s. Cant praise the Doc highly enough. Many thanks to both Doc and this website.

  • EV (Wednesday, August 02 17 05:16 pm BST)

    This is an Aladdin's Cave of fantastic TV shows some of which I never thought I'd see again, nice touch with the added menus on the DVDs themselves.
    Very prompt service too.

  • James (Monday, February 27 17 03:35 pm GMT)

    Had a fantastic experience dealing with Doc. The dvds I received were of a great standard, and the service from OldTimetv was really first rate. If you're looking for rare programmes this without doubt should be your first stop

  • David McDermott (Tuesday, December 20 16 08:54 pm GMT)

    Where are the jokes and banter?
    nice to see that you are back
    An old man was talking to the chemist in Boots "can I have 8 ounces of arsenic please"? the chemist said "what do you need it for"? the old man said "to kill my wife". the chemist said i could not possibly do that. The old man then showed him a photo of his wife and the chemist said" sorry i did not realise that you had a prescription"
    hope you liked it
    kind regards

  • Theresa Herfst (Saturday, August 06 16 03:26 am BST)

    **I may have already just sent this but it is not showing on my email account, so here it is again...sorry**

    Hi there,

    Just found your website and wow is it great! I was reading through the lists of old TV/Movies with my parents and we had a great stroll down memory lane!

    Now that I have kids, my husband and I find it hard to find “good ‘ol TV” that we can all enjoy. We both remember the Disney Swamp Fox series and I have been trying to find it for sale but can only
    find an old release that had Elfego Baca and only a few episodes of Swamp Fox.

    I am hoping that you would be able to sell us a copy of all 8 episodes. My kids have seen the first episode on Youtube and we are all hooked!

    Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

    PS: We are located in BC, Canada if you do have the series and wouldn’t mind letting us know cost of shipping as well :-)

  • Marie (Friday, April 01 16 10:01 pm BST)

    Thank you, great DVD's. Doc is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Will certainly be coming back

  • Barry Coyle (Monday, February 01 16 01:40 am GMT)

    I was looking for Frank Randle films when I came on your site. What films are you looking for? and do yours play in the USA?

  • francesco totaro neto (Friday, January 29 16 02:43 am GMT)

    Congrats on the great web lists! We used to see wome of those fan collectors sets for sale online, nbut I guess they have simply vanished, which is a real shame!in my opinion THere should be no such
    control over material that, as u stated, have not been released commercially yet!why prevent people from having a taste of what tv was like 20 or 30 years ago? control over ioffer, blujay , for
    instance is ridiculous! Im an english language teacher specialized in cultural studies and pronunciation here in Brazil
    apart from enjoying immensely some of the shows you have in stock just for the fun of it! I really would like to have the chance of watching some of my favorites again!!!!ill email u for more details
    on how to get them, but for now, simply Thanks for putting together such a selection!!!!way to go, guys!

  • Alex (Saturday, January 16 16 05:38 pm GMT)

    The Doc is very kindly hooking me up with what I assumed was a long-lost radio play - my students will love it! What an excellent collection, and what a dedicated curator. Both are real gems!

  • rcm (Monday, December 14 15 10:56 pm GMT)

    Looking for Absolute power radio show

  • Sandra Keeley (Thursday, December 10 15 05:46 pm GMT)

    This is the best site I've come across for getting hold of classic TV shows unavailable on DVD. I have found some old dramas and comedy shows that I thought I never would. Oldtimetv has lifted my
    spirits, gives me something to look forward to. I'm discovering more of my favourite old shows each week. Smashing site!

  • FREDDY L. (Monday, September 28 15 03:59 am BST)

    great site....Like walking thru A TIME MACHINE..

  • Chris Toone (Thursday, September 03 15 12:01 pm BST)

    Thanks for the DVD's they have just arrived and the quality is bril. Thanks again I will be buying from you again.

    Excellent Service!

  • Jennifer (Wednesday, August 19 15 09:50 am BST)

    A superb site - I know that when all else fails the Doc turns up trumps every time. Thanks Doc for all that you have done to keep some of the brilliant old shows of the past alive. You are a star!!

  • Gill (Friday, July 24 15 01:35 pm BST)

    Excellent service and goods received in double quick time. I highly recommend this site and will definitely use again. Thanks DOC.

  • Gill (Friday, July 24 15 01:33 pm BST)

    Excellent service - I have received what I wanted in double quick time. Wont hesitate to use this site in the future - highly recommend it. Thanks DOC.

  • Frankie Woodhouse from Amsterdam (Wednesday, July 15 15 09:40 pm BST)

    Ultimate site for film buffs. Superb on the titles with fair prices, good quality. Very fine communication. T O P S!

  • Patti (Monday, July 13 15 05:15 am BST)

    What an incredible site! I couldn't be more thrilled. I tip my hat to Doc.

  • Michelle (Thursday, July 09 15 10:18 am BST)

    Would recommend this site to anyone I was able to get a few programme's I 'd been searching for a long time.
    Service was very good and fast and I was happy with the quality of the dvds,wouldn't hesitate to use again.

  • Kerrie (Wednesday, June 17 15 07:23 am BST)

    I was extremely happy with the service, the fast delivery to Australia, the messages sent to let me know everything that was going on and I was very happy with the quality of the dvd's. I would
    highly recommend anyone using Doc.

  • Caroline McCoo (Thursday, June 04 15 02:44 pm BST)

    I am SO happy I found this site. I got my DVD very quickly from Doc and the whole process was friendly and stress free. I have been recommending this site to me friends. Thanks for all your hard work

  • Carol Sword (Wednesday, April 22 15 04:28 pm BST)

    I was thrilled at the quality of the discs! Doc is a miracle worker! He can find anything and record it for you. No wonder I keep coming back for more!

  • Jayne O\'Connor (Tuesday, April 21 15 09:27 pm BST)

    ....despite praising \'The Doc\' previously I feel the need to gush again!! what an absolute star......many, many thanks to you.....again!! You have an amazing site and are fab to \'correspond\'
    with. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I really do appreciate you indulging me!!! ;) you really do rock!!

  • John Foulkes (Friday, March 13 15 07:55 pm GMT)

    As always, a friendly, helpful and prompt response from the Doc. This site is what the internet is for!

  • Jayne O\'Connor (Tuesday, March 03 15 06:41 pm GMT)

    This website and \'The Doc\' are absolutely fabulous.....I really can\'t offer up enough praise!! :) The whole experience from the initial order to delivery is faultless....and oh so quick. Long may
    \'The Doc\' reign!! ;)

  • john mitchell (Friday, February 20 15 03:19 am GMT)

    I would like to thank you for the dvd`s I received and all your kindess in making this transaction so easy with all problems encounted with mail

  • sarah walker (Tuesday, February 10 15 12:30 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for helping me to find all of the episodes of How We Used to Live, which I acted in when I was younger! All of them were on the disk and I am so very happy to finally be able to
    show them to my children! A fantastic service!! Sarah

  • Craig Saul (Monday, February 09 15 07:34 pm GMT)

    I can’t talk highly enough of both this site and the Doc. Never thought I would ever be able to watch some of the gems in the archive again. To steal an old movie quote, “You are my only hope, Obi
    Wan”, and the Doc IS Obi Wan!

  • michelle grunert (Wednesday, February 04 15 10:17 am GMT)

    love your site ,will be telling all my friends about you .great stuff

  • gerald smith (Tuesday, February 03 15 12:31 am GMT)

    RE comment from julie mortlock(Tuesday, January 27 15)yes this is a fantastic site, and all you need to do is send \"the Doc\" an email. Very pleasant and helpful person to deal with. Promise they
    dont bite.

  • julie mortlock (Tuesday, January 27 15 12:09 pm GMT)

    Omg I have died and gone to heaven
    This is a dream for a collector like me.
    Just don\'t know how to purchase from site.

  • Richard Holland (Saturday, January 24 15 09:25 am GMT)

    The Doc is a true gentleman. Nothing ever seems too much trouble, communications are quick and friendly and orders are really quick to come through. Has a superbly huge collection a real treasure
    trove Thanks for everything over the years Doc

  • Sarah Thomas (Monday, January 12 15 12:44 pm GMT)

    Hiya! Thank you so much for Anchor Me and Glasgow Kiss. Two series I have been looking for, for so long. Very reasonabley priced, fast delivery and wonderful serivce. Many thanks again!

  • Mark Davis (Monday, January 05 15 09:18 am GMT)

    Amazing diversity, looked everywhere else, found what I was looking for here (of course)

  • Vahe Kashiktchian (Monday, December 08 14 04:15 am GMT)


    I just wanted to say that bringing us the \"Great Yesteryear\" is such a sweet treat. May you be blessed, always.

  • Lauren (Monday, November 24 14 06:27 pm GMT)

    An Aladdins cave of old tv shows fantastic idea so glad I stumbled across !
    Superb service great communication, friendly and super fast delivery! Have the website bookmarked and will defo recommend to friends! Thanx doc

  • Jessica Dial (Monday, October 13 14 06:03 am BST)

    Thank you so much for sharing the BBC production of Fay Weldon's Polaris with us. My parents' copy (on audiotape) had worn out and we thought our annual tradition of listening to Polaris on Christmas
    would have to end. Now, I can share this tradition with my kids. Thank you so much for caring enough to archive and share these wonderful recordings!


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