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If you don't happen to see the TV or Radio show you've been looking for then why not get in touch I still have hundreds of videos and audio tape I still need to transfer to CD and DVD.

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  • Adam (Thursday, October 07 21 09:13 pm BST)

    Hey Doc, really hoping you add the vanishing man to your collection, when you do will it be availble to watch online for you you send them privately to followers? I've been trying to find the vanishing man for donleys years and want to see it again, not one of Neil Morrissey's best but still a fun series, the last episode was the best. Hope you can help. Adam

  • Mark Bullock (Wednesday, October 06 21 11:50 am BST)

    Doc is the best!! Saved my life with Sons ans Daughters complete set :)

  • mary koller (Monday, August 23 21 08:10 pm BST)

    Hello Doc, looking for dvds of TV series Our House with Wilford Brimley. Cannot find to purchase anywhere. Do you have any available? Thanks for your help! Mary K.

  • Emerson Mason (Wednesday, August 18 21 07:44 am BST)

    Hi Doc, just wanted to say "Thanks" for the comedy shows. They took sometime to be to get to me but it was worth the wait. I would highly recommend your web site to anyone looking for an old tv series or movie that cannot be found anywhere on the internet.

  • Susan Townsley (Saturday, July 24 21 08:53 pm BST)

    I have just spent a hugely enjoyable 2 days binge watching the amazing TV dramas Doc sorted out for me. Even better than I remembered!! So happy and cannot recommend this fast, efficient and very friendly service highly enough!! Will be back for sure. Thanks Doc :-) x

  • Sandra Cummings (Tuesday, July 20 21 12:33 pm BST)

    Delighted to see Quiller and The Enigma Files again after all these years. I really recommend this site.

  • Emerson Mason (Tuesday, July 06 21 06:30 am BST)

    What a wonderful site. I have never seen a listing of so many old TV shows and specials.

  • Terry Brown (Thursday, June 17 21 11:30 am BST)

    I have asked about films not on his list and the Doc has come up trumps every time. Great service couldn't ask for more.

  • Margaret Barnholt (Saturday, June 05 21 09:01 pm BST)

    Looking for the uk series Screen one.Episode { HOME RUN [ with Michael Kitchen.] Great site. Thank you.

  • Bill Ayers (Sunday, May 16 21 11:48 am BST)

    I have just found your site. I didn't think it was possible to find such dedication. It is terrific to realize that there are so many opportunities to catch up with gems of the past, thought to be gone forever. Regards, Bill

  • Alfred Nettleingham (Sunday, May 09 21 11:31 am BST)

    I have 0nly just found your wonderful site, its brilliant. I have been looking for a DVD of Something in the City with Mr Pastry. Can you please supply one ?

  • Axelle (Monday, April 19 21 09:17 am BST)

    Looking for rare series and movies ? This is THE site, the best of its kind. I have been coming back for years and I cannot say how grateful I am. Here I have found so many things I could not find anywhere else. Doc is incredible: always friendly, efficient and helpful, takes the time to respond to every enquiry. The service has always been excellent and the dvds are wonderful with the best transfer quality I have ever seen. No doubt I will come back again in the future: this website is a nirvana for rare programs lovers.
    Thank you so much, Doc, for your kindness and your generous assistance!

  • paulmiles780@gmail.com (Sunday, April 18 21 11:31 pm BST)

    Just ordered series 4 5 and 6 of little and large on dvd over the moon as ive been after their stuff for years no ordered russ abbots madhouse on disk and kenny everett television show series 2 and will be ordering a lot more stuff off the Doc very pleased indeed.

  • Georgie (Monday, April 12 21 12:21 pm BST)

    Doc has been so helpful in trying to track down old shows. Fabulous to deal with and I highly recommend.

  • Geraldstevens (Sunday, January 10 21 08:14 pm GMT)

    The site is awesome thank you for taking the time to do this

  • ian Belsey (Sunday, December 27 20 12:30 pm GMT)

    As always, prompt and easy service from The Doc, who is, without a doubt the greatest at providing such a service! The copies are invariably pristine, and every parcel reveals joy! The best!

  • Gary (Thursday, December 10 20 12:02 am GMT)

    Brilliant site with a fantastic selection of shows.

  • Trevor May (Saturday, November 28 20 02:14 am GMT)

    Some great stuff.

  • Ken (Wednesday, November 25 20 03:34 am GMT)

    So far, I have had only a short, but prominent, acquaintance with Doc! I am very grateful for his generous assistance, unrelenting good humour and the obvious immensity of his video collection. Thank you, too, for this digital `gathering place' - for those drawn to old tv and radio. Without this site, I would not have found Doc - and come to re-experience some happy memories that had all but vanished.
    Seasons Greetings, Doc - and all who attend here. More specifically to you, Doc - my sincerest gratitude - from half a world away.

  • Sam, West Sussex (Thursday, October 29 20 08:43 pm GMT)

    The listings are a brilliant source of free and authoritative reference in themselves ... memories come flooding back. Best quality, most special and valuable service received from the Doc and Old Time TV. Sincere thanks and best wishes.

  • Ian (Friday, October 09 20 04:12 pm BST)

    My Purchase was a delight, excellent quality & very quick delivery & well packed .


  • Tim Harvey (Friday, September 18 20 06:55 pm BST)

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Doc. Managed to get hold of the first six episodes of Beryls Lot and they are wonderful copies too. Lovely trip down memory lane with this wonderful series.

  • Beatrice New (Wednesday, September 09 20 04:22 pm BST)

    This is a great site. I was wondering if you could do some DVDs of Face the Music (the english version)as I loved the show and would gladly pay to own it. I've searched but can't find it anywhere else

  • CHARLES GILLAM (Monday, June 29 20 11:29 am BST)

    Great service .Great price. Great quality DVDs. I will use this company again and will recommend them to anyone that loves DVDs

  • James (Tuesday, May 19 20 05:51 pm BST)

    Can't fault Doc in any respect when it comes to rare or difficult to source tv material.
    I've never come across such a comprehensive resource when looking for vintage programmes, and the service on offer is absolutely first rate from this conscientious, friendly and accomodating individual.

  • Rob Cope (Saturday, April 18 20 06:50 pm BST)

    I have been dealing with the Doc for many years now and it has always been a pleasure. Never disappointed or had cause to complain. The DVDs are the best quality that can be sourced on the market with some very rare titles in the catalogue. I would heartily recommend anyone interested in archive TV or radio to use this service. It is by a fan for the fans. Probably the best collection of its kind on the internet.

  • Marie Betsworth (Thursday, February 27 20 08:58 pm GMT)

    Fantastic website and Doc is a great guy. So helpful and provides a fantastic service. What a collection!

  • George sermetliotis (Saturday, February 22 20 01:19 am GMT)

    Hi doc my name is George sermetliotis,I love your internet site,"ITS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!".

  • Drew Mackie (Thursday, February 06 20 06:34 pm GMT)

    The Doc is a great resource and a stand-up guy. I'm glad the person in charge of such a remarkable library is also so friendly to those doing research in this field.

  • Col Nicol (Thursday, December 19 19 08:11 pm GMT)

    Wishing Doc a Very Happy Christmas, who incidentally has made it feel like Christmas throughout year, for myself and others providing shows for all of us to relive and enjoy and also best wishes for 2020 and keep up excellent work as always.

  • Tony (Thursday, October 17 19 12:44 pm BST)

    An amazing website run by a very helpful guy. Brings back lots of memories. Thank you, Doc!

  • Louise Berridge (Monday, October 14 19 09:04 pm BST)

    Wonderful site, fabulous archive, and the Doc has made dreams come true for my family.There is a long-felt need here, and we're so grateful someone is finally filling it!

  • norton 360 setup australia (Wednesday, September 11 19 12:04 pm BST)

    Awesome page! I’ll bookmark your weblog and check once more right here frequently. I want to stimulate you to continue your excellent work.

  • Robin Johnson (Tuesday, September 03 19 02:32 am BST)

    It has just been a delight and a pleasure to renew my long standing friendship with the Doc - and what a friend he proves to be when one needs him most! A programme I have wanted for several months has been effortlessly produced in under 24 hours. This is the man you need - the man we ALL need. Thank you so much Doc and long may you continue to make this world a better place for those of us who so love our old-time TV and radio.

  • Aurel Ilea (Wednesday, August 21 19 12:40 pm BST)

    Just wanted to send more thanks and best wishes to the Doc. Since the first time I signed the Guestbook, I've received many more beautifully recorded shows. Always excellent value and amazing quality for such rare material. Cheers from Oz Doc.

  • james hammond (Tuesday, August 20 19 01:00 am BST)

    good to see somebody from our era
    has got the skills to save all this history ,that is part of our
    lives - many thanks

  • James Hammond (Saturday, August 10 19 01:59 am BST)

    i discovered this by accident
    what a Joy to behold -Thank you
    for your time -Cheers jim

  • alan fox (Thursday, July 25 19 02:31 pm BST)

    hi old time tv,
    I discovered the website by accident and would like to say you will be hearing from me again. just amazed by the selection of tv shows you got.hope to be in touch again soon and I would gladly make a dontation to cancer charity or cancer research I lost my mum to cancer.

  • Neil Haddow (Thursday, June 27 19 04:13 pm BST)

    Doc has given me superb service since I placed my order. He has built from scratch four series of drama shows and despatched them to me in four days! His work is extremely professional and the quality of the programmes is very high. Doc is very helpful and friendly to deal with and I shall order a lot more product from him. Neil Haddow

  • Shelby Mitchell (Wednesday, June 05 19 01:12 am BST)

    Great job on here my friend. Keep it up there. As you must have read our mind. Take care!

  • Aurel Ilea (Tuesday, June 04 19 03:47 pm BST)

    My thanks and appreciation to the Doc, keeper of THE site for rare unreleased tv and radio. Amazing attention to detail and great care went into the shows I've speedily received. Grateful cheers from Australia. Thanks Doc!

  • Steve Grant (Thursday, May 09 19 04:01 pm BST)

    Thank you Doc. Have been hunting for these for years and quality is brilliant.
    Super Happy.

  • Steve Grant (Sunday, May 05 19 02:51 am BST)

    What a FABULOUS website. Amazing to see such a huge collection of old and rare TV shows. Including the 2 I have been hunting for years.
    Keep up the good work Doc


  • Mark (Monday, April 29 19 12:55 pm BST)

    What a lovely person to deal with, and wonderful old series found at last on dvd!!!

  • Ernest Dorch (Friday, March 08 19 08:25 pm GMT)

    Ernest March 8. 2019. Thank you for finding old Tv show and putting in Dvd ‘s for me Thank you Doc

  • Col (Tuesday, March 05 19 10:35 pm GMT)

    Sending Doc best wishes and get well soon.

  • Nancy (Saturday, February 23 19 03:12 pm GMT)

    I found a show here that I had been searching for for quite some time and been unable to locate anywhere else. Doc responded to my enquiries promptly and when I received the disk, the quality was excellent. I couldn't be more pleased.

  • Cris (Friday, February 08 19 11:32 am GMT)

    Absolutely thrilled with the DVDs I received, and it's obvious how much hard work Doc puts in. Thank you!

  • Colette Brown (Wednesday, January 23 19 02:13 pm GMT)

    We are very grateful for the copies of our father's This is your Life episode, and how quickly they came, sorry this is so late!

  • Jennifer (Friday, December 28 18 05:05 am GMT)

    Christmas is over, but wishing you all the very best in the New Year, Doc. xxx


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