DVD1.    STEAM BOAT BILL JNR.  (Starring Buster Keaton)    AS YOU LIKE IT

             (Starring Laurence Olivier)
DVD2.    BUSTER KEATON FESTIVAL (The Blacksmith, The Boat, The Paleface,


              BUSTER KEATON CLASSICS (The Playhouse, The Balloonatic, My Wife’s

              Relations, The Electric House
DVD3.    FATTY ARBUCKLE FESTIVAL (Fatty Joins The Force, Spooning Day,

              Suitless Day, The Speed Kings)
              KEYSTONE COPS FESTIVAL (Bangville Police, Love Speed & Thrills, Her                   Painted Hero, Wife/Auto Trouble)
DVD4.    STAN LAUREL FESTIVAL (Mud & Sand, Just Rambling Along, Oranges &                   Lemons)  OUR GANG FESTIVAL (Our Gang Follies, Bear shooters,

              School’s Out)  ALL-STAR EXTRAVAGANZA   (The Stolen Jools (Laurel &

DVD5.    SPEAK EASILY       (Starring Buster Keaton)     LI’L ABNER  (Starring

              Buster Keaton)
DVD6.    IT’S A JOKE (Starring Kenny Delmar)  ZIS BOOM BAH (Starring Grace                     Hayes) EAST SIDE KIDS (Starring Leon Ame
DVD7.    BROADWAY LIMITED   (Starring Victor McLaglen) THE STORK                                 CLUB   (Starring Betty Hutton)
DVD8.    THE AMAZING ADVENTURE  (Starring Cary Grant) MY LOVE FOR                               YOURS  (Starring Fred MacMurray)

DVD9.    CLANCY STREET KIDS    (Starring East Side Kids) PRIDE OF THE                             BOWERY (Starring East Side Kids)
DVD10.  SMART ALECKS      (Starring East Side Kids)   MR. WISE GUY  (Starring                   East Side Kids
DVD11.  MILLION DOLLAR KID     (Starring East Side Kids) BOWERY                                     BLITZKRIEG  (Starring East Side Kids)
DVD12.  THREE BROADWAY GIRLS     (Starring Joan Blondell)  SWING HI SWING                 LO  (Starring Carole Lombard)

DVD13.   MADE FOR EACH OTHER      (Starring James Stewart)  THAT UNCERTAIN               FEELING (Starring Merle Oberon)
DVD14.  THE GREAT RUPERT    (Starring Jimmy Durante)  SOMETHING TO SING                   ABOUT  (Starring James Cagney)
DVD15.  MY MAN GODFREY      (Starring William Powell)  ONE RAINY                                   AFTERNOON  (Starring Francis Lederer)
DVD16.  THE GREAT MIKE   (Starring Stuart Erwin)  THREE GUYS NAMED MIKE                     (Starring Jane Wyman)
DVD17.   THE OVER THE HILL GANG       (Starring Pat O’Brien)   THE OVER THE                     HILL GANG RIDES AGAIN   (Starring Walter Brennan)
DVD18.   ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER    (Starring Paul Muni)   ETERNALLY                                YOURS  (Starring Loretta Young)
DVD19.   HAPPY GO LOVELY       (Starring David Niven)   THE SMALLEST SHOW                   ON EARTH   (Starring Peter Sellers)
DVD20.   SANDY THE SEAL          (Starring Heinz Drache)   THE FRONT                                   PAGE  (Starring Adolphe Menjou)
DVD21.   BEHAVE YOURSELF       (Starring Farley Granger)   THE SIN OF HAROLD                 DIDDLEBOCK       (Starring Harold Lloyd)
DVD22.    BEAT THE DEVIL         (Starring Humphrey Bogart)  PASSPORT TO                         PIMLICO       (Starring Stanley Holloway)
DVD23.   SPOOKS RUN WILD     (Starring Bela Lugosi)    HIS GIRL                                         FRIDAY  (Starring Cary Grant)
DVD24.   LOVE LAUGHS AT ANDY HARDY   (Starring Mickey Rooney)   POT O’                       GOLD  (Starring James Stewart)
DVD25.   TIL’ CLOUDS ROLL BY        (Starring Judy Garland)   THE MEDICINE                       MAN      (Starring Jack Benny)
DVD26.   LIFE WITH FATHER        (Starring William Powell)     THE THREE                             STOOGES FESTIVAL     (Three Stooges)
DVD27.   JACK AND THE BEANSTALK     (Abbott & Costello)   LETS GET                                 TOUGH   (East Side Kids)
DVD28.   THE LAST TIME I SAW PARIS     (Elizabeth Taylor)   JANE EYRE                            (Virginia Bruce)
DVD29.   A STAR IS BORN       (Janet Gaynor)   THE RACKETEER     (Carole                           Lombard)
DVD30.   THE JUNGLE BOOK     (Sabu)     GULLIVER’S TRAVELS   (Animated)
DVD31.   THE GENERAL      (Buster Keaton)     THE KID  (Charlie Chaplin)
DVD32.   LONG JOHN SILVER      (Robert Newton)     THE SCARLET LETTER                           (Colleen Moore)
DVD33.   THE INSPECTOR GENERAL    (Danny Kaye)  THE PALEFACE  (Buster                       Keaton)  THE GANG OF MINE   (East Side Kids)
DVD34.   SON OF MONTE CRISTO     (Louis Hayward)   CAPTAIN KIDD   (Charles                    Laughton)
DVD35.   THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE    (James Cagney)    A FAREWELL TO ARMS                       (Gary Cooper)
DVD36.   THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL    (Leslie Howard)   THE BLACK                                       PIRATE   (Douglas Fairbanks Jnr)
DVD37.   LITTLE LORD FAUNTELROY      (Mickey Rooney)     THE EAGLE  (Rudolph               Valentino)
DVD38.   THE GREAT DAN PATCH    (Dennis O’Keefe)   MY DEAR SECRETARY                         (Kirk Douglas)
DVD39.   ROYAL WEDDING  (Fred Astaire)   AT WAR WITH THE ARMY     (Jerry                   Lewis)
DVD40.   OUR TOWN   (William Holden)   THE LITTLE PRINCESS     (Shirley                           Temple)
DVD41.   MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE    (Bob Hope)    THE PIED PIPER OF                                 HAMELIN    (Van Johnson)
DVD42.   THE BIG TREES       (Kirk Douglas)   BEYOND TOMORROW   (Harry Carey)
DVD43.   THE FLYING SCOTSMAN   (Ray Milland)     FLYING DEUCES   (Laurel &                   Hardy)  THE BLACKSMITH  (Buster Keaton)
DVD44.   AFRICA SCREAMS  (Abbott & Costello)   THE MAGIC SWORD  (Basil                         Rathbone)
DVD45.   FATHER’S LITTLE DIVIDEND   (Spencer Tracy)   UTOPIA    (Laurel &                       Hardy)
DVD46.   THE BIG CHANCE       (Mickey Rooney)    KID DYNAMITE  (The East Side                 Kids)
DVD47.   THE IRON MASK     (Douglas Fairbanks Sr)  THE LOST WORLD  (Wallace                 Beery)
DVD48.   WC FIELDS FESTIVAL   (WC Fields)    THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD    (Bing               Crosby)
DVD49.   ROCKET SHIP XM     (Lloyd Bridges)  THE STAR PACKER  (John Wayne)                 OUR TOWN   (William Holden)
DVD50.   NURSE ON WHEELS   (Juliet Mills)   TWICE AROUND THE DAFFODILS                     (Juliet Mills)
DVD51.   THE HISTORY OF MR.POLLY   (John Mills)   THE OCTOBER MAN  (John                   Mills)
DVD52.   INN FOR TROUBLE   (Peggy Mount)    SAILOR BEWARE   (Peggy Mount)
DVD53.   THE BIG JOB  (Sid James)   WHAT A CARVE UP  (Sid James)
DVD54.   IT’S A DATE     (Deanna Durbin)  SPRING PARADE  (Deanne Durbin)
DVD55.   THREE STOOGES IN LAND IN ORBIT & THREE STOOGES IN STOP LOOK &                LISTEN (Two Three Stooge Full Length Movies) 

DVD56.   LIMELIGHT  (Charlie Chaplin)   MODERN TIMES  (Charlie Chaplin)




1. The Incredible Petrified World (John Carradine)  
     Queen of the Amazons (Patricia Morison)
     Robot Monster (George Nader)


2.  She Gods of Shark Reef (Bill Cord)        
     The Amazing Transparent Man (Maguerite Chapman)
     The Atomic Brain (Bradford Dillman)
3. Horrors of Spider Island (Harald Maresch)
     The Wasp Woman (Susan Cabot)
4. Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (Basil Rathbone)
    Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (Mamie Van Doren)
5. King of Kong Island (Brad Harris)
    Bride of the Gorilla (Raymond Burr)

6.  Attack of the Monsters (Christopher Murphy)
     Gamera the Invincible (Brain Donlevy)

7. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (Pia Zadora)
    Teenagers From Outer Space (David Love)
8. Crash of the Moons (Richard Crane)
    Menace From Outer Space (Richard Crane)
9. Hercules Against the Moonmen (Alan Steel)
    Hercules and the Captive Women (Reg Park)
10. Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon (Peter Lupus)
      Hercules Unchained (Steve Reeves)
11. Lost Jungle (Clyde Beatty)
      Mesa of Lost Women (Jackie Coogan)
12. Assignment: Outer Space (Rick Van Nutter)
      Laser Mission (Brandon Lee)
13. Killers from Space (Peter Graves)
      Phantom from Space (Ted Cooper)
14. White Pongo (Richard Fraser)
       The Snow Creature (Paul Langton)
15. Son of Hercules: The Land of Darkness (Dan Vadis)
      Devil of the Desert vs. Son of Hercules (Kirk Morris)
16. First Spaceship on Venus (Yoko Tani)
      Zontar, The Thing From Venus (John Agar)
17. The Astral Factor (Robert Foxworth)
      The Galaxy Invader (Richard Dyszel)

18. Battle of the Worlds (Claude Rains)
      Unknown Worlds (Bruce Kellogg)
19. Blood Tide (James Earl Jones)
      The Brain Machine (James Best)
20. The Wild Women of Wongo (Jean Hawkshaw)
       Prehistoric Women (Laurette Luez)
21. They Came From Beyond Space (Robert Hutton)
      Warning From Space (Toyomi Karita)
22. The Phantom Planet (Dean Fredericks)
       Planet Outlaws (Buster Crabbe)
23. Colossus and the Amazon Queen (Rod Taylor)
      Eegah (Arch Hall, Jr)

24. Cosmos: War of the Planets (John Richardson)
      Destroy All Planets (Carl Craig)




1.   Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four starring Arthur Wontner
      The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes starring Arthur Wontner
2.   Sherlock Holmes: Murder at the Baskervilles starring Arthur Wontner
      Sherlock Holmes: The Woman in Green starring Basil Rathbone
3.   Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet starring Reginald Owen
      Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon Starring Basil Rathbone
4.   Sherlock Holmes: Terror By Night starring Basil Rathbone
      Sherlock Holmes: Dressed to Kill starring Basil Rathbone
5.   Sherlock Holmes: Deadly Necklace starring Christopher Lee
      Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band starring Raymond Massey
6.   Nancy Drew, Reporter starring Bonita Granville
      The Kennel Murder Case starring William Powell
7.  The Death Kiss starring David Manners
     Suddenly starring Frank Sinatra
8.  Impact starring Brian Donlevy
     He Walked By Night starring Richard Basehart
9.  Quicksand starring Mickey Rooney
      Eyes in the Night starring Donna Reed
10. The Man on the Eiffel Tower starring Burgess Meredith
       Topper Returns starring Roland Young
11. The Green Glove starring Glenn Ford
      The Second Woman starring Robert Young
12.  Fog Island starring George Zucco
       They Made Me a Criminal starring John Garfield
13. Jigsaw starring Franchot Tone

      Algiers starring Charles Boyer
14. Murder With Pictures starring Lew Ayres
      The Stranger starring Orson Welles
15. Murder at Midnight starring Aileen Pringle
      Kansas City Confidential starring John Payne
16. Detour starring Tom Neal
      Too Late for Tears starring Elizabeth Scott

17. Mystery Liner starring Noah Beery
      Scarlet Street starring Edward G. Robinson
18. Midnight Manhunt starring Ann Savage
      Murder By Television starring Bela Lugosi
19. The Moonstone starring David Manners
      Great Guy starring James Cagney
20. The Ring starring Carl Brisson
      Juno & The Paycock starring Sara Allgood
21. The Lodger starring Ivor Novello
       Sabotage   starring Oskar Homolka
22. Rich And Strange starring Joan Barry
      The Man Who Knew Too Much starring Leslie Banks
23. Young And Innocent starring Nova Pilbeam
      Secret Agent starring John Gielgud
24. Blackmail   starring John Longden
      The Lady Vanishes starring Margaret Lockwood
25. Mysterious Mr.Wong starring Bela Lugosi
       Mr.Wong Detective starring Boris Karloff
26. Deadly Strangers starring Hayley Mills
      Evidence Of Power starring Boris Karloff


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