Hi there this is the place to find all those great Movies starring your favourite actor or actress from the past and present. The listings here show you an assortment of movies in different genres starring specific stars that are available out there, many rare, and many you probably thought you would never see again. BUT YOU CAN! So if you have any questions with regard any of shows in this section get in touch with The Doc at


Abbott & Costello Go to Mars (1953)

Abbott & Costello In The Foreign Legion (1950)           

Abbott & Costello Meet Mr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1951) 

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1953)

Abbott & Costello Meet The Invisible Man (1950)

Abbott & Costello Meet The Keystone Cops (1955)

Abbott & Costello Meet The Killer ( 1955)

Abbott & Costello Meet The Mummy

Buck Privates (1941)                                     

Buck Privates Come Home (1947)

Coming Round The Mountain (1951)                         

Here Come The Co-Eds (1945)                             

Hit The Ice (1943)                                       

Hold That Ghost (1941)                                   

In Society (1944)                                        

In The Navy (1941)                                       

Keep Em' Flying (1941)                                   

Little Giant (1946)                                       

Lost In Alaska (1952)                                    

Mexican Hayride (1948)                                   

One Night In The Tropics (1940)                       

Pardon My Sarong (1942)                                   

Ride Em' Cowboy (1942)                                   

The Naughty Nineties (1945)                               

The Time Of Our Lives (1946)                           

The Wistful Widow Of Wagon Gap (1947)                     

Who Done It (1942)



A Caribbean Mystery

And Then There Were None (1945) 

Appointment with Death

Dead Man’s Folly

Fingers at the Window

Love from a Stranger

Murder Ahoy

Murder at the Gallop

Murder by the Book

Murder in Three Acts

Murder Is Easy

Murder Most Foul

Murder She Said 

Murder with Mirrors 

Ordeal by Innocence

Sparkling Cyanide

Ten Little Indians (1966)

Ten Little Indians (1986) 

The Alphabet Murders

The Man in the Brown Suit, 

The Mirror Crack’d

Thirteen for Dinner




Around the World-1943 

Gangway for Tomorrow-1943                         

Genius at Work -1946 

Girl Rush-1944 

Radio Stars on Parade-1945 

Rookies in Burma -1943 

Seven Days Ashore-1944 

The Adventures of a Rookie-1943 

Vacation in Reno-1946

Zombies on Broadway-1945





Vol 1. SilverCity Kid, Stagecoach to Monterey,

          Sherrif of Sundown, Topeka Terror, 

           Corpus Christi Bandits

Vol 2. Trail of Kit Carson, Sante Fe up Rising, 

           Stagecoach to Denver, Vigilantes of Boomtown, 

           Homesteaders of ParadiseValley

Vol 3. Oregon Trail Scouts, Rustlers of Devil Canyon,

           Marshall of Cripple Creek, The Wild Frontier, 

          Bandits of DarkCanyon

Vol 4. OklahomaBadlands, Bold Frontiersman, 

           Carson City Raiders, Marshal Of Amarillo,

          Desperado’s of Dodge City

Vol 5. The Denver Kid, Sundown in Sante Fe, 

          Renegades of Sonora, Sheriff of Wichita, 

           Death Valley Gunfighter

Vol 6. Frontier Investigator, the Wyoming Bandit, 

          Bandit King of Texas, Navajo Trail Raiders, 

           Power River Rustlers

Vol 7. Gunmen of Abilene, Code Of the Silver Sage, 

            Salt Lake Raiders, Covered Wagon Raid, 

           Vigilante Hideout

Vol 8. Frisco Tornado, Rustlers on Horseback, 

           Rough Riders of Durango, Night Riders Of   

            Montana, Wells Fargo Gunmaster

Vol 9. Fort Dodge, Stampede, Desert of Lost Men, 

          Captive of Billy the Kid, Leadville Gunslinger, 

           Black Hills Ambush

Vol 10.Thundering Caravan, Marshal of Cedar Rock, 

            Desperadoes Outpost, Savage Frontier, 

            Bandits of the West

Vol 11. El Paso Stampede



A Fire Has Been Arranged                                   

An Inspector Calls                                         

An Inspector Calls 1954 

Blue Murder at St Trinians 1957 

Climbing High1938 

Cottage to Let                                             

Escapade 1955                                           

Folly to Be Wise 1952                                   

Gangway 1937 

Green for Danger 1946 

Hue and Cry 1947                                       

Innocents in Paris 1953                                  

Inspector Hornleigh 1939                                 

Inspector Hornleigh Goes To It 1941                     

Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday 1939                     


Lady Godiva Rides Again 1951                           

Laughter in Paradise 1951                               

Left Right and Centre 1959

Let the People Sing 1942                                 

London Belongs To Me 

Man in the Mirror 1936                                  

Rogue Male 1976 

Royal Flash 1974 

Sailing Along 1938                                         

Scrooge 1951 

St Trinians - Belles of 1954                             

The Anatomist 1961                                       

The Doctor's Dilemma 1958                                

The Green Man 1956 

The Happiest Days of Your Life 1950                   

The Littlest Horse Thieves                                 

The Riverside Murder 1935               

The Squeaker 1937 

The Millionairess 1960 

The Private Secretary 1935 

The Ruling Class 1972                                    

The Terror 1938 

This Man Is News 1938 

Waterloo Road1945 

Wee Geordie 1955




1925 - The PleasureGarden                                 

1927 - Downhill                                             

1927 - The Lodger                                           

1927 - The Ring                                             

1928 - Champagne                                           

1928 - Easy Virtue                                         

1928 - The Farmer's Wife                                   

1929 - Blackmail                                           

1929 - The Manxman                                         

1930 - Juno and the Paycock                                 

1930 - Murder                                               

1931 - Rich and Strange - East of Shanghai (USA)           

1931 - The Skin Game                                       

1932 - Number Seventeen                                     

1933 - Waltzes from Vienna                                 

1934 - The Man Who Knew Too Much

1935 - The 39 Steps                                         

1936 - Sabotage                                             

1936 - Secret Agent                                         

1937 - Young & Innocent                                     

1938 - The Lady Vanishes                                   

1939 - Jamaica Inn                                         

1940 - Foreign Correspondent                               

1940 - Rebecca                                             

1941 - Mr. & Mrs. Smith                                     

1941 - Suspicion                                           

1941 - Suspicion (Colorized)                               

1942 - Saboteur                                             

1943 - Shadow of a Doubt                                   

1944 - Bon Voyage & Madagascar Landing                     

1944 - Lifeboat

1945 - Spellbound                                           

1946 - Notorious                                           

1947 - The Paradine Case                                   

1948 - Rope                                               

1949 - Under Capricorn                                     

1950 - Stage Fright                                         

1951 - Strangers on a Train                                 

1953 - I Confess                                           

1954 - Dial M for Murder                                   

1954 - Rear Window

1955 - The Trouble with Harry                               

1955 - To Catch a Thief                                     

1956 - The Man Who Knew Too Much                           

1956 - The Wrong Man                                        

1958 - Vertigo                                             

1959 - North by Northwest                                   

1960 - Psycho                                               

1963 - The Birds                                            

1964 - Marnie                                               

1966 - Torn Curtain                                         

1969 - Topaz                                               

1972 - Frenzy                                               

1976 - Family Plot




A Family Affair -1937                                       

Andy Hardy Comes Home -1958                                 

Andy Hardy Get's Spring Fever -1939                         

Andy Hardy Meet's Debutante -1940                           

Andy Hardy's Double Life -1942                             

Blonde Trouble -1944                                       

Courtship of Andy Hardy -1942                               

Judge Hardy & Son -1939                                     

Judge Hardy's Children -1938                               

Life Begins for Andy Hardy -1941                           

Love Finds Andy Hardy -1938                                 

Love Laugh's At Andy Hardy -1946                           

Out West with the Hardy's -1938                             

Private Secretary -1941                                     

Shockproof (1949)                                           

The Hardy's Ride high -1939                                

Your Only Young Once -1937



52 Pick-Up -1986 

A Streetcar Named Desire 1984 

Bus Riley's Back in Town-1965 

Bye Bye Birdie-1963 

C.C & Company-1970 

Carnal Knowledge-1971 

Grumpier Old Men-1995 

Grumpy Old Men-1993 

I Ought To Be In Pictures -1982 

Joseph Andrews-1977 

Kitten with a Whip-1964 

Lookin' To Get Out -1982 

Made in Paris -1966 

Magic -1978                                        

Middle Age Crazy -1980 

Once a Thief -1965 

Pocketful of Miracles-1961 


Seven Men and One Brain-1968 


State Fair -1962 

The Cheap Detective-1978 

The Outside Man-1972 

The Pleasure Seekers-1964                         

The Return of the Soldier-1982 

The Swinger-1966 

The Tiger and the Pussycat-1967

The Train Robbers-1973               

The Twist-1976 

The Two Mrs. Grenvilles-1987

The Villain -1979 


Viva Las Vegas-1964

Who Will Love My Children-1983




Arsene Lupin 

Arsene Lupin Returns

Enter Arsene Lupin 



(1940) Bandwagon                                           

(1940) Charley's (Big Hearted) Aunt                         

(1941) I Thank You 

(1941) The Ghost Train                                     

(1942) Back Room Boy                                       

(1942) King Arthur Was a Gentleman

(1943) It's That Man Again  

(1943) Miss London Ltd                                     

(1944) Bees in Paradise                                     

(1949) The Perfect Woman 

(1955) Love Match 

(1959) Make Mine A Million (Arthur Askey)




Apache Rifles -1964 

Arizona Raiders -1965                                       

Bad Boy (1949)                                             

Battle at Bloody Beach -1961                               

Beyond Glory (1948)                                         

Bullet for a Bad Man -1964                                 

Cast a Long Shadow -1959                                   

Column South - 1953                                         

Destry -1954                                               

Drums across the River -1954                               

Duel At Silver Creek -1952                                 

Gunfight at Comanche Creek -1963                           

Gunpoint -1966                                             

Gunsmoke -1953                                             

Hell Bent for Leather -1960                                

Joe Butterfly -1957                                         

Kansas Raiders -1950                                       

No Name on the Bullet -1959                                 

Posse from Hell -1961                                       

Ride a Crooked Trail -1958                                 

Ride Clear of Diablo -1953                                 

Seven Ways from Sundown -1960 

Showdown- 1963                                             

Sierra -1950                                                

Six Black Horses -1961                                     

Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven -1948                             

The Cimarron Kid -1952                                     

The Gun Runners -1958                                       

The Gun's Of Fort Petticoat -1957                           

The Kid from Texas -1950                                   

The Quick Gun -1964                                         

The Quiet American -1958                                   

The Red Badge of Courage -1951                             

The Texican -1966                                           

The Unforgiven -1960                                       

The Wild and the Innocent -1959                             

To Hell & Back-1955                                        


Walk, the Proud Land -1956                                 

World in My Corner -1956




A Feather in Her Hat -1935 

A Notorious Affair -1930 

Confession -1937 

Crossroads -1942 

Fingers at the Window-1942 

Frenchman's Creek-1944 

Hillbillies in a Haunted House-1967 

If I Were King -1938 

International Lady -1941 

Kind Lady -1935 

Love from a Stranger -1937 


Make a Wish-1937 

Pontius Pilate-1962 

Private Number -1936 

Queen of Blood -1966 


Sin Takes a Holiday-1930 

The Bishop Murder Case -1930 

The Flirting Widow -1930                                   

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini -1966 

The Lady of Scandal -1930 

The Last Day's of Pompeii-1935

The Mad Doctor -1940 

The Magic Sword-1961 

The Sun Never Sets-1939 

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet -1965




A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court -1949           

Anything Goes -1936                                         

Anything Goes -1956                                         

Birth of the Blues -1941                                   

College Humor-1933-DVD Rip                                  

Dixie -1943                                               

Doctor Rhythm -1938                                         

Double or Nothing -1937                                     

East Side of Heaven -1939                                   

Going Hollywood -1933                                     

Going My Way -1944                                         

Here Come the Waves -1944                                   

Here Comes the Groom -1951                                 

Here is my Heart -1934                                     

High Society -1956                                         

High Time -1960                                             

If I Had My Way -1940                                       

Just For You -1952                                        

Little Boy Lost -1953                                       

Man on Fire -1957                                           

Mississippi -1935                                           

Mr Music -1950                                             

Paris Honeymoon -1939                                     

Pennies from Heaven -1936                                   

Rhythm on the Range -1936                                   

Rhythm on the River -1940                                  

Riding High -1950                                           

Road to Bali -1952                                         

Road to Hong Kong 1962 

Road to Morocco -1942                                       

Road to Rio -1947                                          

Road to Singapore -1940                                     

Road to Utopia -1946                                       

Road to Zanzibar -1941                                     

Say One for Me -1959 

She Loves Me Not -1934                                     

Star-Spangled Rhythm -1942                                 

The Bell's of St Mary's - 1945                             

The Big Broadcast of 1932 

The Country Girl -1954                                     

The Emperor Waltz -1948                                     

The Road to Hong Kong -1962                                 

The Star Maker -1939                                       

Too Much Harmony-1933                                       

Top O' the Morning -1949                                   

Variety Girl -1947-DVD Rip                                 

Waikiki Wedding -1937                                       

Welcome Stranger -1947                                     

We're not Dressing -1934                                    

White Christmas -1954



A Global Affair -1964 

Alias Jesse James -1959 

Bachelor in Paradise -1961 

Beau James-1957 

Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number-1966 

Call Me Bwana-1963 

Cancel My Reservation-1972 

Casanova's Big Night -1954 

Caught In the Draft -1941 

College Swing -1938 

Critic's Choice-1963 

Eight on the Lam -1967 

Facts Of Life -1960 

Give Me a Sailor -1938 

Here Comes the Girl's -1953 

How to Commit Marriage-1969 

I'll Take Sweden-1965 

Let's Face It -1943 

Louisiana Purchase -1941 

Monsieur Beaucaire -1946 

My Favorite Blonde -1942 

My Favorite Brunette -1947 

My Favorite Spy -1951 

Never Say Die -1939 

Nothing, But the Truth -1941 

Off-Limit's -1953  

Paris Holiday -1958 

Road to Bali -1952                                         

Road to Hong Kong 1962 

Road to Morocco -1942                                       

Road to Rio -1947                                         

Road to Singapore -1940                                     

Road to Utopia -1946                                       

Road to Zanzibar -1941                                     

Rhythm Romance -1939 

Son of Paleface -1952 

Thanks for the Memory -1938 

That Certain Feeling -1956 

The Big Broadcast Of 1938 

The Cat & the Canary-1939

The Ghost Breakers -1940 

The Great Lover -1949 

The Iron Petticoat-1956

The Lemon-Drop Kid -1951 

The Paleface -1948 

The Princess & the Pirate -1944 

The Private Navy of Sgt O’Farrell 1968

The Seven Little Foy's -1955

They Got Me Covered -1943

Where There's Life -1947




1940 - Road to Singapore 

1941 - Road to Zanzibar

1942 - Road to Morocco 

1946 - Road to Utopia 

1949 - Road to Rio 

1952 - Road to Bali 

1962 - Road to Hong Kong



Vol 1. Young Blood, Breed of the Border, The Gallant

           Fool, The Feud Maker

Vol 2. Paroled To Die, Oklahoma Cyclone, Desert Patrol, 

           Trail Of Terror

Vol 3. Nevada Buckaroo, Northwest Trail, Hidden Valley, 

          Border Phantom

Vol 4. No Mans Range, Doomed At Sundown, Billy the Kids

           Gun Justice, Texas Buddies

Vol 5. Kid Courageous, Near the Rainbows End, 

          Western Justice, Near The Trails End

Vol 6. The Law Rides, Smokey Smith, Ambush Trail, 

           The Red Rope

Vol 7. Marked Trails, The Gun Ranger, Galloping Romeo

Vol 8. The Trusted Outlaw, The Fighting Champ,

           Arizona Whirlwind, Death Valley Rangers



Bomba -And the Jungle Girl -1952                               

Bomba -African Treasure -1952                               

Bomba -Killer Leopard -1954                                 

Bomba -Lord of the Jungle -1955                             

Bomba -On PantherIsland -1949                               

Bomba -Safari Drums -1953                                   

Bomba -The Elephant Stampede -1951                         

Bomba -The Golden Idol -1954                               

Bomba -The Hidden City -1950                               

Bomba -The Jungle Boy -1949                                 

Bomba -The Lion Hunters -1951                               

Bomba -The Lost Volcano -1950



A Close Call for Boston Blackie -1946                       

After Midnight -1943                                       

Alias Boston Blackie -1942                                 

Blackie’s Rendezvous -1945                                   

Boston Blackie -Booked On Suspicion -1945                 

Boston Blackie-And the Law -1946                           

Chance of a Life Time -1943                                 

Chinese Venture -1949                                       

Confessions of Boston Blackie -1941                        

Goes Hollywood -1942                                       

Meet Boston Blackie -1941                                 

One Mysterious Night -1944                                 

The Phantom Thief -1946                                    

Trapped By Boston Blackie -1948




Code of the Secret Service

Murder in the Air

Secret Service of the Air 

Smashing the Money Ring 




Vol 1.  Stone of Silver Creek, Smoke Tree Range, 

            SundownRiver, Stranger from Arizona, 

           When A Man Sees Red
Vol 2.  Sudden Bill Dorn, Hollywood Round Up, 

            Rocky Rhodes, Law Of the Texan, 

            The Crimson Trail
Vol 3.  Unknown Valley, High Speed, Hello Trouble, 

            One Man Law, Outlawed Guns
Vol 4.  Riding For Justice, Cowboy Round Up, 

            Sunset of Power, Texas Ranger, Thrill Hunter
Vol 5.  Black Aces, South of the Rio Grande, Range Feud, 

            California Trail, Ivory Handled Guns
Vol 6.  Left Handed Law, Law For Tombstone, 

            Shadow Ranch, McKenna of the Mounted,

            Men without Law, 
Vol 7.  The Fighting Code, Down of the Great Divide, 

            Man Trailer, Sand Flow, Border Law
Vol 8.  Silver Spurs, Border Brigands, The Avenger, 

            White Eagle, Forbidden Trail, 
Vol 9.  Boss of Lonely Valley, Boss Rider of Gun Creek,

            California Frontier, Branded
Vol 10. Treason, Overland Express, Empty Saddles, 

             Fighting Sherrif, Wagons Westland, 
Vol 11. Dawn Trail, Cowboy and the Kid, Desert Vengeance,





All Hands on Deck-1961 

Bud and Lou-1978 

Everything's Ducky- 1961 

Gods Little Acre -1958 

Hey, Babe-1980 

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World-1963 

Muscle Beach Party-1964 



The Golden Head-1964 

The Love Bug-1968 

The Music Man-1962 

Walking My Baby Back Home-1953




Arrest Bulldog Drummond -1939                               

BullDog Drummond 13 Lead Soldiers -1948                   

BullDog Drummond 1929                                     

Bulldog Drummond at Bay - 1937                             

BullDog Drummond Bulldog Jack -1935                               

BullDog Drummond Comes Back- 1937                           

BullDog Drummond Escapes -1937                             

BullDog Drummond in Africa -1938                           

BullDog Drummond in Peril -1938                               

BullDog Drummond Secret Police -1939                       

BullDog Drummond Strikes Back - 1934                       

BullDog Drummond the Challenge-1948                         

BullDog Drummond's Bride -1939                             

BullDog Drummond's Revenge -1937                           

Calling BullDog Drummond -1951                             

Return of BullDog Drummond -1934



Here Comes Cookie-1935                                       


Love in Bloom -1935 

Many Happy Returns-1934                                               

The Big Broadcast of 1936                                           

The Gracie Allen Murder Case -1939



100 Rifles-1969                                 

Angel Baby-1961 

Armoured Command-1961 

At Long Last Love-1975 

Best Friends-1982 

Big City Blues-1997 

Boogie Nights-1997 

Breaking In-1989 

Broken Bridges- 2006 

Cannonball Run II-1984 

Citizen Ruth-1996 

City Heat-1984 

Cloud 9-2006 

Crazy Six -1997 



End Game-2006 




Hard Ground-2003 

Hard Time-1998 

Hard Time-Hostage Hotel-1999 

Hard Time-The Premonition-1999 






In the Name of the King - 2007

Johnson County War-2002 


Modern Love-1990 

Mystery, Alaska-1996 

Navajo Joe-1966 


Operation CIA-1965 


Physical Evidence-1989 


Rough Cut-1980 

Run, Simon, Run-1970 

Sam Whiskey-1969 

Semi Tough-1977 



Sharky's Machine-1981 


Smokey and the Bandit II-1980 

Smokey and the Bandit-1977                  

Starting Over-1979 



Stroker Ace-1983 

Switching Channels-1988 

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas-1982 

The Cannonball Run-1981 

The Crew-2000 

The Dukes of Hazzard-2005 

The End-1978 

The Hollywood Sign-2001 

The Hunters Moon-1999 

The Longest Yard-1974 

The Longest Yard-2005 

The Maddening-1996 

The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing-1973 

The Man Who Loved Women-1983 

Time of the Wolf-2002

W.W and the Dixie Dancekings-1975

White Lightning-1973

Without a Paddle-2004



Badman's Country-1958 

Billy the Kid Trapped-1942 

Billy the Kid- Wanted-1941 

Billy the Kid's- Round Up-1941 

Billy the Kids-Smoking Guns-1942 

Billy the Kid-The Kid Rides Again-1943 

Blazing Frontier-1943 

Caged Fury-1948 

Cattle Stampede-1943 

Daughter of Shanghai-1937 

Desert Gold-1936 

Devil Riders -1943 

Drift Fence-1936                             

Forlorn River-1937 

Frontier Outlaws-1944 

Fugitive of the Plains-1943 

Fuzzy Settles Down -1944 

Gangster's Den-1945 

Gentlemen with Guns-1946 

Ghost of Hidden Valley-1946 

Gun Brothers-1956 

Gunfighters of Abilene-1960 

His Brother's Ghost-1945 

Jungle Man-1941 

Jungle Siren-1942 

King of Gamblers-1937 

King of the Jungle-1933 

Lady Be Careful-1936 

Last of the Redmen-1947 

Law and Order-1942 

Lightning Raiders-1945 

Nabonga- 1944 

Oath of Vengeance-1944 

Outlaws of the Plains-1946 

Overland Riders-1946 

Prairie Badmen-1946 

Prairie Rustlers-1945 

Queen of Broadway-1942 

Rustlers Hideout -1944 

Sailor's Lady-1940 

Search for Beauty-1934 

Shadows of Death-1945 

She Had to Choose-1934 

Sheriff of Sage Valley-1942 

Stagecoach Outlaws-1945 

Swamp Fire-1946 

Tarzan the Fearless-1933 

Terrors on Horseback- 1946

The Arizona Raiders-1936 

The Bounty Killer-1965 

The Contender-1944 

The Drifter-1944 

The Lawless Eighties-1957 

The Mysterious Rider-1942 

The Oil Raider-1934 

The Renegades-1943 

Thundering Gun Slingers-1945 

Tip Off Girls-1938

Valley of Vengeance-1944 

We're Rich Again-1934 

Western Cyclone-1943 

Wild Horse Phantom-1944 




Battling Butler 1926 


College 1927 

Convict 13

Go West 1925

Hard Luck

Haunted House

Our Hospitality 1923 

Pale Face

Seven Chances 1925 

Sherlock Jr 1924 

Spite Marriage 1929

Steamboat Bill Jr 1928 

The Balloonatic

The Cameraman 1928 

The Electric House

The General 1927 

The High Sign

The Navigator 1924 

The Saphead 1920

The Scarecrow




Big News -1929 


Brief Moment -1933 

Fast and Loose-1930 

Fools for Scandal-1938 

From Hell to Heaven-1933 

High Voltage-1929 

It Pays to Advertise-1931 

Ladies Man-1931 

Lady by Choice -1934 

Love before Breakfast -1936 

Man of the World-1931 

Mr & Mrs Smith 1941

My Man Godfrey -1936 

No More Orchids -1932 

No One Man-1932 

Nothing Sacred-1937 


Safety in Numbers-1930 

The Gay Bride -1934 

The Racketeer-1929 

They Knew What They Wanted -1940 

Twentieth Century -1934 

Up Pops the Devil-1931

Vigil in the Night -1940 

White Woman -1933



Arsenic and Old Lace 1944             

Blonde Venus                                               

Bringing up Baby 1938                                     

Charade 1963                                          

Destination Tokyo                             

Dream Wife 1953

Every Girl Should Be Married 

Father Goose 1964                             

Gunga Din 1938                                           

His Girl Friday 1940                                     

Holiday 1938           

I Was A Male War Bride Cary Grant 1949                   


My Favorite Wife                                           

Night and Day                                 

None but the Lonely Heart 1944


Once Upon a Honeymoon 1942

Once Upon a Time 1944

Only Angels Have Wings 1939

People Will Talk 1951                                     


Suzy 1936 

That Touch of Mink - 1962                                   

The Awful Truth 1937                 

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer                           

The Bishop’s wife (1947)                                   

The Talk of the Town                                       

Topper 1937                                               

Walk Don’t Run



10 to Midnight-1983 

A Thunder of Drums-1961 

Act of Vengence-1986 



Big House USA-1955 

Borderline -1980 

Breakheart Pass-1975 



Chato's Land-1972 


Cold Sweat-1970 

Crime Wave-1954 

Death Wish 2-1982 

Death Wish 3-1985 

Death Wish 4-The Crackdown-1987 

Death Wish 5-The Face of Death-1994 

Death Wish-1974 

Donato and Daughter-1993 

Drum Beat -1954 

Family of Cops-1-1995 

Family of Cops-2-1997 

Family of Cops-3-1999 

Farewell Friend-1968 

From Noon till Three-1976 

Gang War-1958 

Guns of Diablo-1965 

House of Wax-1953 

Kid Galahad-1962 

Kinjite-Forbidden Subjects-1989 

Love and Bullets-1979 

Machine Gun Kelly-1958 

Master of the World-1961 

Messenger of Death-1988 

Mr Majestyk-1974 

Murphy's Law-1986 

My Six Convicts- 1952 

Once Upon a Time in the West-1968 

Raid on Entebbe-1977 

Red Sun-1971 

Rider on the Rain-1970 

Riding Shot-Gun -1954 

Run of the Arrow-1957 

Showdown at Boot Hill -1958 

Someone behind the Door-1971               

St. Ives - 1976 

Target Zero-1955 

Telefon -1978 

Tennessee Champ-1954 

The Evil That Men Do-1984 

The Indian Runner-1991 

The Meanest Men in the West -1978 

The Mechanic-1972 

The Stone Killer-1973 

The Valachi Papers-1972 

The White Buffalo-1977 


Violent City -1970 

When Hell Broke Loose -1958 

X-15 -1961

Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus-1991

You Can't Win Em All-1970



A Royal Scandal-1945

Colonel Effingham's Raid-1946 

Everybody Does It-1949 


Green Grass of Wyoming-1948 

How to Murder a Rich Uncle-1957 


John Paul Jones-1959 

My Kingdom for a Cook-1943 

Our Wife-1941 


Peoples Enemy-1935 

Rhapsody in Blue-1945 

Shady Lady-1945 

The Captain Is a Lady-1940 

The Devil and Miss Jones-1941 

The Green Years-1946 

The Highwayman-1951 

The Impatient Years-1944 

The More the Merrier-1943 

The Remarkable Mr.Pennypacker-1959 

The Rocket Man-1954 

Town on Trial-1957 

Unexpected Uncle-1941 

Yellow Jack-1938



Charlie Chan - In Panama -1940                             

Charlie Chan - Secret Service -1944                         

Charlie Chan -At Monte Carlo -1937                         

Charlie Chan -At the Circus-1936                           

Charlie Chan -At the Olympics -1937                       

Charlie Chan -At the Opera -1936                           

Charlie Chan -At the Race Track -1936                     

Charlie Chan -At the Wax Museum -1940                       

Charlie Chan -At Treasure Island -1939                     

Charlie Chan -Behind That Curtain -1929                     

Charlie Chan -Black Magic -1944                             

Charlie Chan -Castle in the Desert -1942                   

Charlie Chan -Chinese Ring -1947                           

Charlie Chan -City of Darkness -1939                       

Charlie Chan -Dangerous Money -1946                         

Charlie Chan -Dark Alibi -1946                             

Charlie Chan -Dead Men Tell -1941                           

Charlie Chan -Docks of New Orleans -1948                   

Charlie Chan -Golden Eye -1948                             

Charlie Chan -In Egypt-1935

Charlie Chan -In Honolulu -1938

Charlie Chan -In London -1934                               

Charlie Chan -In Paris -1935                                

Charlie Chan -In Reno -1938                               

Charlie Chan -In Rio -1941                                 

Charlie Chan -In Shanghia- 1935                             

Charlie Chan -Murder Cruise -1940                           

Charlie Chan -Murder Over New York -1940 

Charlie Chan -On Broadway -1937                           

Charlie Chan -Red Dragon -1945                             

Charlie Chan -Shadows over Chinatown -1946                 

Charlie Chan -Shanghai Chest -1948                         

Charlie Chan -Shanghai Cobra -1945                         

Charlie Chan -Sky Dragon -1949                             

Charlie Chan -The Black Camel -1931                         

Charlie Chan -The Chinese Cat -1944

Charlie Chan -The Feathered Serpent -1948                   

Charlie Chan -The Jade Mask -1945                           

Charlie Chan -The Scarlet Clue -1945 

Charlie Chan -The Trap -1946 

Charlie Chan's -Secret -1936   



12 Dogs Christmas                                         

12 Dogs of Christmas Great Puppy Rescue (2012)             

12 Men of Christmas (2009)                                 

12 Wishes Of Christmas (2011)                   

3 Holiday Tails (2011)                                    

A Smoky Mountain Christmas (1989)                         

A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004)                           

A Bride for Christmas (2012)                      

A Carol Christmas (2003) 

A Chance of Snow (1998)                                   

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)         

A Childs Christmas in Wales (1987)

A Chipmunk Christmas (1981)                               

A Christmas Carol (1910) Silent                           

A Christmas Carol (1938) 

A Christmas Carol (1951)  

A Christmas Carol (1977)        

A Christmas Carol (1984)                        

A Christmas Carol (1999)                                   

A Christmas Carol (2009)                       

A Christmas Carol as told by Vincent Price (1980)         

A Christmas Carol the Musical (2004)                       

A Christmas Choir                                         

A Christmas Kiss (2011)                             

A Christmas Memory (1997)                         

A Christmas Mystery (2014)                                   

A Christmas Proposal (2008) 

A Christmas Romance (1994)                                 

A Christmas Story (1972)                                   

A Christmas Story (1983)                          

A Christmas Story 2 (2012)                       

A Christmas Too Many (2007) 

A Christmas Wedding Date (2012)                           

A Christmas Wedding Tail (2011)                     

A Christmas Wish (1950) Colorized                           

A Christmas Without Snow (1980)                           

A Cookie Cutter Christmas (2014) 

A Country Christmas (2013)                                 

A Dennis the Menace Christmas (2007)                       

A Different Kind of Christmas (1996)             

A Dog Named Christmas 2009                                 

A Flintstone Christmas (1977)                             

A Garfield Christmas Special (1987)                       

A Golden Christmas (2009) 

A Golden Christmas 2 (20110                                

A Golden Christmas 3 (2012)                             

A Grandpa for Christmas (2007)                             

A Hobo's Christmas (1987)                                 

A Holiday for Love (1996)                                 

A Holiday Heist [2011]                                   

A Hollywood Christmas (1996)                             

A Madea Christmas (2011)                                   

A Miser Brothers' Christmas (2008)                         

A Mom for Christmas (1990)                                 

A Nanny for Christmas (2010)                       

A Pink Christmas (1978)                                   

A Princess for Christmas (2011)                           

A Royal Christmas (2014)                                   

A Season for Miracles (1999)                               

A Snow Globe Christmas [2013]                             

A Star for Christmas (2012)                               

A Town without Christmas (2001)                            

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (1945)                             

A Very Brady Christmas (1988)                  

A Very Merry Mix Up [2013]                                 

A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas (2001)

A Wish for Wings That Work (1991)                         

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Back for Christmas (1956)       

All I Want For Christmas (1991)                           

All she wants for Christmas (2006)                         

Alone For Christmas (2013)                                

Amazing-Stories-Santa (1985) 

An Accidental Christmas (2007)                             

An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998)                   

An American Christmas Carol (1979)                         

An Avonlea Christmas (1998)                                

An En Vogue Christmas (2014)                                 

An Old Fashioned Christmas (2010)                   

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving (2008)                       

Angels and Ornaments (2014)                                

Angels Sing 2013                                           

Annabelle's Wish (1997)                                   

Annie Claus is coming to Town (2011) 

Anything but Christmas (2012)                             

Arthur Christmas 2011                                      

Baby's First Christmas (2012)                             

Bad Santa (2016)                                             

Battle of the Bulbs (2010)                                 

Beauty and the Beast the Enchanted Christmas (1997)       

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011)                     

Benji's Very Own Christmas (1978)                         

Beyond Tomorrow (1940)                                     

Blackadder's Christmas Carol (1988)                       

Blizzard (2003)                                           

Bob's White Christmas (1999)                       

Booky and the Secret Santa (2007)                         

Borrowed Hearts 1997                               

Bush Christmas (1947)                                     

Call Me Clause (2001)                                     

Cancel Christmas (2010) 

Carol for another Christmas (1964)                         

Carpenters at Christmas (1977)                             

Casper's Haunted Christmas (2000)                         

Catch a Christmas Star (2013)                             

Chasing Christmas (2005) 

Chilly Christmas (2012)                                   

Christmas Angel (2009)                             

Christmas Angel (2012)                                     

Christmas at Waters Edge [2004]                           

Christmas Belle [2013]                                     

Christmas Bounty [2013]                         

Christmas Caper (2007)                                     

Christmas Carol (1981) aka Rich Little's Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol the movie (2001)                           

Christmas Child (2004)                                     

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan (2011)                     

Christmas Comes to Pac-Land (2014)                 

Christmas Comes To Willow Creek (1987)                     

Christmas Cottage (2008)                         

Christmas Cupid (2010)                             

Christmas Do Over 2006.DVDRip                             

Christmas Eve aka Christmas Dove (1986)  

Christmas Everyday (1996)                                 

Christmas for A Dollar (2013)                             

Christmas Holiday (1944)                             

Christmas in Boston (2005)                        

Christmas in Canaan (2009)

Christmas in Connecticut (1992)                           

Christmas in July (1940)                                   

Christmas in the City (2013)                               

Christmas in the Clouds (2001)                             

Christmas in Wonderland (2007)                             

Christmas Incorporated (2015) 

Christmas is here again (2007)                             

Christmas Lodge (2011)                                     

Christmas Mail (2010)                             

Christmas Miracle (2012)                                   

Christmas on Chestnut Street (2006) 

Christmas on Division Street (1991)                       

Christmas on the Bayou (2013)                             

Christmas Song (2012)                               

Christmas Story (2007) 

Christmas Under Wraps (2014)                                 

Christmas with a Capital C (2011)                   

Christmas with Holly (2012)                         

Christmas with Mickey and Friends (2000)                   

Christmas with the Kranks (2004)                           

Christmas with Tucker (2013)                               

Christmas at Cartwrights (2014) 

Christmas Caper (2007) 

Christmas in Wonderland (2007)                               

Christmas Magic (2011) 

ChristmasTown (2008)                                 

Come Dance with Me (2012)                                 

Comfort and Joy (1984)                         

Cooper Christmas (2008)                                   

Crazy for Christmas (2005)                                 

Cricket on the Hearth (1967)                               

Dear Santa (1998)                                         

Dear Santa (2011)                                   

Dear Secret Santa [2013]                                   

Debbie Macombers Mr Miracle (2014) 

Deck the Halls (2005)                                     

Deck the Halls (2006)                         

Defending Santa (2013)                                   

Desperately Seeking Santa (2011)                           

Ebenezer (1998)                                           

Eight Crazy Nights (2002)                                   

Elf Bowling the Movie the Great North Pole Elf Strike 2007

Elf Buddys Musical Christmas (2014)                 

Elf Buddys Musical Christmas (2014)                         

Elf (2003) 

Elf-Man (2012)                                     

Elmo Saves Christmas (1996)                               

Emmet Otters Jug-Band Christmas (1977) 

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)                       

Eve's Christmas (2004)                                     

Farewell Mr. Kringle (2010)                               

Fat Albert's Christmas Special (1977) 

Finding Christmas (2013)                                   

Finding John Christmas (2003)                             

Finding Mrs. Claus (2012) 

Fir Crazy (2013)                                           

First Christmas (1999)                                     

Four Christmases (2008)                            

Fred Claus (2007)                                         

Frosty the Snowman (1969)                                 

Get Santa (2014)                                             

Ghosts of Dickens Past (1998)                              

Gift of the Magi (2010)                                   

Golden winter (2012)                     

Good Luck Charlie Its Christmas (2011)               

Goof Troop Christmas (1992)                               

Gotta Catch Santa Claus (2008)               

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (2000)                 

Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever [2014]                   

Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (2013)                     

Happy Christmas (2014)                                     

Hats Off to Christmas! [2013]                             

Help For the Holidays [2012]                               

HE-MAN XMAS                                               

Hercules Saves Christmas (2012)                            

Hitched For the Holidays (2012)                                                                   

Holiday Affair (1949)                           

Holiday Baggage (2008)                     

Holiday Engagement (2011) 

HolidayHigh School Reunion [2012]                        

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)                               

Holiday Inn (1942)                                         

Holiday Road Trip [2013]                                   

Holiday Spin [2012]                                      

Holiday Switch (2007)                         

Holidaze [2013]                                           

Holly's Holiday [2012]                                   

Home Alone (1990)                                         

Home Alone 1990                                            

Home Alone 2 Lost in New York (1992)                       

Home Alone 3 (1997)                                       

Home Alone 4 (2002)                                       

Home by Christmas (2006)                           

Home for Christmas aka Little Miss Millions (1993)  

Home for the Holidays 1995 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)                     

How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2000                       

How The Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966]                      

How the Toys Saved Christmas (1996)                       

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (2002)                     

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (2003)           

Ice Age a Mammoth Christmas (2011)

Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015) 

I'll be Home for Christmas (1998)                         

I'm not ready for Christmas (2015)

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (1984)            

It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947)                           

It Happened One Christmas (1977)                           

It Nearly Wasn't Christmas (1989)                         

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)                         

It's A Wonderful World (1939)                             

It's Christmas Carol! [2012]                               

It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (1992)   

Jack Frost (1979)                                         

Jack Frost (1998)                                         

Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special (2008)       

Jingle & Bell's Christmas Star (2012)                     

Jingle All the Way (1996)                                 

Jingle All the Way 2 (2014)                               

Journey to the Christmas Star (2012) 

K-9 Adventures a Christmas Tale (2013)                     

Karroll's Christmas (2004)                                 

Kristins Christmas past (2013)                               

Let It Snow [2013]                                         

Little Spirit Christmas in New York (2008)               

Looney Tunes Ba Humduck Looney Tunes Christmas (2006) 

Lost Christmas (2011)                               

Love Actually (2003)                                         

Love at the Christmas Table [2012]                         

Love at The Thanksgiving Day Parade [2012]                

Love Actually (2003) 

Loves Christmas Journey (2011)                             

Magic Christmas tree (1964)                               

Matchmaker Santa (2012)                                   

Meet the Santa’s (2005) English version                     

Merry Christmas Drake and Josh (2008)                     

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (1983) 

Mickey Saves Santa (2006) 

Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983)                           

Mickey's Magical Christmas (2002)                 

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004)                     

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas (1999) 

Miracle in Manhattan (2010) aka Call Me Mrs. Miracle       

Miracle on 34th Street (1973) 

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 

Miracle on 34th Street (1994) 

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962)                     

Mistletoe over Manhattan (2011)                       

Mixed Nuts (1994)                                         

Moonlight and Mistletoe (2008)                 

Mr. St. Nick (2002)                                        

Mr. Christmas (2005) 

Mrs Claus (2013)                                           

Mrs. Miracle. (2009) 

Ms. Scrooge (1997)                                         

My Dogs Christmas Miracle (2011)                           

My Friends Tigger and Pooh - Super Sleuth Christmas 

My Santa (2013)                                           

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989)                 

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2 (1990)

Nativity! (2009) 

Naughty or Nice (2012)                           

Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey (1977)

Nine Dog Christmas (2004)                                   

Noel (2004)                                               

North Pole (2014)                                           

Nothing like the Holidays (2008) 

November Christmas (2010)                                   

Office Christmas Party (2016)                               

Olive the Other Reindeer (1999)                           

On Strike for Christmas (2010)                   

On The 2nd Day of Christmas (1997)                         

Once Upon A Christmas (2000) 

One Christmas (1994)                                     

One Christmas Eve (2014)                                     

One Magic Christmas (1985) 

One Starry Christmas (2014) 

Papa's Angels (2000)                                   

Peace on Earth (1939)  

Pete's Christmas (2013)                                   

Pluto's Christmas tree (1952)   

Prancer (1989)                                              

Prancer Returns (2001)                                     

Prep And Landing Naughty Vs Nice (2011)                   

Prep N Landing (2009) 

Rare Exports (2010)

Recipe for a Perfect Christmas (2005)                     

Remember the Night (1940)                                 

Road to Christmas (2006)                       

Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (1979)             

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) 

Samantha an American Girl Holiday (2004)             

Santa Claws (2014)                                       

Santa and Pete (1999)                             

Santa Baby (2006)                                         

Santa Baby 2 Christmas Maybe (2009) 

Santa Buddies (2009)                                       

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)                   

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (1970)                       

Santa Claus The movie (1985)                               

Santa Hunters 2014                                         

Santa Paws 2 the Santa Pups (2012)               

Santa Switch (2013)                                       

Santa Who (2000)                                           

Scrooge (1913)                                             

Scrooge (1935)                                 

Scrooge (1970) 

Scrooged (1988) 

Season of Love (2014)                                     

Secret Santa (2003)                                       

Shrek the Halls (2007)                                     

Signed Sealed Delivered for Christmas (2014)       

Silent Night (2002)                                       

Silver Bells (2005)                               

Single Santa Seeks Mrs Claus (2004)                       

SmallTown Santa (2014)                           

Snow (2004)                                       

Snow 2 Brain Freeze (2008)                       

Snow Bride (2013)                                         

Snow Buddies (2008)                                       

Snowglobe 2007                                            

So This Is Christmas 2013                                 

Spirit of Christmas (1950)                                 

Star in the Night (1945)                                   

Stealing Christmas (2003)                                 

Stubby Pringles Christmas (1978) 

Surprises for Santa (2010)                                 

Surviving Christmas (2004)                         

The 12 Dogs of Christmas 2005                             

The Angel of Pennsylvania Ave (1996)                       

The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas (1973)               

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (1983)                     

The Bishop's Wife (1947)                                   

The Case for Christmas [2011]                             

The Christmas Blessing (2005)                             

The Christmas Bunny (2010)                                 

The Christmas Candle (2013)                               

The Christmas card (2006)                                 

The Christmas Clause (2008) 

The Christmas Consultant (2012)                           

The Christmas Dragon 2014                                 

The Christmas Gift (1986) 

The Christmas Heart [2012]                                 

The Christmas Hope (2009) 

The Christmas List (1997)                                 

The Christmas Martian (1971)                                 

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (2007)           

The Christmas Ornament (2013)                             

The Christmas Party (1931)                                

The Christmas Secret (2014)                               

The Christmas Shepard (2014)                               

The Christmas Shoes (2002)                                 

The Christmas Spirit [2013]                               

The Christmas Star (1986)                                 

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't (1966) 

The Christmas Toy (1986)                                   

The Christmas tree (1969)                                 

The Christmas Visit (1959)                                 

The Christmas Wish (1998)                                 

The Curious Case of Santa Claus (1982)                     

The Dog Who Saved Christmas (2009)                         

The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation 2010 

The Dog who saved the Holidays (2012)                     

The Elf on the Shelf an Elf’s Story 2011 HDTV               

The Family Holiday (2007)                                 

The Family Stone (2005)                                   

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (2012)             

The Flight before Christmas [2008]           

The Fourth Wise Man (1985) 

The Gathering (1977)                                       

The Happy Elf (2005)                                       

The Heart of Christmas (2011)                             

The Holiday (2006)                                       

The Holly and the Ivy (1952)                               

The Homecoming A Christmas Story (1971)  

The Honeymooners LOST Episode - Christmas Party (1953) 

The House without a Christmas tree (1972)                 

The Kid Who Loved Christmas (1990)                         

The Leprechauns Christmas Gold (1981)                     

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (1985)               

The Little Drummer Boy (1968)                             

The Little Drummer Boy Book II (1976)                     

The Littlest Angel (1969)                                   

The Littlest Light on the Christmas tree (2009)           

The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper (2005)       

The Man in the Santa Claus Suit (1979)                     

The Man Who Saved Christmas (2002)                         

The March Sisters at Christmas [2012]                     

The Miracle of the Bells (1953)                             

The Mistle Tones [2012]                                   

The Monsters Christmas (1981)                       

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008)

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)                           

The National Tree (2009)                                  

The Nativity Story (2006)                                 

The Naughty List 2013                                     

The Night before the Night before Christmas (2010) 

The Night They Saved Christmas (1984)                     

The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014) 

The Perfect Holiday (2007)                                 

The Polar Express (2004) 

The Preacher's Wife (1996)                                 

The Real St. Nick [2012]                                   

The Road to Christmas (2006)                               

The Santa Clause (1994)                                   

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)                                 

The Santa Clause 3 the Escape Clause (2006)               

The Santa Incident (2010)                                 

The Santa Suit [2010]  

The Santa Trap (2002)                                     

The Search for Santa Paws (2010)                           

The Small One (1978)                                       

The Smurfs Baby’s First Christmas (1983)                   

The Smurfs Christmas Special (1982)                       

The Snowman (1982)                                           

The Sons of Mistletoe (2001)                               

The Stingiest Man in Town (1978)                           

The Thanksgiving House [2013]                             

The Three Dogateers (2014)                                   

The Three Gifts (2009)                                     

The Town That Banned Christmas (2006)                     

The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve (2004)                   

The Twelve Trees of Christmas (2013)                     

The Ultimate Christmas Present (TV 2000)                   

The Wish That Changed Christmas (1991)                    

The Wishing Tree [2012]                                   

The Year without a Santa Claus (2006) 

The Year without a Santa Claus (1974) 

This Christmas (2007)                                     

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage (2008)                 

'Tis the Season to Be Smurfy (1987)                       

To Grandmothers House We Go. (1992) 

Tom and Jerry a Nutcracker Tale (2007)                       

Trapped in Paradise (1994)                                 

Twas Night before Christmas (1974) 

Twice Upon A Christmas (2001) 

Unaccompanied Minors (2006)                               

Under The Mistletoe (2006)                                 

Unlikely Angel (1996)                                       

Tom & Jerry - The Night before Christmas (1987)

What She Wants for Christmas (2012)                       

When Angels Come To Town (2004)                           

White Christmas (1954) 

Will Vintons Claymation Christmas Celebration (1987)       

Window Wonderland (2013)                                  

Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus (1991)               

Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper (1982)         

Yogi's First Christmas (1980)



A Feast at Midnight -1971 

A Song for Tomorrow-1948 

A Tale of Two Cities-1958 


Alias John Preston-1955 

An Eye for an Eye-1981 

Arabian Adventure-1979 

Battle of the V-1-1958 

Beyond Mombasa-1956 

Blood of the Virgins-1967 

Castle of the Living Dead-1964 

Charles & Diana-A Royal Love Story-1982 

Circus of Fear-1966 

Cockleshell Heroes-1955 

Corridor of Mirrors-1948 

Count Dracula-1970 

Crypt of the Vampire-1964 

Dark Mission-1988                               

Diagnosis Murder-1975 

Dr Terror's House of Horrors-1965 

Dracula A.D.1972-1972 

Dracula and Son-1976 

Dracula has Risen from the Grave-1968 


Dracula-Prince of Darkness-1966 

End of the World-1977 

Eugenie-The Story of Her Journey into Perversion-1970


Fall of the Eagles-1989 

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For Better or For Worse-1989 

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Gremlins 2-The New Batch-1990 

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I'll Met by Moonlight-1957 

Jaguar Lives-1979 


Killer Force-1976 

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Massarati and the Brain-1982-German Hard Subs     

Murder Story-1989 

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Nothing but the Night-1973 

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One Night with You-1948 

Penny and the Pownall Case-1948 

Police Dog-1955 

Prelude to Fame-1950 

Rasputin- The Mad Monk-1966 

Raw Meat-1972 

Return from Witch Mountain-1978 

Safari 3000-1981 

Scars of Dracula-1970 

Scott of the Antarctic-1948 

Scream of Fear-1961 


She Played With Fire-1957 


Sherlock Holmes-The Deadly Necklace-1962 

Starship Invasions-1977 

Storm over the Nile-1955 

Taste the Blood of Dracula-1970 

The Accursed-1957 

The Battle of the River Plate-1956 

The Blood of Fu Manchu-1968 

The Bloody Judge-1969 

The Brides of Fu Manchu-1966 

The Castle of Fu Manchu-1969 

The City of the Dead-1960 

The Creeping Flesh-1973 

The Curse of Frankenstein-1957 

The Devil Rides Out-1968 

The Devil's Agent-1962 

The Devil-Ship Pirates-1964 

The Face of Fu Manchu 

The Girl-1986 

The Gorgon-1964 

The Hands of Orlac-1960 

The Hound of the Baskervilles-1959 

The House That Dripped Blood-1971 

The Keeper-1976

The Man Who Could Cheat Death-1959 

The Man with the Golden Gun-1974 

The Mummy-1959 

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes-1970 

The Rainbow Thief-1990 

The Return of Captain Invincible-1983 

The Rosebud Beach Hotel-1984 

The Satanic Rites of Dracula-1973 

The Skull-1965 

The Terror of the Tongs-1961 

The Treasure of San Teresa-1959 

The Truth about Women-1957 

The Two Faces of Dr.Jekyll-1960 

The Vengeance of Fu Manchu-1967 

The Virgin of Nuremberg-1963 

The Whip and the Body-1963

The Wicker Man-1973 

Theatre of Death-1967 

They Were Not Divided-1950 

Trottie True-1949 

Uncle Was a Vampire-1959 

Valley of Eagles-1951 

















J.F.K. 1991





















Baker's Hawk -1976 

Deadly Harvest-1977 

FortDobbs -1958 

Gold of the Seven Saints- 1961

Hardcase -1972 



Maya -1966 

More Dead than Alive-1969 

Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women-1979 

None but the Brave-1965 

Pancho Villa-1972 

Sam Whiskey-1969 

Scream of the Wolf-1974 


The Bounty Man-1972 

The Gambler Returns-1991

The Great Bank Robbery-1969 

The Night of the Grizzly-1966 

Yellowstone Kelly-1959 




A Song Is Born-1948                               

Hans Christian Andersen -1952                               

Knock On Wood-1954                                         

Me & the Colonel -1958                                     

Merry Andrew-1958                                           

On The Double -1961                                         

On the Riviera-1951                                         

The Court Jester -1956                                     

The Five Pennies -1959                                     

The Inspector General -1949                                 

The Kid from Brooklyn -1946                                 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947                     

Up In Arms -1944                                           

Wonder Man -1945



Covert Action-1978- Hard Subs                       

Cult of the Cobra-1955 

Dondi -1961 


Golden Rendezvous-1977 

Hell to Eternity-1960 

King of the Roaring 20's-1961 

Macho Callahan-1970 


My Six Loves- 1963 

Prisoner in the Middle-(Warhead) 1977 

Ring of Fire-1961 

Showdown at Abilene-1956 

The Girl He Left Behind-1956 

The Swiss Conspiracy-1976 

Twenty plus Two-1961 

Warning Shot-1967 

Where It's At-1969



A Sensitive Passionate Man-1977 

Birds of Prey-1973 

City in Fear-1980 


Golden Gate Murders-1979 

Harry O - Such Dust as Dreams Are Made On-1973 

Harry O- Smile Jenny, You're Dead-1974 

High Ice-1980 

Hijack! -1973 

Mayday at 40,000 Feet! -1976 

Moon of the Wolf-1972 

Night Chase-1970 

Nowhere To Run-1978 

Pioneer Woman-1973 

S.O.S. Titanic-1979 

Stalk the Wild Child-1976 


The Longest Night-1972




Dick Barton at Bay

Dick Barton Special Agent

Dick Barton Strikes Back



Al Jennings of Oklahoma - 1951 

Behind the Eight Ball -1942 

Blazing Sixes-1937           

Butch Minds the Baby-1942 

California Mail-1936                 

Cherokee Strip-1937           

Chicago Confidential-1957 

Cowboy from Brooklyn--1938

Daughters Courageous -1939 

Deputy Marshal -1949 

El Paso-1949 

Empty Holsters-1937 

Four Daughters- 1938 

Guns of the Pecos-1937 

Heart of the North  

He's My Guy-1943 

HorrorIsland -1941 

Land beyond the Law-1937                         

Love, Honour and Behave -1938 

Mob Town-1941 

Moonlight on the Prairie-1935 

Mummy's Hand-1940                           

Mummy's Tomb-1942                   

Over the Wall-1938                 

Please Murder Me-1956 

Prairie Thunder-1937       

Private Detective -1939                 

Public Enemy’s Wife-1936 

She Loved a Fireman -1937 

Shipmates Forever -1935 

Sierra Stranger-1957 

Song of the Saddle-1936 

The Devil's Saddle Legion-1937

The Fearmakers -1958  

The House of the Seven Gables -1940 

Thundering Jets-1958 

Trailin' West-1936         

Treachery Rides the Range-1936

Treasure of Ruby Hills -1955 

Unfinished Business-1941

Violent Road -1958 



Dick Tracy Detective 

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome 

Dick Tracy V’s Cueball





Vol 1. One Mans Law, Frontier Vengeance, 

             Wyoming Wildcat, Desert Bandit   

Vol 2. Death Valley Outlaws, Arizona Terrors, 

          Stagecoach Express, Cyclone Kid, Dead Mans Gulch

Vol 3. Carson City Cyclone, Days of Old Cheyenne,

          Fugitive from Sonora, Black Hills Express, 

           Man from Rio Grande

Vol 4. Canyon City, Outlaws of Sante Fe, Gunfire, 

           Train to Tombstone



April in Paris -1952 

By the Light of the Silvery Moon -1953 

Calamity Jane -1953 

I'll see you In My Dreams -1951 

It’s a Great Feeling-1949 

Lucky Me -1954 

Lullaby of Broadway -1951 

My Dream Is Yours -1949 

On MoonlightBay -1951 

Romance on the High Seas -1948 

Starlift -1951 

Storm Warning -1951 

Tea for Two- 1950 

The Winning Team-1952




Eyes in the Night

The Hidden Eye



Agatha -1979 

Alfredo, Alfredo-1972 

All the Presidents Men-1976 

American Buffalo 1996

Death of a Salesman -1986 


John and Mary-1969 

Kramer vs Kramer-1979 


Little Big Man -1970 

Madigan's Millions 

Marathon Man-1976 

Midnight Cowboy-1969 

Papillon 1973

Straight Time-1978 

Straw Dogs-1971 

The Graduate-1967 

The Tiger Makes Out-1967


Who is Harry Kellerman-1971



A Night on the Town-1983 

Anna Lucasta-1958 


Erik the Viking-1989 

Ernest Scared Stupid-1991 

Friday Foster-1975 

Living Doll-1990-DVD Rip                                   

New Faces-1954 

Paris Is Always Paris-1951-French-Eng Subs         

St. Louis Blues-1958 


The Mark of the Hawk-1957 

The Serpent Warriors -1985 

To Kill a Cop-1978 

Tropic of Desire-1979

Up the Chastity Belt-1971



Bowery Blitzkrieg 

Clancy Street Boys 

Million Dollar Kid

Mr. Wise Guy

Pride of the Bowery

Smart Alecks   



Ali Baba Goes to Town 1937

Glorifying the American Girl -1929                         

If You Knew Susie 1948 

Kid Millions -1934                                         

Palmy Days                                                 

Roman Scandals -1933                                       

Show Business -1944                                         

Strike Me Pink-1936                                         

Thank Your Lucky Stars-1943                                 




(Dubbed in English)

Curse of the Hidden Vault (1964)

Horror of BlackwoodCastle (1968)

The College Girl Murders (1967)

The Face of the Frog (1959)

The Man with the Glass Eye (1969)

The Sinister Monk (1965)

The Squeaker (1963)



1. The Spanish Cape Mystery -1935

2. The Mandarin Mystery -1936

3. Ellery Queen Master Detective 1940                       

4. Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (1941)                 

5. A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942)                     

6. Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime (1941)               

7. A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen (1942)               

8. Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)                   

9. Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery                         

10. Ellery Queen Don't Look Behind You (1971)



Another Dawn -1937 

Captain Blood -1935 

Don't Bet On Blondes -1935 

Green Light-1937 

Prince & the Pauper -1937 

The Charge of the Light Brigade -1936

The Perfect Specimen-1937 

Dodge City -1939 

Essex & Elizabeth -1939 

Four's a Crowd -1938 

Robin Hood -1938 

The Dawn Patrol -1938 

The Sisters -1938 

Desperate Journey -1942 

Footsteps in the Dark -1941 

Santa Fe Trail-1940 

The Sea Hawk -1940 

They Died With Their Boot's On -1941 

Virginia City-1940 

Edge of Darkness -1943 

Gentlemen Jim -1942 

Northern Pursuit -1943 

Objective Burma! -1945 

San Antonio -1945 

Uncertain Glory -1944 

Adventures of Don Juan -1948 

Cry Wolf -1947 

Escape Me Never-1947 

Never Say Goodbye -1946 

SilverRiver -1948 

That Forsyte Woman-1949

Adventures of Captain Fabian-1951 

Against All Flag's -1952 

Kim -1950 

Mara Maru -1952 

Montana -1950 

Rocky Mountain -1950 

The Master of Ballantrae -1953 

Crossed Swords-1954 


King's Rhapsody -1955         

Lilacs in Spring -1954 

The Big Boodle -1957 

The Root's Of Heaven -1958 

The Sun Also Rises -1957 

The Warrior's -1955 

Too Much, Too Soon -1958



A Bandit-1913                                             

A Film Johnnie-1914                                       

A Flirt's Mistake-1914 

A Reckless Romeo-1917                                     


Buzzin' Around-1933                                       

Close Relations-1933                                       

Coney Island-1917                                         

Fatty and Mabel Adrift-1916                               

Fatty and Mable at the San Diego Exposition-1915 

Fatty and Mable's Simple Life-1915 

Fatty and Minnie He-Haw-1914                               

Fatty Joins the Force-1913 

Fatty's Chance Acquaintance-1915 

Fatty's Faithful Fido-1915 

Fatty's Jonah Day-1914                                     

Fatty's Magic Pants-1914                                  

Fatty's New Role-1915 

Fatty's Plucky Pup-1915 

Fatty's Reckless Fling-1915 

Fatty's Tintype Tangle-1915 

Go West-1925                                               

Good Night, Nurse-1918                                    

He Did and He Didn't (Full Tint's)-1916 

He Did and He Didn't (Night Tint Only)-1916 

Hey, Pop! -1932                                           

His Favorite Pastime -1914                                 

His New Profession-1914                                   

His Wedding Night-1917                                     

His Wife's Mistakes-1916                                   

How've you Bean -1933                                     

In the Dough-1932                                         

Leading Lizzie Astray-1914 

Leap Year-1921 


Mabel and Fatty View World Fair San Francisco-1915         

Mabel, Fatty and the Law-1915                             

Mabel's Dramatic Career-1913                               

Mabel's New Hero-1913                                      

Mable and Fatty's Married Life-1915 

Mable and Fatty's Wash Day-1915 

Mable's Willful Way-1915 

Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers-1915                           


Oh Doctor-1917                                             

Out West-1918                                             

Peeping Pete-1913                                         

Tango Tangles-1914                                         

That Little Band of Gold-1915 

The Bell Boy-1918                                         

The Butcher Boy-1917                                       

The Cook-1918                                             

The Garage-1920                                           

The Hayseed-1919                                           

The Knockout-1914 

The Little Teacher-1915                                   

The Masquerader-1914                                       

The Rough House-1917                                       

The Rounders-1914 

The Speed Kings-1913                                       

The Waiter's Ball-1916 

The Water Dog-1914                                         

Those Country Kids-1914                                   


When Love Took Wings-1915 

Wished On Mable-1915




Heavenly Day's -1944                                       

Here We Go Again -1942                                     

Look Who's Laughing -1941                        

This Way Please -1937




Five Little Peppers & How They Grew-1939 

Five Little Peppers at Home-1940 

Five Little Peppers in Trouble-1940 

Out West with the Peppers-1940 



Francis Covers the Big Town (1953) Arthur Lubin             

Francis Goes to the Races (1951) Arthur Lubin               

Francis Goes to West Point (1952) Arthur Lubin             

Francis in the Haunted House (1956) Charles Lamont         

Francis in the Navy (1955) Arthur Lubin                     

Francis Joins the WACS (1954) Arthur Lubin



Carry On Doctor

Carry On Up the Jungle

Further Up the Creek

House in NightmarePark

Jumping For Joy

The Great St Trinians Train Robbery

The Runaway Bus

Touch of the Sun

Up Pompeii

Up The Chastity Belt 

Up The Front



Somewhere In England

Holidays with Pay

It’s A Grand Life

Somewhere In Civvies

School for Randle

Somewhere In Cam

Somewhere On Leave 



4. For.Texas.1963 

A Hole in the Head 1959                                         

Advise And Consent 1962                                                 



Can-Can (1960)                                                       

Cannonball Run II 1984                                                   

Carousel 1956                                                       

Cast.a.Giant.Shadow 1966 

Come Blow Your Horn 1963 

Contract on Cherry Street 1977 

Dirty Dingus Magee 1970

Double Dynamite 1951

Finian's Rainbow 1968                                               

From Here to Eternity 1953

Guys and Dolls 1955                           


It Happened In Brooklyn 1947


Lady.In.Cement 1968 

Las Vegas Nights 1941

Meet Danny Wilson 1951                                              

Meet Me in Las Vegas 1956


None but the Brave - 1965                                       



On the Town 1949                                                   

Pal Joey 1957

Paris When it Sizzles 1964                                         

Pepe 1960                                                       

Reveille with Beverly 1943                                       

Robin and the 7 Hoods 1964. 



Some Came Running 1958. 

Suddenly 1954 

Take Me Out To the Ball Game 1949                                       

The First Deadly Sin                                                 

The Joker Is Wild 1957                                      

The Manchurian Candidate 1962                 

The Oscar 1966                                                   

The Road to Hong Kong 1962

The Tender Trap 1955












A Good Day for A Hanging -1959                                               

A Millionaire for Christy -1951                                             

Above Suspicion -1943                                                       

Alice Adams -1935                                                           

An Innocent Affair -1948                                                   

And The Angel's Sing -1944                                                 

At Gunpoint -1955                                                           

Cafe Society -1939                                                         

Callaway Went Thataway -1951                                               

Captain Eddie -1945                                                         

Car 99 -1935                                                               

Champagne Waltz -1937                                                       

Cocoanut Grove -1938                                                       

Day of the Bad Man -1958                                                   

Double Indemnity -1944                                                     

Exclusive -1937                                                             

Face of a Fugitive -1959                                                    

Fairwind to Java -1953                                                     

Family Honeymoon -1948                                                     

Father was a Fullback -1948                                                 

Grand Old Girl -1935                                                       

Hands across the Table -1935                                               

Invitation to Happiness -1939                                               

Little Old New York-1940 

Maid of Salem -1937                                                         

Men with Wings -1938                                                       

Men without Names (1935)                                         

Murder, He Say's -1945                                                     

My Love for Yours -1939

Never a Dull Moment -1950                                                   

No Time for Love -1943                                                     

Pardon My Past -1945                                                       

Practically Yours -1944                                                     

Pushover -1954                                                             

Quantez -1957                                                               

Remember the Night -1940                                                   

Standing Room Only -1944                                                   

Suddenly, it’s spring -1947                                                 

Swing High, Swing Low -1937                                                 

The Apartment (1960)                                                       

The Bride Comes Home -1935                                                 

The Cain Mutiny -1954                                                       

The Gilded Lily -1935                                                       

The Miracle of the Bell's -1948                                             

The Oregon Trail -1959                                                      

The Princess Comes Across -1936                                             

The Rains of Ranchipur -1955                                               

The Texas Rangers -1936                                                     

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine -1936                                         

Thirteen Hours by Air -1936                                                 

Too Many Husbands -1940                                                     

True Confession -1937                                                       

Woman's World – 1954



Million Eyes of Sumuru-1967 

The Blood of Fu Manchu -1968 

The Brides of Fu Manchu -1966 

The Castle of Fu Manchu-1969 

The Face of Fu Manchu -1965 

The Girl From Rio-1969                                         

The Mask of Fu Manchu-1932 

The Vengeance of Fu Manchu -1967



A Farwell to Arm's -1932 

Alice in Wonderland-1933

Along Came Jones                             

Beau Geste -1939 

Bluebeards 8th Wife -1938 

Bright Leaf -1950 

Casa Nova Brown -1945 

City Streets-1931 

Cloak & Dagger -1946 


Design for Living -1933 

Desire -1936 

Devil & the Deep -1932 

Distant Drum's -1951 

Fighting Caravan's -1931 

For Whom the Bell Tolls 1943 

FountainHead -1949 

Friendly Persuasion -1956 

Garden Of Evil - 1954

Good Sam -1948 

High Noon- 1952 

His Woman-1931 

His Woman-1931 

If I had a Million 1932 

It's a Big Country -1951

Lives of a Bengal Lancer -1935 

Love in the Afternoon -1957 

Man of the West 1958 

Morocco -1930 

Mr Deed's Goes to Town -1936 

Northwest Mounted Police 

Now & Forever -1934 

One Sunday Afternoon -1933 

Operator -13 -1933 

Peter Ibbetson -1935 

Return to Paradise -1953 

Saratoga trunk -1945 

Sergeant York -1941 

Soul's At Sea -1937

Springfield Rifle                             

Story of Dr Wassell -1944 

Task Force-1949 

Ten North Frederick- 1958 

The Adventures of Marco Polo -1938 

The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell -1955 

The Cowboy and the Lady 1938             

The General Died At Dawn -1936 

The Hanging Tree.1959 

The Naked Edge -1961 

The Plainsman                                 

The Pride of the Yankee's -1942 

The Real Glory -1939 

The Wedding Night 1935 

The Westerner 1940                           

The Wreck of the Mary Deare -1959 

They Came to Cordura                         

Unconquered -1947 

Vera Cruz -1954

Wing's -1927

You’re In the Navy Now -1951




Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother-1975 

Alice in Wonderland 1999

Another You-1991 

Blazing Saddles-1974 

Bonnie and Clyde -1967 

Death of a Salesman 1966

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex -1972

Funny about Love -1990 

Hanky Panky -1982 

Haunted Honeymoon -1986 

Murder in a small town 1999

Quaker Fortune Has a Cousin In The Bronx -1970     



See No Evil, Hear No Evil -1989

Silver Streak-1976 

Start the Revolution without Me-1970

Stir Crazy-1980 

Sunday Lovers-1980 Jap Hard-Subs                   

The Frisco Kid -1979 

The Lady in Question 1999

The Little Prince-1974 

The Producers-1967                                 

The Woman in Red-1984 

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-1971 

World's Greatest Lover-1977

Young Frankenstein-1974



Keep Your Seats Please, 

No Limit 

Off The Dole, 

Boots Boots

Turned Out Nice Again

Trouble Brewing 

I see Ice

Feather Your Nest 

It’s in the Air 

Keep Fit

Let George Do It

Spare a Copper

South American George

Much Too Shy

Come On George

I Didn’t Do It

Get Cracking

Bell Bottom George

George in Civvy Street





Vol 1. Triple Justice, Bullet Code, Trouble in Sundown, 

           Marshall of MesaCity, Renegade Ranger, 

          Legion of the Lawless

Vol 2. Border G Men, Gunlaw, Lawless Valley, 

           Arizona Legion, The Fighting Gringo, Prairie Law

Vol 3. The Dude Ranger, Stage to Chino, 

           When A Mans a Man, Timber Stampede, 

           Wings over Wyoming



Look Up and Laugh 

Looking On the Bright Side

Love, Life and Laughter

Molly and Me

Queen of Hearts 

Sally In Our Alley 




The Green Hornet

Fury of the Dragon



A Killing in a Small Town-1990 

All the Presidents Men-1976 

Bonds of Love-1993 

Capricorn One-1977 

Carried Away-1996 

Day One-1989 

Fletch Lives-1989 

I'll Be Home for Christmas-1988 

Mark Twain Tonight-1967 

Murder by Natural Causes-1979 

Natural Enemies-1979 

Off the Minnesota Strip-1980 

Our Town-1977 

People Next Door-1970 



Sorry, Wrong Number-1989 

That Certain Summer-1972 

The Firm-1993 

The Fog-1980 

The Girl from Petrovka-1974 

The Great White Hope-1970 

The Group-1966

The Kidnapping of the President-1980 

The Killing of Randy Webster-1981 

The Legend of the Golden Gun-1979 

The Star Chamber-1983 

The Three Wishes of Billy Greer-1984 

The Unholy-1988 

When Hell Was In Session-1979




A Chance of Snow 1998

An American Story 1992 

Arabian Nights 2000 

Back When We Were Grownups 2004 

Before You Say I Do 2009 

Breathing Lessons 1994 

Christmas Cottage 2008

Decoration Day 1990 

Dream Keeper 2003 

Ellen Foster 1997 

Eve's Christmas 2004

Fielders Choice 2005 

Follow the Stars Home 2001 

Foxfire 1987 

Front of the Class 2008 

Gentle Ben the Movie 2002 

Hallmark Brush with Fate 2003 

Hallmark Candles on Bay Street 2006 

Hallmark Crossroads a Story of Forgiveness 2007 

Hallmark Cupid & Cate 2000 

Harvest of Fire 1996 

Hercules 2005 

Holiday Switch 2007

In From the Night 2006 

In Love and War 2001 

Jack and the Beanstalk the Real Story 2001 

Love Is Never Silent 1985 

Loving Leah 2009 

Mail Order Bride 2008 

Mark Twain's Roughing It 2002 

Moonlight & Mistletoe 2008

Mr. Destiny 1990

Mysterious Island Part 1 2005 

Mysterious Island Part 2 2005 

November Christmas 2010 

O Pioneers! 1992 

Pictures of Hollis Woods 2007 

Plainsong 2004 

Promise 1986 

Rose Hill 1997 

Sarah, Plain and Tall 1991 

Sarah, Plain and Tall Skylark 1993 

Sarah, Plain and Tall Winters End 1999 

Sea People

Silent Night 2002

Silver Bells 2005

Snow Queen 2002 

Stranded 2002 

The Backwater Lightship 2004 

The Christmas box 1995 

The Christmas Card 2006

The Christmas Clause 2008

The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler 2009 

The Locket 2002 

The Lost Child 2000 

The Lost Valentine 2011 

The Magic of Ordinary Days 2005 

The Piano Lesson 1995 

The Ransom of Red Chief 1998 

The Return of the Native 1994 

The Russell Girl 2008 

The SecretGarden 1987 

The SeventhStream 2001

The Shell Seekers 1989 

The Valley of Light 2007 

The Water Is Wide 2006 

Timepiece 1996 

To Dance with the White Dog 1993 

What the Deaf Man Heard 1997

When Love Is Not Enough the Lois Wilson Story 2010




Feet First -1930 

Movie Crazy-1932 

Professor Beware-1938 

The Cat's Paw-1934 

The Milky Way-1936 

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock-1947               

Welcome Danger-1929



2B Perfectly Honest -2004 

After Midnight-1990 

Angel in the House-2011 

Appointment with Death-1988 

Back Home-1990 

Deadly Strangers-1975 

Diamond Hunters-1975 

Endless Night-1972 

In Search of the Castaways-1962 

Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure-2010 

Mr Forbush and the Penguins-1971 


Parent Trap 1-1961

Parent Trap 2-1986 

Parent Trap 3-1989 

Parent Trap 4-1989 


Pretty Polly-1967 

Sky West and Crooked-1965 

Summer Magic-1963 

Take a Girl like You-1970 

That Darn Cat-1965 

The Bananas Boat-1974 

The Chalk Garden-1964 

The Family Way-1966 

The Moon-Spinners-1964 

The Truth about Spring-1965 

Tiger Bay-1959 

Twisted Nerve-1968

Whistle down the Wind-1961 




Henry Aldrich’s Little Secret-1944 

Henry Aldrich-Boy Scout-1944                                     

Henry Aldrich-Editor-1942                                          

Henry Aldrich-For President-1941 

Henry Aldrich-Gets Glamour-1943                                 

Henry Aldrich-Haunts a House-1943                                   

Henry Aldrich-Henry and Dizzy-1942 

Henry Aldrich-Life with Henry-1941 

Henry Aldrich-Plays Cupid-1944 

Henry Aldrich-Swings It-1943 

Henry Aldrich-What a Life-1939 




A Very Missing Person

Forty Naughty Girls

Murder on a Bridle Path

Murder on a Honeymoon

Murder on the Blackboard

Penguin Pool Murder

The Plot Thickens




Bar 20 -1943 

Bar 20 Justice -1938 

Bar 20 Rides Again -1935 

Border Patrol -1943 

Border Vigilantes -1941 

Borderland -1937 

Borrowed Trouble -1948 

Call of the Prairie -1936 

Cassidy of Bar 20 -1938 

Colt Comrades -1943 

Dangerous Venture -1947 

Doomed Caravan - 1941 

False Colors -1943 

False Paradise -1948 

Fool's Gold -1947 

Forty Thieves -1944 

Heart of Arizona -1938 

Heart of the West -1936 

Hidden Gold -1940 

Hill's of Old Wyoming -1937 

Hopalong Cassidy Enters -1935 

Hopalong Cassidy Return's -1936 

Hopalong Rides Again -1937 

Hoppy Serves a Writ -1942 

Hoppy's Holiday -1947

In Old Colorado -1941 

In Old Mexico -1938 

Law of the Pampas -1939 

Leather Burners -1942 

Lost Canyon -1942 

Lumberjack -1944 

Mystery Man -1943 

North of the Rio Grande -1937 

Outlaws of the Desert -1941 

Partners of the Plain -1938 

Pirates on Horseback -1941 

Pride of the West -1938 

Range War -1939 

Riders of the Deadline -1943 

Riders of the Timberline -1941 

Rustlers Valley -1937 

Santa Fe Marshall -1940 

Secrets of the Wastelands -1941 

Silent Conflict -1947 

Silver on the Sage -1939 

Sinister Journey -1948 

Stagecoach War -1940 

Stick to your Guns -1941 

Strange Gamble -1948 

Sunset Trail -1939 

Texas Masquerade -1943 

Texas Trail - 1937 

The Dead Don't Dream -1948 

The Devil's Playground -1946 

The Eagles Brood-1938 

The Frontiersmen -1938 

The Marauders -1947 

The Renegade Trail -1939 

The Show Down -1940 

Three Men from Texas -1940 

Three on the Trail -1936 

Trail Dust - 1936

Twilight on the Trail -1942 

Undercover Man- 1942 

Unexpected Guest -1947 

Wide Open Town -1941 




A Holy Terror-1931 

Across the Pacific -1942 

Action in the North Atlantic -1943 

All Through the Night -1941 

Angels with Dirty Faces-1938 

Battle Circus-1953  

Beat the Devil 1954                                     

Big City Blues -1932 

Black Legion -1937 


Chain Lightning -1950                           

China Clipper -1936 

Conflict -1945 

Crime School -1938 

Dark Passage -1947 

Dead End -1937 

Dead Reckoning-1947 

Deadline U.S.A- 1952 

High Sierra -1941

In A Lonely Place -1950                       

Invisible Stripes-1939 

Isle of Fury -1936 

It All Came True -1940 

Key Largo-1948

King of the Underworld -1939

Knock on Any Door -1949                         

Love Affair -1932                               

Men Are Such Fools -1938 


Passage to Marseille  

Racket Busters-1938 

Sabrina -1954


San Quentin -1937 


Stand-In -1937

Swing Your Lady-1938 

The African Queen -1951 

The Barefoot Contessa-1954                         

The Big Shot -1942 

The Big Sleep-1946 

The Desperate Hours -1955

The Enforcer-1951 

The Great O'Malley -1937

The Harder They Fall-1956 

The Left Hand of God-1955                   

The Maltese Falcon-1941

The Return of Dr X - 1939 

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre-1948 

The Wagons Roll at Night -1941

They Drive by Night -1940 

To Have and Have Not -1944

Tokyo Joe -1949

Two against the World -1936 

Up the River -1930 

We're No Angels-1955 

You Can't Get Away with Murder -1939




The Decapitation of Jefferson Monk

The Devil’s Mask 

The Unknown




Artist and Models Abroad -1938                             

Artists and Models-1937  

Broadway Melody of 1936                                     

Buck Benny rides Again -1940                               

Charlie’s Aunt - 1941                                       

Chasing Rainbow's -1930                                     

College Holiday-1936 

George Washington Slept Here -1942                         

It's in the Air-1935                                       

It's in the Bag -1945                                       

Love Thy Neighbour -1940                                   

Man about Town -1939                                       

The Big Broadcast of 1937 

The Horn Blows at Midnight 1945                         

The Meanest Man in the World 1943                     

The Medicine Man -1930                                     

To Be or Not to Be -1942 

Trans Atlantic Merry-Go-Round -1934




Alex and the Gypsy-1976 


Bell Book and Candle 1958 

Buddy Buddy-1981 

Cowboy 1958 


Days of Wine and Roses-1962 

Getting Away with Murder-1996 

Glengarry Glen Ross-1992 

Good Neighbor Sam-1964 

Grumpier Old Men-1995 

Grumpy Old Men-1993 

How to Murder Your Wife-1965 

Irma La Douce-1963 

It Happened to Jane 1959 

It Should Happen to You-1954 




Mass Appeal-1984 


My Sister Eileen-1955                                       

Operation Mad Ball -1957 

Out to Sea-1997 


Save the Tiger-1973 

Short Cuts-1993 

Some like It Hot 1959 

That’s Life-1986 

The Apartment-1960 

The April Fools-1969 

The China Syndrome 1979

The Fortune Cookie-1966 

The Front Page-1974 

The Great Race 1965 

The Long Way Home-1998 

The Notorious Landlady-1962 

The Odd Couple-1968 

The Odd Couple 2-1998 

The Out-of -Towners-1970 

The Prisoner of Second Avenue-1975 

The Wackiest Ship in the Army-1960 


Tuesdays with Morrie-1999 

Under the Yum Yum Tree-1963 

War between Men and Women-1972

You Can't Run Away from It-1956 




Mon Oncle 1958           

Monsieur Hulots Holiday 1953 

Playtime 1967 


Jour de fete 1964                                          





36 Hours-1965 

A Man Called Sledge-1970 

A Man Could Get Killed-1966 

Barbarians at the Gate-1993 

Boys' Night Out -1962

Breathing Lessons-1994 

Cash McCall -1960 

Castaway Cowboy-1974 

Darby's Rangers-1958 

Dead Silence-1997 

Decoration Day-1990 

Duel at Diablo-1966 

Fire in the Sky-1993 

Grand Prix-1966 


Hour of the Gun-1967                             

How Sweet It Is! -1968                         

Long summer of G.Adams-1982 



Mister Buddwing -1966 

Move Over, Darling -1963 

Murphy's Romance-1985 

My Fellow Americans-1996 

My Name is Bill W -1989 

One Little Indian-1973 

One Special Night-1999 


Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend -1957 

Skin Game-1971 

Space Cowboys-2000 


Support Your Local Gunfighter-1971 

Support Your Local Sheriff-1969 


The Art of Love-1965 

The Children's Hour-1961 

The Distinguished Gentleman-1992 

The Fan-1981 

The Girl He Left Behind-1956 

The Glitter Dome-1984

The Pink Jungle-1968 

The Thrill of It All - 1963 

The Wheeler Dealers -1963 

They Only Kill Their Masters-1972 

Toward the Unknown-1956 

Up Periscope-1959 




1934-Art Trouble                                           

1935-The Murder Man                                         

1936-After the Thin Man                                     

1936-Born to Dance                                          

1936-Important News                                         

1936-Next Time We Love                                     


1936-Small Town Girl                                                                


1936-The Gorgeous Hussy                                     

1936-Wife vs. Secretary                                     

1937-Navy Blue and Gold                                     

1937-Seventh Heaven                                        

1937-The Last Gangster                                       

1938-Of Human Hearts                                       

1938-The Shopworn Angel                                     

1938-Vivacious lady            

1938-You Can't Take It with You                             

1939-Destry Rides Again                                     

1939-It's A Wonderful World                                 

1939-Made for Each Other                                   

1939-Mr. Smith goes to Washington                           

1939-The Ice Follies of 1939                             

1940-No Time for Comedy                                     

1940-The Mortal Storm                                       

1940-The Philadelphia Story                                

1940-The Shop around the Corner 

1941- Come Live With Me 

1941-Ziegfeld Girl                                         

1946-It's a Wonderful Life                                 

1947-Magic Town                                             

1948-A Miracle Can Happen                                   

1948-Call Northside 777                                     


1948-You Gotta Stay Happy                                   


1949-The Stratton Story                                     

1950-Broken Arrow                                           


1950-The Jackpot                                           

1950-Winchester '73                                        

1951-No Highway in the Sky                                 

1952-Bend of the River                                     

1952-Carbine Williams                                       

1952-The Greatest Show on Earth                             

1953-The Glenn Miller Story                                 

1953-The Naked Spur                                         

1953-Thunder Bay                                           

1954-Rear Window                                           

1954-The Far Country                                       

1954-The Glenn Miller Story                              

1955-Artists and Model                                     

1955-Strategic Air Command                                 

1955-The Man from Laramie                                  

1956-The Man Who Knew Too Much                             

1957-Night Passage                                         

1957-The Spirit of St. Louis                               

1958-Bell Book and Candle                                  


1959-Anatomy of a Murder                                   

1959-The FBI Story                                         

1960-The Mountain Road                                     

1961-Two Rode Together                                     

1962-How the West Was Won                                                              

1962-Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation                           

1962-The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance                      

1963-Take Her, She's Mine                                   

1964-Cheyenne Autumn                                       

1965-Dear Brigitte                                         


1965-The Flight of the Phoenix                             

1966-The Rare Breed                                         



1970-The Cheyenne Social Club                             

1971-Fools' Parade                                         

1976-The Shootist                                           


1978-The Big Sleep                                         

1978-The Magic of Lassie                                   

1980-Green Horizon                                         

1980-Mr. Krueger's Christmas (TV)                           

1983-Right of Way (TV)




9 to 5-1980 

A Doll's House-1973 

Agnes of God-1985 

Any Wednesday-1966 


Barefoot in the Park-1967 

Better Living through Chemistry-2014 

Book Club-2018 

California Suite-1978 

Cat Ballou-1965 

Coming Home-1978 

Fathers and Daughters-2015 

Fun with Dick and Jane-1977 

Georgia Rule-2007 

Hurry Sundown-1967 

In the Cool of the Day-1963 

Joy House-1964 




Old Gringo-1989 

On Golden Pond-1981 

Our Souls at Night-2017 

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding-2011 

Period of Adjustment -1962 


Spirits of the Dead-1968 

Stanley and Iris-1989 

Steelyard Blues-1973 

Sunday in New York-1963 

Tall Story-1960 

The Butler-2013 

The Chapman Report -1962 

The Chase-1966 

The China Syndrome-1979 

The Dollmaker-1984 

The Electric Horseman-1979 

The Game is Over-1966- Eng Subs                     

The Morning After-1986

They Shoot Horses, Don't They-1969 

This is Where I Leave You-2014 

Walk on the Wild Side-1962





Thank You Jeeves 

Step Lively Jeeves




1949 - My Friend Irma

1950 - At War With the Army                                 

1950 - My Friend Irma Goes West                             

1951 - That’s My Boy                                         

1952 - Jumping Jacks                                       

1952 - Road to Bali                                         

1952 - Sailor Beware                                        

1952 - The Stooge                                           

1953 - Money from Home                                     

1953 - Scared Stiff                                         

1953 - The Caddy                                            

1954 - 3 Ring Circus 

1954 - Living It Up                                         

1955 - Artist and Models                                   

1955 - You're never too Young                               

1956 - Hollywood or Bust                                    

1956 - Pardners                                             

1957 - Delicate Delinquent                                 

1957 - Sad Sack 

1958 - Geisha Boy                                           

1958 - Rock a Bye Baby                                     

1959 - Don't Give Up the Ship-1959 

1960 - Cinderfella                           

1960 - The Bellboy                           

1960 - Visit to a Small Planet               

1961 - The Errand Boy

1961 - The Ladies Man                        

1962 - Its Only Money                       

1963 - Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World           

1963 - The Nutty Professor                   

1963 – Who’s Minding the Store               

1964 - The Disorderly Orderly                 

1964 - The Patsy                             

1965 – Boeing, Boeing                         

1965 - Redline 7000                           

1965 - The Family Jewels                     

1966 - Three on a Couch                                     

1966 - Way...Way Out 

1967 - The Big Mouth                         

1968 - Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River 

1969 - Hook, Line and Sinker                 

1970 - Which Way to the Front 

1981 - Hardly Working 

1983 - Cracking Up  




A Christmas Wish -1950 

Blondie of the Follies - 1932 

Broadway to Hollywood -1933 

Carnival -1935 

George White's 1935 Scandals 1935 

Get Rich, Quick Wallingford-1930     

Hell Below -1933 

Hollywood Party -1934 

Land without Music-1936 

Little Miss Broadway -1938 

Meet the Baron -1933                    

Music for Millions 1944

Palooka -1934 

Roadhouse Nights -1930 

Sally, Irene and Mary -1938 

Speak Easily -1932 

Start Cheering -1938 

Strictly Dynamite -1934

Student Tour-1934 

The Cuban Love Song -1931 

The Man Who Came To Dinner -1942 

The Passionate Plumber -1932 

The Phantom President -1932 

The Wet Parade -1932 

Two Girls and a Sailor-1944 

Two Sisters from Boston -1946 

What! No Beer!!! -1933

You’re In the Army Now- 1941 



Across the Rio Grande -1949 

Lonesome Trail -1945 

Moon Over Montana -1946 

Oklahoma Blues-1948 

Rainbow over the Rockies

Six-Gun Serenade-1947 

The Rangers Ride -1948



A Very Honorable Guy 1934                         

Alibi Ike 1935 

Bright Lights 1935

Broadminded 1931                                       

Earthworm Tractors 1936 

Elmer, the Great 1933                                  

Firemen save My Child 1932

Local Boy Makes Good 1931                               

Son of a Sailor 1933                                   

Sons o' Guns 1936 

The Lottery Bride 1930 

The Tenderfoot 1932



Black Horse Canyon                           

Border River                                 

Buffalo Bill                                 

Cattle drive 1951                           

Cattle Empire 1958 

Colorado Territory 1949                      

Fort Massacre                                 

Four Faces West                               


Gunsight Ridge 1957                         

Ramrod 1947                                 

Saddle Tramp                                

South of St Louis                             

Stars in My Crown                             

Stranger on horseback                         

The First Texan                               

The Lone Hand 1953                          

The Oklahoman-1957 

The Outriders-1950                       

The San Francisco Story 1952

Adventure in Manhattan -1936 

Banjo on My Knee-1936 

Bird of Paradise -1932 

Chance at Heaven-1933 

Come and Get It-1936 

Cry Blood, Apache-1970 

Dead End -1937 

Dynamite -1929 

Girls about Town-1931 

Half a Sinner-1934 

The Virginian                                 

The Tall Stranger 1957 

Trooper Hook 1957                           

Kept Husbands- 1931 

Mustang Country-1976 

One Man's Journey-1933 

Richest Girl in the World-1934 

Rough Shoot -1953 

The Great Moment-1944 

The Gunfight at Dodge City -1959 

The Lost Squadron-1932 

The More the Merrier-1943 

The Most Dangerous Game-1932 

The Silver Cord -1933 

The Silver Horde-1930 

The Sport Parade-1932 

The Unseen-1945 

Two in a Crowd-1936 

Wells Fargo 1937                                 






Vol 1. Branded a Coward, Between Men, 

           Rogue of the Range, The Gambling Terror
Vol 2. Guns in the Dark, Desert Phantom, 

           A Lawman is Born, Boothill Brigade
Vol 3. Desperate Trails, Oklahoma Frontier, 

           Chip of the Flying U, West of Carson City
Vol 4. Riders of PascoBasin, Bad Man from Red Butte, 

           Son of Roaring Dan, Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Vol 5. Law And Order, Pony Post, Boss Of Bullion City, 
          Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Vol 6. Over The Border, Prairie Express, Fighting Ranger, 

           West of Wyoming
Vol 7. Arizona Cyclone, Fighting Bill Fargo, 

           Stagecoach Buckaroo, The Silver Bullet
Vol 8. Boss of Hang town Mesa, Deep In the Heart Of 

           Texas, Little Joe the Wrangler, Old Chisholm Trail 
Vol 9. Tenting Tonight On the Old Camp Ground,

           Cheyenne Round Up, Raiders of San Joaquin, 

           Star Trail
Vol 10. Code of the Saddle, West Of El Dorado, 

              Frontier Agent, Trigger Fingers,
Vol 11. Raiders of the Border, Stranger from Pecos,

             Six Gun Gospel, Outlaws of Stampede Pass
Vol 12. Stranger from Sante Fe, Under Arizona Skies, 

             Land of the Lawless, Triggerman
Vol 13. The Ghost Rider, Ghost Guns, Law of the Valley,

             Gunning For Justice
Vol 14. Gentlemen from Texas, Raiders of the South, 

             Land of the Outlaw, Back Trail
Vol 15. Hidden Danger, Range Justice, Western Renegades, 

             Law of the West
Vol 16. Law Men, Flashing Guns, Trailing Danger, 

             Gun Talk
Vol 17. Outlaw Gold, Shadows on the Range, 

             Land of the Outlaw, Frontier Feud
Vol 18. Crossed Trails, Blazing Bullets, Overland Trails, 

             Canyon Ambush
Vol 19. Texas City, Man from the Black Hills, 

             SilverRange, The Texas Kid



1941 1979                                                                  

Armed and dangerous                                                         

Blues brothers                                                             

Brewster's Millions 1985                                                   

Canadian bacon                                                             

Career Opportunities                                                       

Cool Runnings                                                               

Delirious 1991                                                           

Going Berserk                                                               

Home Alone                                                                 

J.F.K. 1991                                                                        

Little Shop of Horrors 1986 

National Lampoons Vacation                                                 

Nothing but Trouble 1991                                                   

Once Upon a Crime 1992 

Only the Lonely 1991                                                     

Planes, Trains & Automobiles 1988


Speed Zone 1989                                                           



Summer rental                                                               

The Clown Murders                                                           

The Great out Doors 

Uncle buck                                                                 


Wagons East 

Who's Harry Crumb



Battle beyond the Stars -1980 

Beyond Evil-1980 

Black Christmas-1974 

Blind Vendetta-1975 

Company of Killers-1970 

Cross Shot-1976 

Cry Tough -1959 

Death of a Gunfighter-1969 

Fast Company-1979 

For Singles Only-1968 

I Kiss the Hand -1973 

Mark Strikes Again -1976 

Mister Kingstreets War-1973 

Mitchell -1975 

Moonshine County Express-1977                                     

One Dollar Too Many-1968 

Planet Earth-1974 

Raid on Entebbe-1976 

Rock, Pretty Baby!-1956 

Running Scared-1980 

Running Wild-1955 

Shalimar (Raiders of the Sacred Stone)-1978 

Special Cop in Action-1976 

Strange New World-1975 

Strange Shadows in an Empty Room-1976                           

Summer Love-1958 

The Appaloosa-1966 

The Arrival-1981 

The Bees-1978 

The Big Fisherman-1959 

The Cardinal-1963 

The Cavern -1964 

The Cynic, The Rat and the Fist-1977 

The Doomsday Flight-1966 

The Electric Horseman-1979 

The Girl Who Knew Too Much-1963 

The Glove-1979 

The Night Caller-1965 

The Plunderers-1960 

The Ravagers -1965 

The Reluctant Debutante-1958 

The Restless Years -1958

The Unforgiven -1960 

Violent Naples-1976 

War Hunt-1962




3 Godfathers 1948 

A Lady Takes A Chance 1943 

A Man Betrayed 1941 

Allegheny Uprising 1939 

Angel and the Badman 1947                                         

Arizona 1931 

Baby Face 1933 

Back To Bataan 1945 

Big Jake 1971 

Big Jim McLain 1952 

Blood Alley 1955 

Blue Steel 1934 

Born To the West 1937 (Aka Hell Town)

Brannigan 1975 

Cahill U.S. Marshal 1973 

Cast a Giant Shadow 1966 

Chisum 1970 

Circus World 1964 

College Coach 1933 

Dakota 1945 

Dark Command 1940 

Dawn Rider 1935 

Donovans Reef 1963 

El Dorado 1966 

Flame Of Barbary Coast 1945 

Flying Leathernecks 1951 

Flying Tigers 1942 

Fort Apache 1948 

Green Berets 1968 

Hatari! 1962 

Haunted Gold 1932 

Hellfighters 1968 

His Private Secretary 1933 

Hondo 1953 

Horse Soldiers 1959 

How the West Was Won 1962                         

Idol of the Crowds 1937 

In Harms Way 1965 

In Old California 1942 

In Old Oklahoma (AKA War of the Wildcats) 1943

Island in the Sky 1953 

Jet Pilot 1957 

King of the Pecos 1936 

Lady from Louisiana 1941

Lawless Range 1935 

Legend of the Lost 1957 

Life of Jimmy Dolan 1933 

McLintock! 1963 

McQ 1974 

Neath the Arizona Skies 1934 

New Frontier 1939 (Aka Frontier Horizon)             

North to Alaska 1960 

Operation Pacific 1951 

Paradise Canyon 1935 

Pittsburgh 1942 

Rainbow Valley 1935 

Reap the Wild Wind 1946 

Red River 1948 

Reunion In France 1942

Ride Him Cowboy 1932 

Rio Bravo 1959 

Rio Grande 1950 

Rio Lobo 1970 

Rooster Cogburn 1975 

Sands of Iwo Jima 1949 

Santa Fe Stampede 1938 

Seven Sinners 1940 

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949 

Somewhere In Sonora 1933 

Stagecoach 1939 

Tall in the Saddle 1944 

Texas Cyclone 1932 

Texas Terror 1935

The Alamo 1960 

The Barbarian and the Geisha 1958 

The Big Stampede 1932 

The Big Trail 1930 

The Comancheros 1961 

The Conqueror 1956 

The Cowboys 1972 

The Desert Trail 1935 

The Fighting Kentuckian 1949 

The Fighting Seabees 1944 

The Greatest Story Ever Told 1965 

The High and the Mighty 1954                         

The Hurricane Express 1932 

The Lawless Frontier 1934 

The Long Voyage Home 1940 

The Longest Day 1962 

The Man from Monterey 1933 

The Man from Utah 1934 

The Man Who Shot LibertyValence 1962                 

The Quiet Man 1952 

The Sea Chase 1955 

The Searchers 1956 

The Shadow of the Eagle 1932 

The Shepherd of the Hills 1941 

The Shootist 1976 

The Sons of Katie Elder 1965 

The Spoilers 1942 

The Telegraph Trail 1933 

The Trail Beyond 1934 

The Train Robbers 1973 

The Undefeated 1969 

The War Wagon 1967 

The Wings of Eagles 1957 

They Were Expendable 1945 

Three Faces West 1940 

Trouble along the Way 1953 

True Grit 1969 

Two-Fisted Law 1932 

Tycoon 1947 

Wake of the Red Witch 1948 

Winds of the Wasteland 1936 

Without Reservations 1946 



A Star is Born -1954 

Babes in Arm's -1939 

Babes on Broadway -1941 

Broadway Melody of 1938 

Easter Parade -1948 

Everybody Sing -1938 

For Me & My Gal -1942 

Girl Crazy -1943 

I, Could Go on Singing-1963 

In The Good Old Summertime -1949 

Listen, Darling-1938 

Little Nellie Kelly -1940 

Meet Me in St Louis-1944 

PigSkin Parade - 1936 

Presenting Lily Mars-1943 

Strike up the Band -1940 

Summer Stock -1950 

The Clock -1945 

The Harvey Girls -1946 

The Pirate -1948 

The Wizard of Oz-1939 

Thousands Cheer -1943 

Till the Clouds Roll By- 1946 

Words and Music -1948 

Ziegfeld Girl's -1941




Darling Lili-1970 

Duet for One-1986 


Little Miss Marker -1980 

Mary Poppins-1964 


Sound of Music-1965 

Star! -1968 

The Americanization of Emily -1964 

The Man Who Loved Women-1983 

The Tamarind Seed-1974 

Thoroughly Modern Millie -1967 

Torn Curtain-1966

Victor Victoria -1982




Cannibal Attack 

Captive Girl   

Devil Goddess

Forbidden Land

Fury of the Congo   

Jungle Jim 

Jungle Man-Eaters 

Jungle Manhunt 

Jungle Moon Men 

Killer Ape 

Mark of the Gorilla

Pygmy Island 

Savage Mutiny   

The Lost Tribe 

Valley of the Head Hunters

Voodoo Tiger   



Just William

Just William’s Luck

William at the Circus 



A Bill of Divorcement-1932 

A Woman Rebel's -1936 

Adam's Rib -1949 

Alice Adam's -1935 

Break of Hearts -1935 

Christopher Strong-1933 

Dragon Seed -1944 

Holiday -1938 

Keeper of the Flame-1942 

Little Women -1933 

Mary of Scotland - 1935 

Morning Glory -1933 

Pat & Mike -1952 

Quality Street -1937 

Song of Love-1947 

SpitFire -1934 

State of the Union -1948 

Summer Time -1955 

Sylvia Scarlett -1935 

The African Queen -1951 

The Little Minister -1934

The Sea of Grass -1947 

Under Current -1946 

Without Love -1945 

Woman of the Year -1942



Vol 1. Harmony Trail, Death Rides the Range,

          Dynamite Ranch, Drum Taps
Vol 2. The Law Rides Again, Trailin’ Trouble, Hell

          Fire Austin, Tex Gun Fighter

Vol 3. Blazing Guns, Wild Horse Stampede,

          Arizona Whirlwind, Death Valley Rangers
Vol 4. Two Gun Man, Whirlwind Horseman, 

          Alias the Badman, Phantom Rancher, 

          Phantom Thunderbolt



Detective Kitty O’Day 

Adventures of Kitty O’Day



The Marcus-Nelson Murders                        

The Belarus File                                     

The Price of Justice                                 


Fatal Flaw                                           

Flowers for Matty                                   

It's Always Something                               

None So Blind




Kolchak – The Night Stalker

Kolchak – The Night Strangler



20,000 Leagues under The Sea -1954                         

A Letter to 3 Wives -1949                                   

Ace in the Hole -1951                                       

Act of Love -1953                                           

Along The Great Divide -1951                                

Cast a Giant Shadow -1966                                   

Champion -1949                                             

Detective Story -1951                                       

Gunfight at OK Corral -1957                                 

I Walk Alone -1948                                         

In Harm's Way -1965                                         

Is Paris Burning? 1966                                     

Last Train from Gun Hill -1959                             

Lonely Are the Brave -1962                                 

Lust for Life -1956                                         

Man without a Star -1955                                   

Mourning Becomes Electra -1947                             

My Dear Secretary -1949                                     

Out of the Past -1947                                       

Paths of Glory -1957                                       

Seven Day's In May -1964                                   

Spartacus -1960                                             

Stranger's When We Meet -1960                               

The Bad & the Beautiful -1952                               

The Big Sky -1952                                           

The Big Tree's -1952                                        

The Devil's Disciple -1959                                 

The Glass Menagerie -1950                                   

The Hero's Of Telemark -1965                               

The Indian Fighter -1955                                   

The Juggler -1953                                           

The Last Sun-Set-1961                                       

The List of Adrian Messenger -1963

The Racer's -1955                                           

The Story of Three Loves -1953

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers -1946                     

The Viking's -1958                                         

The Wall's Of Jericho -1948

The War Wagon -1967                                         

The Way West -1967

Top Secret Affair -1957

Town without Pity -1961                                     

Two Weeks in another Town – 1962

Ulysses -1954

Young Man with a Horn -1950



Vol 1. Dead Mans Gold, Mark of the Lash, 

          Frontier Revenge, Outlaw Country, 
          Son of Billy the Kid
Vol 2. Son of a Bad man, the Dalton’s Woman, 

          King Of the Bullwhip, 
          Thundering Trail, The Black Lash



A Life in the Balance -1955 


Avalanche Express-1979 

Cat Ballou-1965 

Death Hunt-1981 

Dirty Dozen- Next Mission -1985 

Dog Day-1984 

Eight Iron Men- 1952 

Emperor of the North-1973 

Gorilla at Large -1954 

Gorky Park-1983 

Hell in the Pacific-1968 

I Died a Thousand Times -1955 

Monte Walsh-1970 

Paint Your Wagon-1969 

Pete Kelly's Blues-1955 

Pillars of the Sky-1956 

Pocket Money-1972 

Point Blank-1967 

Prime Cut-1972 

Raintree County-1957                             

Shack Out on 101-1955 

Ship of Fools-1965 

Shout at the Devil-1976 

The Big Heat -1953 

The Big Red One-1980 

The Delta Force-1986 

The Dirty Dozen-1967 

The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday-1976

The Iceman Cometh-1973 

The Killers-1964 

The Klansman-1974 

The Missouri Traveler-1958 

The Professionals-1966 

The Rack-1956

The Raid-1954 

The Spikes Gang-1974

The Wild One-1953




Life with the Lyons

Life with the Lyons in Paris 



12 Crowded Hours -1939                                      

A Girl, a Guy and a Gob -1941                               

Annabel Takes a Tour -1938                                 

Beauty for the Asking- 1939                                 

Best Foot Forward -1943                                     

Dance, Girl, Dance -1940                                   

Don't Tell the Wife -1938                                   

DuBarry was a Lady -1943                                   

Fancy Pants -1950                                           

Five came Back -1939                                       

Forever Darling -1956                                       

Go Chase Yourself -1938                                     

Having a Wonderful Time -1938                               

Her Husband's Affairs -1947                                 

Joy of Living -1938                                         

Look, Who's Laughing -1941                                 

Lover, Come Back -1946                                     

Lured -1947                                               

Meet the People -1944                                       

Miss Grant Takes Richmond -1949                             

Next Time I Marry-1938                                     

Panama Lady -1939                                          

Seven Day's Leave -1942                                     

Sorrowful Jones- 1949                                       

Stagedoor -1937                                             

That Girl from Paris -1936                                 

That's Right, Your Wrong -1939

The Affairs of Annabel -1938 

The Big Street -1942                                       

The Dark Corner -1946                                       

The Fuller Brush Girl -1950                                 

The Long, Long Trailer -1954                               

The Magic Carpet -1951 

The Marines Fly High -1940                                 

Too Many Girls -1940                                       

Two Smart People -1946   

Valley of the Sun -1942                                     

Without Love -1945 

You Can't Fool Your Wife -1940                                        



Dreaming Out Loud -1940                                     

Going To Town -1944                                        

Lum & Abner Abroad -1956                                   

Partners in Time -1946                                     

So This Is Washington -1943                                 

The Bashful Bachelor -1942                                 

Two Weeks to Live -1943



The Egg & I 

Further Adventures Of Ma & Pa Kettle,

Ma & Pa Kettle Go To Town

Ma & Pa Kettle Back On The Farm, 

Ma & Pa Kettle at the Fair, 

Ma & Pa Kettle on Vacation

Ma & Pa Kettle At Home, 

Ma & Pa Kettle In Waikiki



A Ticket to Tomahawk -1950 

All about Eve -1950 

As Young As You Feel -1950 

Bus-Stop -1956 

Clash by Night -1952 

Dangerous Years 1947

Don't Bother To Knock -1952 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes -1953 

Green Grass of Wyoming 1948

Home Town Story -1950 

How to Marry a Millionaire -1953 

Ladies of the Chorus -1948 

Let's Make It Legal -1951 

Let's Make Love -1960 

Love Happy 1959

Love Nest -1951 

Monkey Business -1952 

Niagara -1952 

O’Henry’s Full House 1952

Right Cross 1950

River Of No Return -1953 

Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!-1948 

Some like It Hot -1959 

The Asphalt Jungle -1950

The Fireball 1950

The Misfits -1961 

The Prince & the Show Girl -1957 

The Seven Year Itch -1955

There's No Business like Show Business -1954

We're Not Married -1952



Because You're Mine-1952

For the First Time-1959 


Seven Hills of Rome-1958                         

That Midnight Kiss-1949                             

The Great Caruso-1951                               

The Toast of New Orleans-1950




 [1929] The Cocoanuts                         

 [1930] Animal Crackers                       

 [1931] Monkey Business                       

 [1932] Horse Feathers                         

 [1933] Duck Soup                             

 [1935] A Night at the Opera                   

 [1937] A Day at the Races                     

 [1938] Room Service                           

 [1939] At the Circus                         

 [1940] Go West                               

 [1941] The Big Store                         

 [1946] A Night in Casablanca                 

 [1947] Copacabana (Just Groucho)

 [1949] Love Happy                             




Blazing Saddles 1974 

Dracula Dead and Loving It 1995 

Free to be You and Me                       

High Anxiety 1977

History of the World Part One 1981 

It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas                       

Life Stinks 1991 

Little Rascals 1994 

Look Who’s Talking Too 1990 

Loose Cannons 1990 

Robin Hood   Men In Tights 1993                     

Robots 2005 

Screw Loose

Silent Movie (1976)                                      

Spaceballs 1987 

The 2000 Year Old Man 1975 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother

The Muppet Movie 1979

The Prince of Egypt                                       

The Producers 1968                                       

The Silence of the Hams

The Twelve Chairs 1970 

To Be or Not to Be                                       

Young Frankenstein 1974 




Mexican Spitfire at Sea

Mexican Spitfire Baby 

Mexican Spitfire Blessed Event

Mexican Spitfire out West 

Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost 

Mexican Spitfire 

Mexican Spitfires Elephant 

The Girl from Mexico



Horrors of the Black Museum (1959)                         

Konga (1961)                                                

Reach For the Sky (1956)                                   

Richard III (1955)                                         

Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue (1953)                         

Savage Messiah (1972)                                       

The Go between (1970)                                       

The Legend of the Hell House (1973)                         

The Sword and the Rose (1953)                               

Women in Love (1969)



Accident (1967)                                             

Conduct Unbecoming (1975)                                   

England Made Me (1973)                                     

Lost Horizon (1973)                                         

Romeo and Juliet (1968)                                     

Smashing Time (1967)                                       

Something for Everyone (1970)                               

The Mill and the Cross (2011)                               

The Omega Code 2 - Megiddo (2001)                         

The Riddle of the Sands (1979)



That Riviera Touch

The Intelligence Men

The Magnificent Two

Night Train to Murder 



Mr Moto in DangerIsland- 1939                           

Mr Moto- Takes a Vacation- 1939                             

Mr Moto's Gamble -1938                                     

Mr Moto's- Last Warning -1939                              

Mr Moto-Takes a Chance -1938                               

Mysterious Mr Moto - 1938                                   

Thank You Mr Moto -1937                                   

Think Fast- Mr Moto -1937




Nick Carter Master Detective   

Phantom Raiders 

Sky Murder



Caravaggio (1986)                                           

Living Free (1972)                                         

Nighthawks (1981)                                          

The LastValley (1971)                                     

The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1969)                           

Without A Clue (1988)



Follow a Star                                             

Just My Luck                                               

Man of the Moment                                           

On The Beat                                               

One Good Turn                                              

Press For Time                                             

Stitch in Time                                             

The Bulldog Breed                                           

The Early Bird                                             

The Square Peg                                             

Trouble in Store                                           

Up in the World



Bridget’s Night Out

Old Mother Riley At Home

Old Mother Riley Detective

Old Mother Riley Headmistress

Old Mother Riley in Paris

Old Mother Riley in Society

Old Mother Riley MP

Old Mother Riley My Son the Vampire

Old Mother Riley New Venture

Old Mother Riley Overseas

Old Mother Riley’s Circus

Old Mother Riley’s Ghost

Old Mother Riley’s Treasure

Stars on Parade



A Ghost in Monte Carlo-1990 

Beat Girl-1960 

Blue Blood-1973 

Burnt Offerings-1976 

Captain Clegg-1962 

Captive Rage-1988 




Dr.Heckyl and Mr. Hype-1980 

Hannibal Brooks-1969 

His and Hers-1961 

I'll never forget what’s is name-1967 

Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun-1970 

Lion of the Desert-1981 

Misfit Brigade-1987 

Night Creatures 1962 

No Secrets-1979 


One Russian Summer-1973 


Rage to Kill-1988 


Royal Flash-1975 

Sitting Target-1972 


Ten Little Indians-1974 

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen-1988 

The Angry Silence-1960 

The Assassination Bureau-1969 

The Big Sleep-1978 

The Black Arrow-1985 

The Brigand of Kandahar-1965 

The Brood-1979 

The Class of Miss MacMichael-1978 

The Curse of the Werewolf-1961 

The Damned-1962 

The Debussy Film-1965 

The Devils-1971 

The Four Musketeers- 1974 

The House of Usher-1989 

The Hunting Party-1971 

The Jokers-1967 

The Lady and the Highway Man-1989 

The Master of Dragonard Hill-1987 

The Party's Over-1965 

The Pirates of Blood River-1962 

The Rebel-1961 

The Return of the Musketeers-1989 

The Revenger-1989

The Scarlet Blade-1963

The Shuttered Room-1967 

The System-1964 

The Three Musketeers- 1973 

The Trap-1966 

The Triple Echo-1972 

Tomorrow Never Comes-1978

Two of a Kind-1983 

Venom- 1981 

Women in Love-1969 




A Dangerous Profession-1949

Air Mail-1932 

American Madness -1932


Castle on the Hudson -1940                   

College Coach -1933

Consolation Marriage -1931 

Crack-Up- 1946 

Criminal Lawyer -1951 

Escape to Glory-1940 

Fighting Father Dunne-1948 

Flirtation Walk -1934 

Flowing Gold-1940 

Flying High -1931 

Garden of the Moon -1938

Having Wonderful Crime -1945 

His Butlers Sister-1943 

I Married a Doctor-1936 

I Sell Anything -1934 

In Caliente -1935 

Indianapolis Speedway -1939 

Inside Detroit-1956 

Johnny One Eye-1950 

Jubilee Trail-1954 

Kill Me Tomorrow-1957 

Knute Rockne All American-1940               

Man Alive-1945                         

Marine Raiders-1944 

Oil for the Lamps of China -1935 


Page Miss Glory -1935 

Perilous Holiday-1946 

Personal Maid-1931 

Riff Raff-1947 

Ring of Fear-1954 

Scandal for Sale-1932 

Secret Command-1944 

Slightly Honorable-1940

Stars over Broadway-1935 

Submarine D-1 -1937 

The Boy with Green Hair -1948 

The Final Edition-1932 

The Front Page-1931 

The Iron Major-1943 

The Navy Comes Through -1942 

The Night of Nights-1939 

The Personality Kid -1934 

The Strange Case of Clara Deane-1932 

The World Gone-Mad-1933 

Town Tamer -1965 

Twenty Million Sweethearts- 1934 

Two Yanks in Trinidad-1942

Virtue -1932

Women Are Like That -1938



Calling Paul Temple

Paul TempleReturns

Paul TempleTriumphs

Send For Paul Temple



The Case of the Black Cat - 1936             

The Case of the Curious Bride - 1935         

The Case of the Howling Dog-1934               

The Case of the Lucky Legs - 1935             

The Case of the Stuttering Bishop - 1936       

The Case of the Velvet Claws - 1936



1951 Let's Go Crazy                                       

1951 Penny Points To Paradise                             

1951 Slappiest Days of our lives 

1952 The Goons down among the Z men                       

1954 Orders Are Orders                                   

1955 The Ladykillers                                     

1956 A Show Called Fred                                   

1956 The Case of the Mukkinese Battle-Horn               

1957 The Naked Truth                                      

1957 The Smallest Show on Earth                           

1958 Tom Thumb                                           

1958 Up the Creek                                         

1959 I'm All Right Jack                                   

1959 Man in a Cocked Hat (aka, Carlton-Browne of the F.O) 

1959 The Battle of the Sexes                             

1959 The Mouse That Roared                               

1960 Never Let Go                                         

1960 The Millionairess 

1960 The Running Jumping Standing Still Film             

1960 Two Way Stretch                                     

1962 Lolita                                               

1962 Only two can play                                   

1962 Road to Hong Kong                                   

1962 The Dock Brief (aka Trial and error)                 

1963 Heavens Above                                       

1963 The Pink Panther                                     

1963 Wrong Arm of the Law                                

1964 A shot in the dark                                   

1964 Dr. Strangelove                                     

1964 The World of Henry Orient                           

1965 A Hard Day's Night 

1965 What's New Pussycat                                  

1966 After the Fox                                       

1966 Alice in Wonderland                                 

1966 The Wrong Box                                       

1967 Casino Royale                                        

1967 The Bobo                                             

1967 Woman Times Seven                                   

1968 I Love You Alice B. Toklas                           

1968 The Party                                           

1969 The Magic Christian                                 

1970 Hoffman                                             

1970 There's a Girl in My Soup                           

1972 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland                   

1972 Where Does It Hurt                                  

1973 The Blockhouse                                       

1974 Soft Beds Hard Battles                               

1974 The Great McGonagall                                 

1975 The Pink Panther (Return of the)                    

1976 Murder by Death                                     

1976 The Pink Panther (Strikes Again)                     

1978 The Pink Panther (Revenge of the)                   

1979 Being There                                         

1980 The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu



Background to Danger-1943 

Black Angel -1946 

Confidential Agent-1945 

Congo Crossing-1956 


Crime & Punishment-1935                         

Double Confession -1950 

Hell Ship Mutiny -1957 

Hotel Berlin-1945 

I Was an Adventuress -1940                       

I'll Give a Million-1938 

Invisible Agent -1942 

Island of Doomed Men -1940 

Lancer Spy-1937                         

Mad Love -1935 

Mr. District Attorney -1941 

Nancy Steele is Missing-1937 

Operation Cicero-1956 

Rope of Sand-1949 

Scent of Mystery-1960 

Secret Agent-1936 

Stranger on the Third Floor -1940               

Tales of Terror-1962 

The Beast with Five Fingers -1946 

The Big Circus-1959 

The Boogie Man Will Get You-1942             

The Buster Keaton Story-1957 

The Chase-1946 

The Conspirators-1944                   

The Constant Nymph-1943                 

The Face behind the Mask-1941

The Man Who Knew Too Much -1934

The Mask of Dimitrios -1944 

The Sad Sack -1957 

The Story of Mankind -1957

The Verdict -1946

Three Strangers -1946



Billy Budd-1962

Blackbeard's Ghost -1968 

Hot Millions-1968 

Jesus of Nazareth-1977-Disc-1                     

Jesus of Nazareth-1977-Disc-2                     

John Goldfarb-Please Come Home-1965 

Lola Montes-1955 


One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing-1975 

Quo Vadis-1951 

The Last Remake of Beau Geste-1977 


Treasure of Matecumbe-1976 

Viva Max-1969

Appointment with Death-1988 

Around the World in 80 Days-1989 


Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen-1981 

Dead Man's Folly-1986 

Death on the Nile-1978 

Evil under the Sun-1982 

Lorenzo's Oil-1993 

Murder in Three Acts -1986 

Old Curiosity Shop-1994 

Stiff Upper Lips-1998 

The Bachelor-1999 

The Great Muppet Caper-1981 

The Thief of Baghdad -1978 

Thirteen at Dinner-1985 



A Lady Takes a Chance -1943 

A Thousand and One Nights- 1945 

Just Off Broadway -1942 

Lady Be Good -1941 

The Penalty-1941 

The Wild Man of Borneo-1941 

Top Banana-1954 

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum -1966

A Guide for the Married Man-1967 

Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell- 1968 

Follow That Camel -1967 

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World -1963 

The Boatniks-1970 

The Slowest Gun in the West-1960


The Cheap Detective-1978

The Chicken Chronicles-1977 

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood-1980 

The Strongest Man in the World-1975 



Calling Philo Vance -1940 

Philo Vance Returns-1947 

Philo Vance's Gamble -1947 

Philo Vance's Secret Mission-1947 

The Benson Murder Case -1930 

The Bishop Murder Case -1930

The Canary Murder Case -1929 

The Casino Murder Case -1935

The Dragon Murder Case-1934 

The Garden Murder Case-1936 

The Gracie Allen Murder Case -1939 

The Greene Murder Case-1929 

The Kennel Murder Case-1933




Raffles (1931) 

Raffles (1940) 

Raffles, the Gentleman Thief (1990)



20,000 Men A Year -1939 

7th Cavalry -1956 

A Lawless Street -1955 

Abilene Town -1946 

Albuquerque -1948 

And Sudden Death -1936 

Badman's Territory -1946 

Belle of the Yukon -1944                        

Belle Star -1941 

Bombardier -1942 

Broken Dreams -1933 

Buchanan Rides Alone -1958 

Buffalo Stampede -1933 

Canadian Pacific-1949 

Captain Kidd-1945 

Carson City -1952 

China Sky-1945 

Christmas Eve -1947 

Coast Guard -1939 

Cocktail Hour -1933 

Colt 45 - 1950 

Comanche Station -1960 

Coroner Creek -1948 

Corvette K-225 -1943 

Decision at Sundown -1957 

Fighting Man of the Plains -1949 

Fort Worth -1951 

Frontier Marshall -1939 

Go West, Young Man -1936 

Gunfighter's -1947 

Hangman's Knot -1952 

Hello, Everybody -1933

Heritage of the Desert -1932 

High, Wide, and Handsome-1937 

Home, Sweet Homicide -1948 

Hot Saturday -1932 

Jesse James -1939- 

Man in the Saddle -1952 

Man of the Forest -1933 

Murders in the Zoo -1933 

Paris Calling-1941 

Pittsburgh -1942 

Rage at Dawn -1955 

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm -1938 

Return of the Bad Men -1948 

Ride Lonesome -1959 

Ride the High Country -1962 

Riding Shot-Gun -1954 

Rocky Mountain Mystery -1935 

Santa Fe -1951 

Seven Men from Now -1956 

She -1935 

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend -1957 

Sky Bride-1932 

So Red, the Rose -1935- 

Sugar Foot -1951 

Supernatural -1933 

Susannah of the Mounties -1939 

Tall Man Riding -1955 

Ten Wanted Men -1955 

The Bounty-Hunter -1954 

The Cariboo Trail -1950

The Desperadoes -1943

The Doolins of Oklahoma -1949 

The Last of the Mohicans-1936 

The Man behind the Gun -1953 

The Nevadan-1950 

The Road to Reno-1931 

The Spoilers -1942                             

The Stranger Wore a Gun -1953 

The Tall T-1957

The Texan's -1938 

The Walking Hill's-1949 

The Women, Men Marry -1931

Thunder over the Plains -1953

To The Last Man-1933 

To the Shores of Tripoli -1942 

Trail Street -1947 

Village Tale-1935 

Wagon Wheels-1934

Westbound -1959

Western Union -1941 

When the Dalton's Rode -1940 




Arizona Stagecoach - 1942 

Boot Hill Bandit's -1942 

Bullets & Saddles -1943 

Fugitive Valley -1941 

Haunted Ranch -1943 

Land of Hunted Men -1943 

Rock River Renegades -1942 

Saddle Mountain Round-up -1941 

Texas to Bataan -1942 

Texas Trouble Shooters -1942 

The Kid's Last Ride -1941 

The Range Busters - Two Fisted Justice -1943 

The Range Busters -1940 

The Range Busters-Black Market Rustlers-1943 

The Range Busters-Cowboy Commandos-1943 

Thunder River Feud -1942 

Tonto Basin Outlaws -1941 

Trail of the Silver Spurs -1941 

Trail Riders -1942 

Trailing Double Trouble -1940 

Tumbledown Ranch In Arizona -1941 

Underground Rustlers -1941 

West of PintoBasin -1940 

Wrangler's Roost -1941 




A Southern Yankee -1948 

Excuse My Dust -1951 

Flight Command -1940 

Half a Hero -1953 

I Dood It -1943 

Lady be Good -1941 

Lovely to Look At -1952 

Merton of the Movies -1947 

Panama Hattie -1942 

Ship Ahoy -1942                               

The Clown -1953 

The Fuller-Brush Man -1948 

The Great Diamond Robbery -1954 

The Show-Off -1946 

The Yellow Cab Man -1950 

Watch the Birdie -1950

Whistling in Brooklyn -1943 

Whistling in Dixie -1942 

Whistling in the Dark -1941





Renfrew of the Royal Mounted 1937                                     

Renfrew on the Great White Trail 1938                                 

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Fighting Mad 1939                     

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Crashing Thru 1939                   

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Yukon Flight 1940                     

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Danger Ahead 1940                   

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Murder on the Yukon 1940             

Renfrew of the Royal Mounted in Sky Bandits 1940 



Argentine Nights-1940 

Behind The Eight Ball -1942 

Kentucky Moonshine-1938 

Life Begins in College-1937 Spanish Subs       

On The Avenue -1937 

One in a Million -1936 

Pack Up Your Troubles-1939                 

Sing Baby Sing-1936 

Straight, Place and Show-1938 

The Goldwyn Follies-1938 

You Can't Have Everything-1937 



 36 Hours-1965 

A Matter of Wife... and Death-1975 

A Time to Die-1982 

Ask Any Girl-1959



Cry of the Innocent-1980 

Dark of the Sun-1968 

Darker Than Amber-1970 

Family Flight-1972 

Hell River-1974 


Inglorious Basterds-2009 


King of the Coral Sea-1954 

Long John Silver-1954 

Man Who Had Power over Women-1970 

Mask of Murder-1985 

Nobody Runs For Ever-1968 

Open Season-1995 

Osiris Chronicles-1998 

Powder Keg-1971 

Raintree County-1957 

Seven Seas to Calais-1962 

Step Down to Terror-1958 

The Birds-1963 

The Deadly Trackers-1973 

The Hell with Heroes-1968 

The Heroes-1973 

The Liquidator-1965 

The Picture Show Man-1977 

The Time Machine-1960 

The VIPs-1963 

Top Gun-1955 

Trader Horn-1973

Welcome to Woop Woop-1997 

World without End-1956- 

Young Cassidy-1965 

Zabriskie Point-1970 




Vol 1. The Old Corral, Under Western Stars, 

           Billy The Kid Returns, Arizona Kid

           Rough Riders Round Up, Southward Ho,

           In Old Caliente, 

          Wall Street Cowboy

Vol 2. Days of Jesse James, Dark Command, 

           Young Buffalo Bill, Colorado, Carson City Kid, 

           The Ranger and the Lady, Young Bill Hickok,

           Robin Hood of the Pecos

Vol 3. In Old Cheyenne, Sheriff of Tombstone,

           Bad Man of Deadwood, Jesse James At Bay, 

           Sons of the Pioneers, Sunset Serenade, 

          Heart of the Golden West, Ridin’ Down the Canyon

Vol 4. Idaho, King of the Cowboys, Song of Texas,

           Silver Spurs, Hands across the Border, 

           The Cowboy and the Senorita,   

          Yellow Rose of Texas, Lights of Old Santé Fe

Vol 5. Utah, Bells of Rosarita, Man from Oklahoma,

           Along The Navajo Trail, Sunset in El Dorado,

           Don’t Fence Me In, Song of Arizona, 

          Rainbow over Texas

Vol 6. West Of the Badlands, My Pal Trigger, 

           Under Nevada Skies, Roll on Texas Moon, 

           Home In Oklahoma, Out California Way,


Vol 7. Apache Rose, Bells Of San Angelo, 

          Springtime in the Sierras, On the Old Spanish Trail, 

           Gay Ranchero, Under California Stars,

           Night Time in Nevada

Vol 8. Far Frontier, Susanna Pass, Down Dakota Way,

           Best of Coronado, Twilight in the Sierras, 

          Trigger Jnr

Vol 9. North Of the Great Divide, Trail Of Robin Hood, 

          Spoilers of the Plains, Heart of the Rockies

           In Old Amarillo, South Of Caliente,

           Son of Paleface

Vol 10. Romance on the Range, The Golden Stallion



A Man Called Adam-1966 

Alice in Wonderland-1985

Cannonball Run-1981 

Convicts 4-1962 

Cracking Up-1983 

Johnny Cool-1963 

Little Moon and Jud McGraw-1975 

Nightmare in the Sun-1965- Hard-Coded Dutch Subs   

One More Time-1970 

Porgy & Bess-1959 

Rufus Jones for President-1933 

Salt and Pepper-1968 

Sergeants 3-1962 

Sweet Charity -1969 


The Cannonball Run 2-1984 

The Kid Who Loved Christmas-1990 




Scattergood Baines-1941 

Scattergood Baines-Cinderella Swings It-1943 

Scattergood Meets Broadway-1941                                   

Scattergood Pulls the Strings-1941                         

Scattergood Rides High-1942 

Scattergood Survives a Murder-1942




Sexton Blake & the Echo Murders

Sexton Blake & the Hooded Terror 




About Face-1942 

As You Were-1951 

Fall In-1942 

Hay Foot-1942 

Here Comes Trouble -1948 

Mr Walkie Talkie-1952 

Tanks a Million-1941 

Yanks Ahoy-1943 




1960 - 1964


Bullets Don't Argue-1964 

Gold of the Seven Saints 1961 

Grand Canyon Massacre -1964 

Gunfight at High Noon-1963 

Gunfighters of Casa Grande-1964 

Gunmen of the Rio Grande-1964 

Hour of Death-1964 

Man of the Cursed Valley -1964 

The Fury of the Apaches-1964 

The Lost Treasure of the Aztecs-1960 

Two Violent Men 1964


30 Winchester per El Diablo -1965 

A Coffin for the Sheriff-1965 

Adios Gringo-1965 

Blood for a Silver Dollar-1965 

Colorado Charlie-1965 

Doc, Hands of Steel-1965 

Hands of a Gunfighter-1965 

In a Colts Shadow-1965 

Johnny Reno -1965 

Lone & Angry Man-1965 

Man Called Gringo-1965 

My Gun is the Law -1965 

One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Ringo-1965 

Return of Ringo-1965 

Seven Hours of Gunfire-1965 

Son of a Gunfighter-1965 

The Relentless Four-1965 

Why Go on Killing-1965


1000 Dollars on the Black-1966 

7 Dollars on the Red-1966 

Arizona Colt-1966 


Django -1966 

Dynamite Jim-1966 

El Cisco-1966 

El Rojo -1966 

For A Few Dollars Less-1966 

Golden Sheriff-1966 

Johnny Yuma -1966 

Kill or be Killed-1966 

The Hills Run Red-1966

Massacre Time-1966 

Mutiny at Fort Sharpe-1966 

Ringo and His Golden Pistol-1966 

Ringo's Big Night-1966 

Seven Guns for the MacGregors-1966 

Seven Guns for Timothy-1966 

Some Dollars for Django-1966 

Sugar Colt-1966 

Taste for Killing-1966 

Texas, Adios-1966

The Ugly Ones-1966 



10,000 Dollars Blood Money -1967 

3 Bullets for Ringo-1967 

A Stranger in Town-1967 


Born To Kill -1967 

Clint the Stranger -1967 

Death on High Mountain-1967 

Death Walks in Larado-1967 

Django Kill...If You Live, Shoot!-1967 

Django Kills Silently-1967 

Django the Last Killer -1967 

Face to Face-1967 

Gentleman Killer-1967 

Hate for Hate-1967 

John the Bastard-1967 

Kill the Wicked! -1967 

Killer Calibre 32-1967 

Man, Pride & Vengeance-1967

Killer Kid-1967 

Last of the Bad Men-1967 

Long Days of Vengence-1967 

My Name is Pecos-1967-

Pecos Cleans-Up-1967 


Professionals for a Massacre-1967 

Seven Pistols for a Massacre -1967 

The Dirty Outlaws -1967 

The Fury of Johnny Kid-1967 

The Hellbenders-1967 

The Rattler Kid-1967 

The Stranger Returns-1967 

The Vengeance of Pancho Villa-1967 

Two Crosses at Danger Pass-1967 



A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof-1968 

A Stranger in Paso Bravo-1968 

Black Jack-1968 

Blood Draws Blood-1968 

Django, Prepare a Coffin-1968

Execution -1968 

Gatling Gun-1968 

Go for Broke-1968 

God Made Them, I Kill Them-1968 

Hate Thy Neighbour-1968 

I Want Him Dead-1968 

If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death-1968 

I'll sell My Skin Dearly -1968

Johnny Hamlet-1968 

Killer Adios-1968 

Man who cried for Revenge-1968 

Moment to Kill-1968 

One after Another-1968 

One against One - No Mercy-1968 

Revenge for Revenge-1968 

Ringo the Lone Rider-1968 

Run, Man, Run -1968 

Shoot Gringo Shoot-1968 

The Magnificent Texan-1968 

The Mercenary-1968 

The Ruthless Four-1968 

The Silent Stranger-1968 

This Man Can't Die-1968 

Three Silver Dollars 1968

Today We Kill...Tomorrow We Die! -1968 

Train for Durango-1968 

Two Pistols and a Coward-1968 

Vengeance -1968 


$20,000 for Seven-1969 

A Noose for Django-1969 

Cemetery without Crosses-1969 

Cowards Don't Pray -1969 

Django the Bastard -1969 

El Puro-1969 

Forgotten Pistolero-1969 

Four Came to Kill Sartana-1969 


Heads or Tails 

I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death-1969 

No Room to Die-1969 


Shoot Twice-1969 


The Five Man Army-1969 

The Price of Power-1969 

The Specialist -1969


And God Said to Cain-1970 

Apocalypse Joe-1970 

Arizona Colt Returns -1970 

Chapaqua's Gold-1970 


Django & Sartana's Showdown in the West-1970 

Django Meets Sartana-1970 

Have a Good Funeral, My Friend, Sartana Will Pay-1970 

Hey Amigo ... You're Dead!-1970

Light the Fuse-Sartana is Coming-1970 

Sartana’ Here Trade You Pistol for a Coffin-1970 


The Revenge of Ringo-1970 

The Unholy Four -1970 


A Barrel Full of Dollars-1971 

A Fistful of Death-1971 

A Town Called Hell-1971 

Black Killer -1971 


Brother Outlaw-1971 


Django's Cut Price Corpses-1971 

Four Pistols for Trinity-1971 

Hands up Dead Man, You're Under Arrest-1971-                               

His Name Was Pot... But They Called Him Allegria-1971 

His Name Was Sam Walbash, but They Call Him Amen-1971 

Long Live ... Your Death!-1971

Eye for an Eye-1971 

My Name is King-1971 

One More Train to Rob-1971 

Sartana Kills Them All-1971 

Sheriff of Rock Springs-1971 

Shoot Joe and Shoot Again-1971 

Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead-1971 

The Gatling Gun-1971 

The Price of Death -1971 

They Call Me Cemetery-1971 

They Call Me Hallelujah-1971 

Vendetta at Dawn-1971 

W'Django -1971

1972 - 1987

A Man Called Invincible-1973 

Cut Throats Nine-1972 

Django Strikes Again -1987 


Mannaja-A Man Called Blade-1977 

My Horse, Your Gun, Your Widow-1972 

Return of Halleluja-1972 

Stay Away from Trinity,When He Comes to El Dorado-1972


The Man Called Noon-1973 

The Return of Clint the Stranger-1972 

They Call Him Holy Ghost -1972 

Those Dirty Dogs-1973 

Thunder over El Paso-1972 

Too Much Gold for one Gringo-1972 

Trinity and Sartana are Coming -1972 





Desk Set 1957

Keeper of the Flame 1942

The Sea Of Grass 1947 

To Sir with Love 1967

Woman of the Year 1942                                    

Cannibal Attack 1954                                     

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 1967                       

Pat and Mike 1952

State of the Union 1948





Helen of Troy 1956                                                       

Hell Drivers                                                               

Murphy's War 1971                                                         

Sands of the Kalahari 1965




A Long Ride from Hell (1968)                             

Hercules (1958) 

Hercules Unchained                                         

IL Terrore dei Barbari                             

Morgan, the Pirate 1960                                

The Slave 1962

The Thief of Baghdad 1955



Hell Bound-1957 

Hound-Dog Man-1959 

Johnny Trouble-1957 

Murder Inc -1960 

Silver Lode-1954 

The Decks Ran Red-1958                            

The Girl in Black Stockings-1957 

The Mark-1961 

The Story of Ruth-1960 

These Thousand Hills-1959





Vol 1.  Rough Riders of Cheyenne, The Cherokee Flash, 

            El Paso Kid, Fighting Mustang

Vol 2.  Sunset Carson Rides Again, Deadline, 

           Alias Billy the Kid, Days of Buffalo Bill

Vol 3. Bordertown Trail, Call of the Rockies, 

           Firebrands of Arizona, Code Of the Prairie

Vol 4.  Bandits of the Badlands, Oregon Trail, 

            Sante Fe Saddlemates, Sherrif of Cimmaron

Vol 5.  Rio Grande Raiders, Red River Renegades, 

            Battling Marshall, Rio Grande 




Colossus and the Amazon Queen-1960 

Giant of Marathon-1959 

Goliath and the Barbarians-1959 

Goliath and the Dragon-1960 

Hercules -1958 

Hercules Unchained-1959 

Hercules vs The Hydra-1960 

Imperial Venus-1960 

Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete-1960 

Son of Samson-1960 

The Conqueror of the Orient-1960 

The Giants of Thessaly-1960 

The Last Days of Pompeii-1959 

The Slave of Rome-1960 


The Vengeance of Ursus-1961 

Triumph of the Son of Hercules-1961 

Atlantis-The Lost Continent-1961 

Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops-1961 


Giant of Metropolis-1961 

Goliath against the Giants -1961 

Goliath and the Vampires-1961 

Hercules and the Captive Women-1961 

Hercules in the Haunted World-1961 

Hercules in the Vale of Woe-1961 

Mole Men against the Son of Hercules-1961 

Romulus and Remus-1961 

Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World-1961 


The Colossus of Rhodes-1961 

The Thief of Bagdad-1961 

The Trojan Horse-1961 

Ursus and the Tartar Princess-1961 

Ursus in the Valley of the Lions-1961 

Ursus-Son of Hercules-1961 


Caesar the Conqueror-1962 

Colossus of the Arena -1962 

Damon and Pythias-1962 

Fire Monsters against the Son of Hercules-1962 

Gladiators Seven-1962 

Samson against the Sheik-1962 

The Fury of Achilles-1962 

The Fury of Hercules-1962 

Ulysses against the Son of Hercules-1962 

Venus against the Son of Hercules-1962 

Vulcan Son of Jupiter-1962


Colossus and the Headhunters-1963 

Gold for Caesars-1963 

Goliath Sins of Babylon-1963 

Hercules against the Mongols-1963 

Hercules and the Masked Rider-1963 

Hercules vs Moloch-1963 

Hercules, Samson and Ulysses-1963 

Perseus the Invincible-1963 

Samson against the Pirates-1963 

Slave Queen of Babylon-1963 

The Beast of Babylon against the Son of Hercules-1963       

The fall of Rome-1963 

The Ten Gladiators-1963 

Thor and the Amazon Women-1963 

Tyrant of Lydia against the Son of Hercules-1963 

Ursus in the Land of Fire -1963


Atlas against the Czar-1964 

Devil of the Desert against the Son of Hercules-1964 

Hercules - Prisoner of Evil-1964                                           

Hercules against the Moon Men-1964 

Hercules against the Sons of the Sun-1964 

Hercules against the Tyrants of Babylon.1964 

Hercules against the Barbarians-1964 

Hercules and the Black Pirates-1964 

Hercules of the Desert-1964 

Hero of Rome-1964 

Messalina against the Son of Hercules-1964 

Revolt of the Praetorians-1964 

Samson and the Mighty Challenge-1964 

Samson in King Solomon's Mines-1964 

Seven from Thebes-1964 



Greystoke the Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984)                 

Tarzan & Jane (2002)                                                     

Tarzan (1999)                                                             

Tarzan and His Mate (1934)                                                 

Tarzan and the Amazons (1945)                                             

Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1927)                                     

Tarzan and the Great River (1967)                                         

Tarzan and the Huntress (1947)                                             

Tarzan and the Jungle Boy (1968)                                           

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946)                                       

Tarzan and the Lost City (1998)                                            

Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957)                                         

Tarzan and the Mermaids (1948)                                             

Tarzan and the She-Devil (1953)                                           

Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950)                                           

Tarzan and the Trappers (1958)                                             

Tarzan and the Valley Of Gold (1966)                                     

Tarzan Escapes (1936)                                                      

Tarzan Finds A Son! (1939)                                               

Tarzan Goes To India (1962)                                               

Tarzan II (2005)                                                          

Tarzan in Manhattan (1998)                                               

Tarzan of the Apes (1918)                                                 

Tarzan of the Apes (1999)                                                 

Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)                                                 

Tarzan the Ape Man (1981)                                                 

Tarzan the Fearless (1933)                                               

Tarzan the Magnificent (1960)                                              

Tarzan Triumphs (1943)                                                   

Tarzan, the Ape Man (1959)                                               

Tarzan's Desert Mystery (1943)                                             

Tarzan's Fight for Life (1958)                                             

Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959)                                         

Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (1955)                                             

Tarzan's Magic Fountain (1949)                                             

Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942)                                         

Tarzan's Peril (1951)                                                     

Tarzan's Revenge (1938)                                                    

Tarzan's Savage Fury (1952)                                               

Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941)                                           

Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963)                                           

The Adventures of Tarzan (1921)                                           

The New Adventures of Tarzan (1935)                                       

The Son of Tarzan (1920)




A Guide for the Married Man (1967)                                           

A Matter of WHO (1961) 

Arabella 1967                                                               

Bachelor Flat                                                         

Blue Murder at St. Trinians                                                

Brothers in Law (1957) 

Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River 1968 

Happy is the Bride (1958)                                                   

How Sweet It Is! (1968) 

How to Murder Your Wife.1965 

I'm All Right Jack (1959)                                                   

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)                                       

Kill or Cure                                                           

Lucky Jim (1957) 

Make Mine Mink (1960) 

Man in a Cocked Hat (1959)                                                 

Munster, Go Home                                                           

Private's Progress (1956)

Rocket to the Moon (1967)                                                   

School for Scoundrels (1960) 

Side By Side  

Spanish fly (1960)

Strange Bedfellows (1965)                                                   

The Green Man (1956) 

The Mouse on the Moon 

The Naked Truth (1957) 

The Wild Affair (1963)


Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965) 

Tom Thumb (1958) 

Too Many Crooks (1959)                                                   

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968) 

Wonderful world of the brothers Grimm                                        

You Must Be Joking! 




Vol 1. Flaming Bullets, Arizone Days, Soup of the Gringo, 

           Arizone Trail
Vol 2. Trouble In Texas, Rollin’ Plains, Sing Cowboy Sing, 
          Mystery Of The Hooded Horseman
Vol 3. Gangsters of the Frontiers, Tex Rides with the Boy

           Scouts, Hittin’ the Trail, Marshall of Gunsmoke
Vol 4. Three in the Saddle, Pals Of The silver Sage, 

           The Pioneers,
           Rhythm of the Rio Grande
Vol 5. Riding the Cherokee Trail, Riders of the Frontiers, 

           Roll Wagon Roll,
           Oklahoma Raiders
Vol 6. Starlight over Texas, Lonestar Vigilantes, 

           Roaring Frontiers, Bullets for Bandits
Vol 7. The Utah Trail, Marked For Murder, 

           Down the Wyoming Trail, Westbound Stage




Danger on the Air

Last Warning

Mystery of the White Room 

The Black Doll

The Lady in the Morgue

The Witness Vanishes 

Westland Case 




Just Before Dawn 

Shadows in the Night

The Crime Doctor 

The Crime Doctor’s Courage 

The Crime Doctor’s Diary

The Crime Doctor’s Gamble 

The Crime Doctor’s Man Hunt

The Crime Doctor’s Strangest Case 

The Crime Doctor’s Warning 

The Millerson Case 



Ernest Goes to Africa