Hi there this is the place to find all those great UK single dramas from the past and present, Play For Today, Armchair Theatre, Screen One etc. The listings here show you single dramas that are available out there, many rare, and many you probably thought you would never see again. BUT YOU CAN! So if you have any questions with regard any of shows in this section get in touch with The Doc at oldtimetvuk@aol.com

WED = The Wednesday Play

AT = Armchair Theatre

PFT = Play For Today 



A BEAR NAMED WINNIE (2004)  (Starring David Suchet & Stephen Fry)

A BIT OF A LIFT (1973) Ronald Fraser & Donald Churchill (AT)

A BREED OF HEROES (1994) (Starring Samuel West & Robert Bathurst)

A BUNCH OF AMATEURS (2008) (Starring Imelda Staunton & Samantha Bond)

A CAPTAIN'S TALE   (1982) (Starring Dennis Waterman)

A CASUALTY OF WAR (1989) (Starring David Threlfall & Amanda Burton)

A CATCHING COMPLAINT (1966) (Derek Godfrey & Diana Fairfax)

A CHOICE OF EVILS (1977) David Burke & Tom Bell (PFT)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1977) (Starring Michael Hordern & John Le Mesurier)

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1999) (Patrick Stewart & Richard E Grant)

A CHRISTMAS MEMORY (1965) (Starring Geraldine Page) For UK TV

A CHRISTMAS STAR (2015) (Robert James Collier & Bronagh Waugh)

A CIVIL ARRANGEMENT (2012) (Starring Alison Steadman & Sarah Baxendale)

A CLASS APART (2007) (Jessie Wallace & Nathaniel Parker)

A COMING OF TERMS FOR BILLY (1984) (James Ellis & Keneth Brannagh)

A COTSWOLD DEATH (1982) Ian Richardson & Timothy Spall (PFT)

A DANGEROUS LIFE (1988) (Starring Gary Busey & Rebecca Gilling)


A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG (2002) (Starring Eddie Izzard)

A DAY OUT (1972) (Written By Alan Bennett Starring Brian Glover)

A DOLLS HOUSE (1973) (Anthony Hopkins & Claire Bloom)

A DOLLS HOUSE (1973) Anthony Hopkins & Claire Bloom

A DOLLS HOUSE (1991) (Starring Juliet Stevenson & Trevor Eve)

A FEAST AT MIDNIGHT (1994) (Starring Robert Hardy & Christopher Lee)

A FEW SHORT JOURNEY’S OF THE HEART (1984) David Troughton & Susan Fleetwood

A FOLLOWER FOR EMILY (1974) (Herbert Ramskill & Betty Woolfe)

A FOREIGN FIELD (1993) (Starring Alec Guinness Leo McKern)

A GERT LUSH CHRISTMAS (2015) (Russell Howard & Hannah Britland)

A GIFT FROM NESSUS (1980) Ken Hutchison & Alison Key (PFT)

A GIFT OF TONGUES   (1982) (Starring Annette Crosbie)

A GOOD THIEF (2002) Kay Mellor & Liz Smith

A HANDFUL OF DUST (1988) (Starring Judi Dench &Kristen scott Thomas)

A HAZARD OF HEARTS (1987) Diana Rigg & Edward Fox)

A HOLE IN BABYLON (1979) (Starring T-Bone Wilson & Trevor Thomas)

A IS FOR ACID (2002) (Starring Martin Clunes & Keeley Hawes)

A LANDING ON THE SUN (1994) (Robert Glenister & Susan Fleetwood)

A LAST VISITOR FOR MR HUGH PETER (1981) Peter Vaughan & Charles Kay

A LINE IN THE SAND (2004) (Starring Ross Kemp & Saskia reeves)

A LITTLE OUTING (1977) (Starring Philip Jackson & John Comer)

A LITTLE PIECE OF SUNSHINE (1990) (Starring Lauren Bacall)

A LITTLE TEMPTATION (1965) Denholm Elliott & Caroline Mortimer (WED)

A LONELY PLACE TO DIE (2011) (Mellisa George & Ed Speleers)

A LONG DAY CLOSES (1992) (Marjorie Yates & Leigh McCormack)

A LONG WAY DOWN (2013) (Starring Pierce Brosnan & Tom Collette)

A MAN FROM THE SUN (1956) (Starring Errol john)

A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (1994) (Albert Finney & Michael Gambon)

A MAN OUT THERE (1961) (Patrick McGoohan & Katherine Blake)

A MASCULINE ENDING (1992) Janet McTeer & Imelda Staunton)

A MATTER OF CHOICE FOR BILLY (1983) (Starring Kenneth Brannagh)

A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY (1987) (Colin Firth & Jim Carter)

A MURDER OF QUALITY (1991) (Denholm Elliott & Glenda Jackson)

A NIGHT OUT (1960 Armchair Theatre) (Starring Tom Bell)

A NIGHT OUT (1967) Tony Selby & Anna Wing

A NUMBER   (2008) (Starring Tom Wilkinson)

A PASSAGE TO ENGLAND (1975) (Colin Welland & Emily Bolton) PFT

A PATTERN OF ROSES (1983) (Starring Suzanna Hamilton)

A PHOTOGRAPH (1977) Stephanie Turner & John Stride (PFT)

A PRIVATE FUNCTION (1984) (Michael Palin & Maggie Smith)

A PRIVATE LIFE (1988) (Bill Flynn & Jana Cilliers)

A QUESTION OF ATTRIBUTION (1991) (Starring James Fox & David Calder)

A RATHER ENGLISH MARRIAGE (1998) (Albert Finney & Tom Courtenay)

A REAL SUMMER (2007)  (Starring Ruth Wilson)

A RELATIVE STRANGER (1996) (Jason Issacs & Siobhan Redmond)

A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1985) (Starring Denholm Elliott & Maggie Smith)

A ROOM WITH A VIEW (2007) Elaine Cassidy & Rafe Spall

A ROYAL SCANDAL (1996) (Starring Ricahrd E Grant & Michael Kitchen)

A RUNNING JUMP (2012)  (Starring Eddie Marsen & Sam Kelly)  (Short)

A SCANDALOUS LIFE (2002) Maureen Lipman & Harriet Walter (Doc Drama)

A SENSE OF FREEDOM (1979) (Starring David Hayman & Alex Norton)

A SENSE OF HISTORY (1992)  (Starring Jim Broadbent)  (Short)

A SEVERED HEAD (1970) (Starring Richard Attenborough & Ian Holm)

A SHORT STAY IN SWITZERLAND   (2009) (Starring Julie Walters)

A SLIGHT ACHE (1967) Maurice Denham & Hazel Hughes

A SONG AT TWILIGHT (1981) Deborah Kerr & Paul Scofield

A SONG FOR JENNY (2015) (Starring Emily Watson & Steven Mackintosh)

A STORY TO FRIGHTEN THE CHILDREN (1976) (Geoffrey Palmer & Jon Laurimore) PFT

A SUMMER STORY (1988) (Starring Imogen Stubbs & James Wilby)

A TAP ON THE SHOULDER (1965) Lee Montagne & Tony Selby (WED)

A TASTE OF HONEY (1961) Dora Bryan & Rita Tushingham)

A TOUCH OF LOVE (1969) (Starring Ian McKellen & Sandy Dennis)

A TOUCH OF THE TINY HACKETT’S (1978) Ray Brooks & Judy Cornwell (PFT)

A TUNE ON AN OLD TAX FIDDLE (1961) (Norman Rossington)

A VERY BRITISH SEX SCANDAL (2007) (Nicholas Prevost & Harriet Eastcott)

A VERY FINE LINE (1968) Leslie Phillips & Michael Craig (AT)

A VERY OPEN PRISON (1994) (Starring Andrew Castell & Julian Fellowes)

A VERY POLISH PRACTICE (1992) (Peter Davison & Alfred Molina)

A VERY SOCIAL SECRETARY   (2005) (Starring Bernard Hill)

A VILLAGE AFFAIR (1995) (Sophie Ward & Keira Knightley)

A VISIT FROM MISS PROTHERO (1977) (Hugh Lloyd & Patricia Routledge)

A VOYAGE ROUND MY FATHER (1984) (Starring Laurence Olivier & Alan Bates)

A WALK IN THE FOREST (1980) John Alderton & Lynn Farleigh (PFT)

A WARNING TO THE CURIOUS (1972) (Starring Peter Vaughan)


A WAY OF LIFE (2004) (Brenda Blethyn & Stephanie James)

A WIDOWING OF MRS HOLROYD (1995) (Zoe Wanamaker & Colin Firth)

A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE (1982) (Starring Patrcia Routledge)

A WREATH OF ROSES (1987) (Starring Trevor Eve & Joanna McCallum)

A ZED AND TWO NOUGHTS (1985) (Starring Brian Deacon & Eric Deacon)

ABOUT FACE - BAG LADY (1989) (Starring Maureen Lipman)

ABOVE US THE EARTH (1977) (Windsor Rees & Gwenllian Francis)

ABSENCE OF WAR (1995 (Starring John Thaw)

ABSENT FRIENDS (1985) Maureen Lipman & Hywel Bennett

ABSOLUTE HELL (1991) (Starring Judi Dench & Bill Nighey)

ABSURD PERSON SINGULAR (1985) (Starring Maureen Lipman)

ACCESS TO THE CHILDREN (1973) Joss Ackland & Mary Peach (PFT)

ACCIDENTAL FARMER (2010) (Starring Ashley Jensen & Michael Hodgson)

ACCORDING TO THE RULES (1974) (Liam Redmond & Oliver Maguire)

ACCOUNTANT (THE)  (1989) (Alfred Molina & Tracie Hart)

ACHILLES HEEL (1973) Martin Shaw & Norman Jones

ACROSS THE LAKE   (1988) (Starring Anthony Hopkins)

ACT OF GOD (2009) David Suchet & Adrian Dunbar

ADAM (1973) (Starring Georgina Hale & Mark Jones)

ADAM BEDE  (1992) (Starring Ian Glen & Patsy Kensit)

ADOLF HITLER MY PART IN HIS DOWNFALL (1973) (Jim Dale & Arthur Lowe)

ADULTHOOD (2008) (Starring Adam Deacon & Ollie Barbieri)

ADVOCATE (1993) (Ian Holm & Colin Firth)

AE FOND KISS (2004) (Starring Eva Birthistle & Atta Yaqub)

AERODROME (THE) (1983) (Jill Bennett & Richard Briers) (Greek Subs)


AFRAID OF THE DARK (1991) (James Fox & Paul McGann)

AFTER MISS JULIE (1995) (Starring Geraldine Somerville & Phil Daniels)

AFTER PILKINGTON  (1987) (Starring Bob Peck & Miranda Richardson)

AFTER THE DANCE (1992) (Starring Anton Rodgers & Gemma Jones)

AFTER THE FUNERAL (1960) (Starring Charles Carson)

AFTER THE SHOW (1959) (Carmel McSharry & Ann Lyn)

AFTERNOON OF THE NYMPH  (1962) (Starring Ian Hendry)

AFTERNOON OFF (1979) (Henry Mann & Philip Jackson)

AFTERS (1990) (Starring Jimmy Jewel & Constance Chapman) (Short)

AFTERSUN (2006) Peter Capaldi & Sarah Parish

AGAINST THE LAW (2017) (Starring Daniel Mays & Richard Gadd)

AGATHA AND THE CURSE OF ISHTAR (2019) (Lyndsey Marshall & Jonah Hauer King)

AGATHA AND THE MIDNIGHT MURDERS (2020) (Helen Baxendale & BlakeHarrison)

AGATHA AND THE TRUTH OF MURDER (2018) (Ruth Bradley & Pippa Haywood)

AGE OF INNOCENCE (1977) (David Warner & Honor Blackman)

AGNES BROWNE (1999) (Starring Anjelica Huston & Ray Winstone)

AHEAD OF THE CLASS   (2005) (Starring Julie Walters)

AIMEE (1991)  (Starring Juliet Stevenson & Amelia Sumpter)

AIRZONE SOLUTION (THE)   (1993) (Starring Jon Pertwee)

AKENFIELD (1974) Garrow Shand & Peggy Cole

ALBERTS MEMORIAL (2010)  (Starring David Jason & David Warner)

ALBION (2020) (Nigel Betts & Edyta Budnik)

ALFIE (1965) (Michael Caine & Millicent Martin)

ALFRED THE GREAT (1969) (Starring Michael York & David Hemmings)

ALIBI (2003) (Starring Michael Kitchen & Sophie Okonedo)

ALICE  (1965) (Starring  George Baker & Deborah Watling)                                                         

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1999) (Pete Postlethwaite & Miranda Richardson)

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Play For Today 1966) (Starring Alan Bennett)

ALIENS (1982) Anthony Higgins & Alec Heggie (PFT)

ALIVE AND KICKING (1991)  (Starring Lenny Henry & Robbie Coltrane)

ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL (1975) (Simon Ward & Anthony Hopkins)

ALL DAY ON THE SANDS (1979) (Alun Armstrong & Marjorie Yates)

ALL GOOD MEN (1974) (Starring Bill Fraser & Ronald Pickup)

ALL IN THE GAME (2006) (Starring Ray Winstone)

ALL IS TRUE (2018) (Kenneth Brannagh & Judi Dench)

ALL MY SONS (1987) (Joan Allen & Michael Learned)

ALL OR NOTHING (2002) Timothy Spall & Lesley Manville

ALL THE KINGS MEN (1999) (starring David Jason & Maggie Smith)

ALL THE LITTLE ANIMALS (1990) (Starring John Hurt & Christian Bale)

ALL THE RIGHT NOISES (1971) (Starring Tom Bell & Judy Carne)

ALMA’S NOT NORMAL (2020) (Sophie Willan & Shameem Ahmad)

ALWAYS ON SUNDAY (1965)  (Starring James Lloyd & Bryan Pringle)

AMERICAN FRIENDS (1991) (Michael Palin & Alfred Molina)

AMONGST BARBARIANS (1990) David Jason & Rowena Cooper

AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME (2013) (David Bradley & Brian Cox)

AN ARTISTS STORY (1974)  (Starring Patrick Stewart)

AN EDUCATION (2009) (Starring Carey Mulligan & Alfred Molina)

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE (1980) Robert Urquhart & Michael Sheard

AN ENGLISHMAN ABROAD (1983) (Starring Alan Bates & Coral Browne)

AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK (2009)  (Starring John Hurt)

AN EVENING WITH GARY LINEKER (1994) (Starring Paul Merton & Martin Clunes)

AN IDEAL HUSBAND (1969) (Jeremy Brett & Susan Hampshire)

AN IDEAL HUSBAND (1999) (Starring Peter Vaughn & Rupert Everett)

AN INSPECTOR CALLS   (1982) (Starring Bernard Hepton)

AN INSPECTOR CALLS (2015) (Starring Ken Stott & David Thewlis)

AN OFFER IN MIND (1988) (Starring Stephen Dillane)

AN UNGENTLEMANLY ACT (1992) (Starring Bob Peck)

AN UNSITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN (1982) (Pippa Guard & Billie Whitelaw)

ANCHOR ME (2000) (Starring Annette Crosbie & Frank Windsor) (Subs)

AND A NIGHTINGALE SANG (1989) Phyllis Logan & Joan Plowright

AND DID THOSE FEET (1965) David Markham & Willoughby Goddard (WED)

AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS (1973) Herbert Lom & Stephanie Beacham

AND SOON THE DARKNESS (1970) (Michelle Dotrice & Pamela Franklin)

ANDROCLES AND THE LION (1967) (Starring Norman Wisdom & Noel Coward)

ANDROCLES AND THE LION (1984) (Starring Billy Connolly)

ANGEL CAKE   (2006) (Starring Sarah Lancashire)

ANGEL FOR MAY    (Starring Anna Massey & Tony Wilkinson)

ANGEL OF DEATH BEVERLEY ALLIT STORY (2005) (Starring Charlie Brooks)

ANGEL VOICES (1989) (Starring Gary Baxter)

ANGELS (1992) (Starring Alfred Molina & Tom Bell)

ANGELS (Sci Fi Drama 1992) (Starring Tom Bell & Warren Clarke)

ANGELS ARE SO FEW (1970) (Starring Tom Bell & Erik Chitty)

ANGRY EARTH (1989) (Sue Roderick & Jack Shepherd)

ANITA AND ME (2002) (Sanjeer Bhaskar & Max Beesley)

ANNA KARENINA (1961) (Starring Claire Bloom & Sean Connery)

ANNOUNCEMENT   (THE)  (2001) (Starring David Baddiel)

ANORAK OF FIRE (1998) William Ash & Kenny Doughty

ANOTHER COUNTRY (1984) (Rupert Everett & Colin Firth)

ANOTHER FLIPSIDE OF DOMINIC HIDE (1982) (Starring Peter Firth)

ANOTHER SUNDAY AND SWEET FA (1972) (Starring David Swift)

ANOTHER YEAR (2010) Jim Broadbent & Lesley Manville

ANTONIA AND JANE (1990)  (Starring Imelda Staunton & Saskia Reeves)

ANYBODY’S NIGHTMARE (2001)  (Starring Patricia Routledge)

ANYONE FOR DENIS   (1982) (Starring John Wells & Angela Thorpe)

APPLE CART (THE)  (1977) (Starring Helen Mirren)

APRIL FOOLS DAY   (1997) (Starring Hale & Pace)

ARCH OF TRIUMPH  (1984)    (Starring Anthony Hopkins & Lesley Ann Down)                   

ARCHANGEL (2005)   (Starring Daniel Craig)

ARMS AND THE MAN (1989) (Dinsdale Landen & Helena Bonham Carter)

ARRIVERDERCI MILLWALL (1990) (Starring Kevin O'Donohue)

ARTHUR ARTHUR (1969) Donald Pleasance & Shelley Winters

ARTHUR’S DYKE (2001) (Warren Clarke & Dennis Waterman)

ARTHUR’S HALLOWED GROUND (1984) (Starring Jimmy Jewel)

ASH TREE (1975) (Starring Edward Petherbridge)

ASHES TO ASHES (1965) Tony Robins & Scott Forbes (WED)

ASSAULT (1971) (Suzy Kendall & Frank Finlay)

ATLANTIS (1982) Bruce Purchase & Don Henderson (PFT)




B & B (1992) (Kevin Whateley & Katy Murphy)

BAAL (1982) (Starring David Bowie & Zoe Wanamaker)

BABS – BARBARA WINDSOR (2017) (Samantha Spiro & Zoe Wanamaker)

BABY BLUES (1973) Zena Walker & Norman Rodway (PFT)

BABY WAR (THE) (2005)  (Starring Gina McKee & Steven Waddington)

BABYLON (1980) Brinsley Forde & Karl Howman

BACK HOME   (2001) (Starring Sarah Lancashire)

BACK OF BEYOND (1974) Rachel Roberts & Edward Hardwicke (PFT)

BACKBEAT (1994) (Ian Hart & Stephen Dorff)

BAD BEHAVIOUR (1992) (Stephen Rea & Sinead Cusack)

BAD COMPANY (1993) (Susan Wooldridge & Ken Stott)

BAD GIRL (1992) (Starring Jane Horrocks & Lesley Manville)

BAD MOTHER’S HANDBOOK (2007) (Starring Catherine Tate & Anne Reid)

BAIT (2002) (Starring John Hurt & sheila Hancock)

BALL TRAP ON THE COTE SAUVAGE (1989) (Starring Jack Shepherd)

BALLET SHOES (2007) (Emilia Fox & Victoria Wood)

BALLROOM OF ROMANCE (1991) (Starring Brenda Fricker & John Kavanagh)

BAMBINO MIO (1994) (Starring Julie Walters & John McArdle)

BAR MITZVAH BOY (1976) (Bernard Spear & Adrienne Posta)

BARE NECESSITIES (THE)  (1996) (Starring Joe Duttine & Eamon Boland)

BARTLEBY (1970) (Paul Scofield & John McEnery)

BASEMENT (THE)   (Starring Harold Pinter)

BAVARIAN NIGHT (1981) (Bob Peck & Sarah Badel) PFT

BEAST WITH TWO BACKS (THE) (1968) (Starring Patrick Barr & Denis Carey)

BEATEN (2005) (Robson Green & Saira Todd)


BEATS (2019) (Christian Ortega & Laura Fraser)

BEAU BRUMMELL THIS CHARMING MN (2006) (James Purefoy & Hugh Bonneville)

BEAUTIFUL THING (1996) (Starring Meera Syal & Martin Walsh)

BEAUTY   (2005) (Starring Martin Clunes)

BECKET’S ENDGAME (1989) (Starring Norman Beaton & Stephen Rea)

BECOMING JANE (2007) (Anne Hathaway & Julie Walters)

BED (1995) (Starring Richard E Grant & Lionel Jeffries)

BEECHAM (1990) (Starring Timothy West & Terry Wale)

BEGGARS BRIDE (THE) (1997) (Starring Keeley Hawes)

BEING EILEEN LAPLAND (2011) Sue Johnston & Julie Graham

BEING HUMAN   (2008) (Starring Guy Flanagan)

BEING NORMAL (1983) Anne Carteret & David Suchet

BELLMAN AND TRUE (1987) (Bernard Hill & Derek Newark)

BELLS OF ASTERCOTE (1980) (Starring SiobhanBrooks & John Bramwell)

BELONGING   (2004) (Brenda Blethyn & Kevin Whateley)

BELONGING TO LAURA (2009) (Starring Tatiana Uliankina & Aisling Bea)

BELOVED ENEMY (1981) (Graham Crowden & Tony Doyle) PFT

BERNARD THE GENIE (1991)  (Starring Lenny Henry)

BERRY’S WAY (2006) (Starring Lenny Henry)

BERT AND DICKIE (2012) (Starring Matt Smith & Sam Hoare)

BEST HIS MOTHERS SON ( 2009)  (Starring Tom Payne)

BEST OF MEN (THE)  (2012) (Starring George MacKay & Niamh Cusack)

BEST PAIR OF LEGS IN THE BUSINESS (1968) (Starring Reg Varney)


BET YOUR LIFE (1976) Reginald Stewart & Jean Leppard (PFT)

BETRAYAL (1983) (Starring Jeremy Irons & Patricia Hodge)

BEYOND FEAR (1997) Sylvester McCoy & Gina McKee

BEYOND THE PALE (1980) Michael Maynard & Natasha Morgan (PFT)

BEYOND THE POLE (2004) (Steven Mangan & Rhys Thomas)

BHAJI ON THE BEACH (1993) (Kim Vithana & Jimmi Harkishin)

BIG DIPPERS (2005)  (Starring James Nesbitt)

BIG FLAME (THE) (1969) (Starring Norman Rossington & Godfrey Quigley)                                                                     

BIGGLES ADVENTURES IN TIME (1986) (Marcus Gilbert & Francesca Gonshaw) 

BIKE SQUAD   (2008) (Starring Maxine Peake)

BILL (2014) (Matthew Baynton & Simon Farnaby)

BILLIONAIRRE BOY (2016) (Starring John Thomson & Tupele Dorgu)

BILLY ELLIOT (2000) Jamie Bell & Julie Walters

BILLY THE KID & THE GREEN BAIZE VAMPIRE (1987) Phil Daniels & Alun Armstrong

BINGO SCENES OF MONEY AND DEATH (1990) David Suchet & Kenneth Haigh

BIRTH OF A NATION (1983) Jim Broadbent & Robert Stephens

BIRTHDAY (2015) (Starring Steve Mangan & Anna Maxwell Martin)

BIRTHDAY GIRL (2002) (Starring Sarah Lancashire & Emma Fielding)

BLACK AND BLUE (1992) (Starring Martin Shaw & Rowena King)

BLACK AND BLUE LAMP (1988)  (Starring Kenneth Cranham)

BLACK EASTER   (1994) (Starring Trevor Eve)

BLACK ROSES THE KILLING OF SOPHIE LANCASTER 2015 (Julie Hesmondhalgh & Rachel Austin)

BLADE ON THE FEATHER (1980) (Donald Pleasance & Tom Conti)

BLEAK MOMENTS (1971) (Starring Anne Raitt & Sarah Stephenson)

BLIND DATE (THE) (2000) (Starring Zara Turner & Hazel Ellerby)

BLINK TWICE AND YOU’VE MISSED IT (1970) (Richard Wilson & John Horsley) 

BLISS (1995) Douglas Hodge & Saira Todd

BLITHE SPIRIT (1964) (Starring Hattie Jacques & Griffith Jones)

BLOOD (2012) (Starring Brian Cox & Mark Strong)

BLOOD HUNT (1985) (Andrew Keir & Iain Glen)

BLOOD ON THE DOLE (1994) (Stephen Walters & Suzanne Maddock)

BLOOD STRANGERS (2002) (Starring Caroline Quentin & Paul McGann)

BLOODY KIDS (1979) (Gary Holton & Derrick O’Connor)

BLOODY SUNDAY (2002)  (Starring James Nesbitt & Tim Pigott Smith)

BLOOM (2003) Angeline Ball & Stephen Rea

BLOOMING YOUTH   (1973) (Starring Philip Jackson)

BLORE M.P.  (1989) (Starring Timothy west & Maggie O’Neill)

BLOW DRY (2006) (Warren Clarke & Alan Rickman)

BLUE BOY   (1994) (Starring Emma Thompson)

BLUE MONEY (1985) (Starring Tim Curry & Billy Connolly)

BLUE ORANGE (2005) (Starring Brian Cox)

BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS (1979) (Michael Elphick & Helen Mirren) PFT

BLUNT THE FOURTH MAN (1987) Ian Richardson & Anthony Hopkins

BOARDING SCHOOL BOMBER (2011) (Starring Adam Deacon & Kate Hardie)

BOAT THAT ROCKED (THE) (2009) (Starring Bill Nighy & Kenneth Brannagh)

BODY CONTACT (1987) (Starring Harry Fowler)

BOFORS GUN (1968) (David Warner & Ian Holm)

BOILING POINT (2019) Stephen Graham & Jonas Armstrong (Short)

BOMBER HARRIS  (1989)  (Starring John Thaw & Robert Hardy)

BON VOYAGE (1985) (Starring Nigel Havers & Judy Parfitt)

BONEYARD (THE)  (1966) (Starring Nigel Davenport & John Barron)

BORDER (1987) (Hugh Dickson & Shaun Scott)

BORDERLANDS (2013) (Starring Gordon Kennedy & Aidan McArdle)

BORN EQUAL (2006)  (Starring Robert Carlyle)

BORN KICKING (1992) (Starring John Abineri & Betty Aird)

BORN WITH TWO MOTHERS   (2005) (Starring Lesley Sharp)

BORROWED TIME (2012) (Phil Davis & Juliet Oldfield)

BORSTAL (2018) Matthew Waters & Patrick Kilpatrick

BOSTOCK’S CUP (1999) (Starring Nick Hancock & Neil Pearson)

BOSWELL & JOHNSON (2003) (Starring Robbie Coltrane & John Sessions)

BOUDICA   (2003) (Starring Alex Kingston)

BOY A (2007) (Andrew Garfileld & Peter Mullen)

BOY IN THE DRESS (2014)  (Starring Billy Kennedy & Jennifer Saunders)

BRADFORD RIOTS  (2006)  (Starring Sadia Dhawan)

BRAND   (1959) (Starring Patrick McGoohan)

BRASSNECK   (1975) (Starring Jeremy Kemp)

BRAZEN HUSSIES (1996) (Starring Robert Lindsay & Julie Walters)

BREAKING GLASS (1980) Hazel O’Connor & Phil Daniels

BREAKING THE CODE     (1996) (Starring Derek Jacobi)

BREAKING THE MOULD   (2009) (Starring Joe Armstrong)

BREAKOUT (1997) Neil Dudgeon & Samantha Bond

BREAKTHROUGH (THE)  (1975) (Starring Simon Ward)

BREATH (1975) Angela Pleasance & Liz Smith (PFT)

BREXIT THE UNCIVIL WAR (2019) (Benedict Cumberbatch & Sarah Belcher)

BRICK IS BEAUTIFUL (1986) (Starring Caroline Milmoe & Stephen Boyes)

BRIDES IN THE BATH   (2003) (Starring Martin Kemp)

BRIEF LIVES (1979) (Starring Roy Dotrice)

BRIGADISTA (1983) (Paul Rogers & Patricia Brake)

BRIGHT EYES   (1982 - Play For Tomorrow) (Starring Charles Baillie)

BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS (2003) (Jim Carter & John Mills)

BRIGHTON ROCK (2010)  (Starring Sam Riley & Andrea Riseborough)

BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE (1987)  (Starring Denholm Elliot)

BROKEN GLASS (1982)  (Starring June Brown)

BROKEN GLASS (1996) (Starring Mandy Patinkin & Elizabeth McGovern)

BRONSON (2008) Tom Hardy & Amanda Burton

BROTHER TO THE OX (1981) (Graham Hill & Diana Davies)

BROWN SKIN GAL STAY HOME AND MIND BAY BEE (1971) Billie Whitelaw & Anna Cropper (AT)

BUFFET (1976) Tony Britton Amanda Barrie (PFT)

BULLION BOYS SCREEN ONE (1993) (Starring David Jason)

BUMPING THE ODDS (1997)  (Starring Shirley Henderson & Joe McFadden)

BUMPS (2020) (Amanda Redman & Philip Jackson)

BURIED TREASURE   (2001) (Starring John Thaw)

BURKE AND HARE (1972) Derren Nesbitt & Glyn Edwards

BURKE AND HARE (2010) (Starring Simon Pegg & Tim Curry)

BURN YOUR PHONE (1995) (Alan Cumming & Jason Isaacs ) (Short)

BURTON AND TAYLOR (2013) (Helena Bonham Carter & Dominic West)

BUSES (1980) Sebastian Abineri & Emily Moore (PFT)

BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS (1992) (Christopher Eccleston & Adie Allen) (Short)

BUTLEY (1974) (Starring Alan Bates & Georgina Hale)

BUTTERFLIES DON’T COUNT (1978) John Pennington & Frank Mills (PFT)

BUTTERFLY COLLECTORS   (1999) (Starring Pete Postlethwaite)

BUTTERFLY KISS (1995) (Amanda Plummer & Saskia Reeves)

BYE, BYE BABY (1992) Ben Chaplin & Colin Tierney

BYRON (2003)   (Johnny Lee Miller & Vanessa Redgrave)




C.Q. (Starring Michael Elphick)

CABARET (1993) ( Alan Cumming & Jane Horrocks)

CAESAR AND CLARETTA (1975)  (Starring Robert Hardy & Helen Mirren)

CALF LOVE (1966) Simon Ward & Warren Mitchell (WED)

CAME A HOT FRIDAY (1985) (Starring Philip Jackson & Peter Bland) (NZ)

CAMILLE (1984) (Starring Greta Scacchi & Colin Firth)

CAN YOU HEAR ME THINKING   (1990) (Starring Judi Dench)

CAN’T BUY ME LOVE (2004) (Starring Martin Kemp & Michelle Collins)

CANOE MAN (2010) Bernard Hill & Saskia Reeves

CANTERVILLE GHOST  (1996) (Starring Patrick Stewart & Donald Sinden)

CANTERVILLE GHOST (THE)  (1986) (Starring John Gielgud)

CAPTAIN JACK (1998) (Bob Hoskins & Anna Massey)

CAPTAIN WEBB (2015) (Warren Brown & Georgia Maguire)

CAPTIVES (1994) (Tim Roth & Keith Allen)

CAPTURING MARY (2007) (Starring Maggie Smith)

CARE (2000) (Starring Steven Mackintosh & Jaye Griffiths)

CARE (2018) (Sheridan Smith & Alison Steadman)

CAREER GIRLS (1997) Katrin Cartlidge & Lynda Steadman

CARETAKER (THE)     (1960’s)   (Starring Warren Mitchell)

CARLA   (2003) (Starring Helen McCrory & Lesley Sharp)

CARSON COUNTRY (1972) JG Devlin & Elizabeth Begley (PFT)

CASTING THE RUNES (1979) Iain Cuthbertson & Jan Francis

CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1976) (Natalie Wood & Laurence Olivier)

CATCHING THE BLACK WIDOW (2017) (Katherine McCrae) (NZ For UK TV)

CATCHPENNY TWIST (1977) Sam Dale & Gerard Murphy (PFT)

CATHOLICS (1973) (Starring Trevor Howard & Cyril Cusack)

CATHY COME HOME (1966) (Starring Carol White & Ray Brooks)

CATWALK DOGS (2007) (Starring Kris Marshall)

CAUGHT IN A TRAP   (2008) (Starring Jim Carter & Connie Fisher)

CAUGHT ON A TRAIN (1980) Peggy Ashcroft & Michael Kitchen

CAUSE CELEBRE   (1987) (Starring Helen Mirren)

CELEBRATION (2001) (Keith Allen & Susan Wooldridge)

CELEBRATION (2006) (James Bolam & Colin Firth)

CELLAR AND THE ALMOND TREE (THE) (1970) (Starring Peter Vaughn)

CENTURY  (1993) (Starring Miranda Richardson & Charles Dance)

CHAIN (THE) (1984) (Starring Maurice Denham & Bernard Hill)

CHALLENGER (THE)  (2013) (William Hurt)

CHAMPIONS (1983) (John Hurt & Jan Francis)

CHARADES (1977) Jennifer Hilary & Martin Jarvis (PFT)

CHARIOT OF FIRE (1970) Rosemary Leach & Jimmy Gardner (WED)

CHARLIE (2003) (Luke Goss & Steven Berkoff)

CHARLIE BUBBLES (1968) (Albert Finney & Colin Blakeley)

CHARLIE MUFFIN (1979) (Starring David Hemmings & Jennie Linden)

CHATROOM (2010) (Starring Aaron Johnson & Imogen Potts)

CHATTERLEY AFFAIR (THE) (2006) (StarringLouise Delamere & Rafe Spall)

CHEKHOV IN DERRY (1982) Stephen Rea & John Quinn (Docu drama)

CHEQUERS MANOEUVRE (THE) (30 Min Theatre) (Starring Ernest Clark)

CHERISHED (2005) (Starring Timothy Spall & Sarah Lancashire)

CHERRY ORCHARD   (1962) (Starring Judi Dench)

CHERRY ORCHARD (1981) (Starring Judi Dench)

CHERRY PICKER (1972) (Starring Lulu & Bob Sherman)


CHILD OF MINE (2005) (Joanne Whalley & Adrian Dunbar)

CHILDREN CROSSING (1990) (Starring Saskia Reeves & Peter Firth)

CHILDREN OF DYNMOUTH (THE) (1987) (Starring John Bird)

CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING (1975) Thorley Walters & Donald Hewlett (PFT)

CHOPRATOWN (2005) (Starring Sanjeev Bhaskar)

CHRISTABEL (1989) (Starring Elizabeth Hurley & Stephen Dillane)

CHRISTIE MALRY’S OWN DOUBLE ENTRY (2000) (Nick Morton & Kate Ashfield)

CHRISTINE (1986) (Starring Vicky Murdock & Kelly George)

CHRISTMAS AT THE RIVIERA   (2007) (All Star Cast)

CHRISTMAS SPIRITS (1970’s) (Starring Elaine Stritch)

CHRISTOPHER AND HIS KIND (2011) (Starring Matt Smith & Toby Jones)

CHURCHILL-100 DAYS THAT SAVED BRITAIN (2015) Robert Hardy & Phil Davis (Docu Drama)

CIDER WITH ROSIE (1971) (Starring Rosemary Leach)

CIDER WITH ROSIE (1998)  (Starring Juliet Stevenson)

CIDER WITH ROSIE (2015) (Starring Samantha Morton & Annette Crosbie)

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (1995) (Starring Chris O’Donnell & Minnie Driver)

CIRCLE OF TWO (1982) (Starring Richard Burton & Tatum O’Neal)

CIRCLES OF DECEIT (1989) (Edward Fox & Jane Laportaire

CIVVY STREET (1988) (Gary Olsen & Karen Meagher) 

CLAPHAM JUNCTION (2007) (Starring Samantha Bond & Rupert Graves)

CLAPHAM JUNCTION (2009)  (Starring David Leon & Paul Nichols)

CLASH OF THE SANTAS  (2008) (Starring Robson Green & Mark Benton)

CLAY (2008) (Starring Harry McEntire & Imelda Staunton)

CLAY, SMEDDUM AND GREENDEN TRILOGY (1976) Fulton MacKay & Bill Fraser (PFT)

CLICK AND COLLECT (2018) (Stephen Merchant & Asim Chaudrhy)

CLOSE MY EYES (1991) (Alan Rickman & Saskia Reeves)

CLOSE RELATIONS (1990) (James Hazeldine & Clare Holman)

CLOTHES IN THE WARDROBE (THE) (1994) (Joan Plowright & Julie Walters)

CLUB HAVANA (1975) Mona Hammond & Don Warrington (Short)

COALITION (2015) (Starring Bertie Carvel & Mark Dexter)

COAST TO COAST (1980) (Starring Lenny Henry & John Shea)

COCK-HEN AND COURTING PIT (1966) Nicola Pagett & Walter Hall (WED)

COLD COMFORT FARM (1995) (Eileen Atkins & Stephen Fry)

COLD ENOUGH FOR SNOW (1997) (Maureen Lipman & Tom Wilkinson)

COLD LIGHT OF DAY (1989) Bob Flag & Geoffrey Greenhill

COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA (1977) (Laurence Olivier & Joanne Woodward)

COME FLY WITH ME   (2007) (Afternoon Play)

COME INTO THE GARDEN MAUD (1982) (Starring Paul Scofield & Geraldine McEwan)

COME RAIN COME SHINE (2010) (David Jason & Alison Steadman)

COME THE REVOLUTION (1977) Richard O’Callaghan & Deborah Fallender (PFT)

COMEDIANS (1979) (Bill Fraser & Jonathan Pryce) PFT

COMFORT AND JOY (1984) (Starring Bill Patterson & Patrick Malahide)

COMFORTABLY NUMB (2004) (Starring Rebecca Palmer)

COMICS   (1993) (Starring Michelle Fairley)

COMING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN (2007) (Starring Julia Ford & Neil Dudgeon)

COMING OUT (1979) Anton Rodgers & Hywel Bennett (PFT) 

COMING THROUGH (1985) Helen Mirren & Kenneth Brannagh

COMMITMENTS (1982) Kevin McNally & George Irving (PFT)

COMMON (2014)  (Starring Michael Gambon & Michelle Fairley)

COMMON PURSUIT (THE)   (1992) (Starring Kevin McNally)

COMPANY (1997) Adrian Lester & Sheila Gish

COMPARTMENT (THE)  (The Wednesday Play) (1969)(Starring Marty Feldman)

COMPETITION (1971) (Starring John Thaw & Michael Jayston)

COMPLICIT (2012)  (David Oyejowo & Monica Dolan)

COMPULSION (2009)  (Starring Ray Winstone & Parminder Nagra)

COMRADES (1987) William Gaminari & Phil Davis

CONCEPTIONS OF MURDER   (1970) (Starring Yootha Joyce) (Short)

CONFESSIONS OF A DIARY SECRETARY (2007) Maxine Peake & John Henshaw)

CONFETTI (2006) (Martin Freeman & Jessica Stevenson)

CONQUEST OF THE SOUTH POLE (1989) (Starring Steven Rimkus)

CONSENT (2022) (Lashay Anderson &Tim Victor)

CONSENT (Docu-Drama)  (2007) (Starring Anna Madeley)

CONSENTING ADULTS (2007)    (Starring Charles Dance & Samantha Bond)

CONSPIRACY (2001) (Starring Richard Brannagh & Colin Firth)

CONSUMING PASSION   (2008) (Starring Emilia Fox)

CONSUMING PASSIONS (1988) (Starring Jonathan Pryce & Freddie Jones)

CONTACT (1985) Sean Chapman & Steve Sweeney

CONVENIENCE (2013) Ray Panthaki & Vicky McClure

COPENHAGEN (2002)  (Stephen Rea & Daniel Craig)

COPPERS (1987) (Starring Tim Roth & Reece Dinsdale)

COR BLIMEY (2000) (Geoffrey Hutchings & Samantha Spiro)

CORMORANT (THE)  (1993) (Starring  Ralph Fiennes &Helen Schlesinger)                                                     

COUNT DRACULA (1977) (Starring Frank Finlay & Judi Bowker)

COUNTESS ALICE (1993) (Starring Wendy Hiller)

COUNTRY (1981) (Starring Leo McKern & Wendy Hiller) (PFT)

COUNTRY PARTY (1977) (Starring Peter Barkworth & Judi Bowker)

COUP (2006)  (Robert Bathurst & John Fortune)

CREAM IN MY COFFEE  (1980) (Starring Peggy Ashcroft & Lionel Jeffries)

CREATION (2009) (Paul Bettany & Jennifer Connolly)

CREEP (2004) (Franke Polente & Vas Blackwood)

CRICKET   (1982 Play For Tomorrow) (Starring Paul Anthony Barber)

CRIES FROM A WATCHTOWER (1979) Paul Copley & Anita Carey (PFT)

CRIMES (1982 Play For Tomorrow) (Starring Julia Foster)

CRIMINAL (1994) (Starring Joanne Whalley & Paul Popplewell)

CROOKED HOUSE (2008) (Starring Lee Ingleby & Philip Jackson)

CROOKED HOUSE (2017) (Starring Terence Stamp & Julian Sands)

CROOKED MAN (THE)  (2003) (Starring Ross Kemp & Natasha Little)

CROSS NOW (1977) Keith Barron & Gabrielle Drake

CROSSFIRE (THE) (1967 Play Of The Week) (Starring Patrick Barr & Anne Blake)

CROSSING THE FLOOR (1996) (Tom Wilkinson & Neil Pearson)

CRUSH PROOF (1998) Darren Healy & Viviana Verveen

CULLODEN     (Docu Drama 1964) (George McBean)

CURIOUS CASE OF SANTA CLAUSE (THE) (1982) (Starring Jon Pertwee)

CURSE OF STEPTOE (THE) (2008) (Starring Jeremy Issacs & Phil Davis)

CURSE OF THE MUMMY (1970 Mystery & Imagination) (Starring Patrick Mower)

CUTS (1996) (Starring Donald Sinden & Timothy West)

CYBERBULLY (2015) (Starring Maisie Williams & Ella Purnell)

CYPRUS AVENUE (2019) (Stephen Rea & Amy Molloy)

CYRANO DE BERGERAC (1985) (Starring Derek Jacobi & Sinead Cusack)




DAD (2005) (Starring Kevin Whateley & Richard Briars)

DADDY’S GIRL (2002) Martin Kemp & Stephanie Leonidas

DAISIES IN DECEMBER (1995) (Joss Ackland & Jean Simmons)

DAMILOLA OUR LOVED BOY (2016) (Babou Ceesay & Wunmi Mosaku)

DANCE OF DEATH (1969) Laurence Olivier & Geraldine McEwan

DANCE WITH A STRANGER (RUTH ELLIS STORY) (1984) (Miranda Richardson)

DANCIN’ THRU THE DARK (1991) (Starring Claire Hackett & Con O’Neill)

DANGEROUS CORNER (1983) (Starring Anthony Valentine & Judi Bowker)

DANGERS OF TOBACCO & THE PROPOSAL (Phillip Jackson & Sheridan Smith)

DANNY AND THE HUMAN ZOO (2015) (Kascion Franklin & Lenny Henry)

DANNY BOY (2021) (Emmanuel Imani & Anthony Boyle)

DANNY JONES (1971) (Starring Frank Finlay & Len Jones)

DANTE’S INFERNO (1967)  (Starring Oliver Reed & Judith Paris)

DANTON’S DEATH (1978) (Starring Norman Rodway & Ian Richardson)

DAPHNE (2007)  (Janet McTeer & Elizabeth McGovern)

DAPHNE LAUREOLA (1978) (Starring Joan Plowright & Arthur Lowe)

DARE I WEEP DARE I MOURN  (1966)  (Starring Hugh Griffith & Jill Bennett)

DARK ENEMY (1984) David Haig & Douglas Storm)

DARK HEART (2017) (Starring Tom Riley & Anjli Mohindra)

DARK PLACES (1973) Robert Hardy & Joan Collins

DARKWATER HALL MYSTERY (1974) (Edward Fox & Christopher Cazenove)

DAVE ALLEN AT PEACE (2017) (Starring Aiden Gillen & Robert Bathurst)

DAY AFTER THE FAIR (THE) (1987) (Starring Hannah Gordon & Kenneth Haigh)

DAY BRITAIN STOPPED (2003) (Starring Tim Piggot Smith As The Narrator)

DEACON BRODIE (1997)  (Starring Billy Connolly)

DEAD CLEVER (2006) (Suranne Jones & Helen Baxendale)

DEAD LUCKY (1987) (Nicholas Farrell & William Gaminara)

DEAD MAN’S SHOES (2004) (Paddy Considine & Gary Stretch)

DEAD SILENCE (1966) Patrick Allan & Glynn Edwards (AT)

DEADLY ADVICE (1994) Imelda Staunton & Jane Horrocks

DEADLY VOYAGER (1995) (Joss Ackland & David Suchet)

DEAN SPANLEY (2008) (Starring Peter O’Toole & Judy Parfitt)

DEAR BRUTUS (1981) Frank Finlay & Sarah Badel (PFT)


DEATH BECOMES HIM (2007) (Starring David Roper)

DEATH HAS A BAD REPUTATION (1990) (Starring Tony Lo Bianco & Liz Hurley)

DEATH OF A PRESIDENT   (2006) (Starring Hend Ayoub)

DEATH OF A PRINCESS   (1980) (Starring Judy Parfitt)

DEATH OF A SALESMAN (1964) (Lee J Cobb & George Segal) (For UK TV)

DEATH OF A SALESMAN (1996) (Warren Mitchell & Rosemary Harris)

DEATH OF A SON (1988) (Lynn Redgrave & Malcolm Storry)

DEATH OF ADOLF HITLER (THE) (1973) (Frank Finlay & Caroline Mortimer)

DEATH OF SOCRATES ( (Starring Leo McKern)

DEATH ON THE TYNE (2018) (Johnny Vegas & Sian Gibson)

DEATH WATCHER (THE) (1980's Shadows of Fear Series) (Starring Judy Parfitt)

DEBT (THE) (2003) (Starring Warren Clarke)

DEBT COLLECTOR (1999) (Starring Billy Connolly)

DECADENCE (1993) (Starring Steven Berkoff & Joan Collins)

DECEMBER BRIDE (1990) Donal McGann & Saskia Reeves

DECEMBER FLOWER (1984)  (Jean Simmons & Bryan Forbes)

DEEP END (1970) Jane Asher & John Moulder Brown

DEFENCE OF THE REALM (1985) (Starring Gabriel Byrne & Denholm Elliott)

DEFROSTING THE FRIDGE (1988) (Phyllis Logan & Maggie O’Neill)

DEREK (2011) (Starring Ricky Gervais)

DESERT OF LIES (1982) Cherie Lunghi & Tom Bell (PFT) 

DESIGN FOR LIVING (1964) (Starring Daniel Massey & Jill Bennett)

DESIGN FOR LIVING (1979) (Rula Lenska & John Bluthal)

DESTINY (1980) (Iain Cuthbertson & Nigel Hawthorne) PFT

DETECTIVE WAITING (1971) Richard Beckinsale & Bryan Pringle) (AT)

DEVIL'S DISCIPLES (THE) (1987) (Starring Patrick Stewart)

DIAL M FOR MIDDLESBOROUGH (2019) (Johnny Vegas & Sian Gibson)

DIANE   (1975) (Starring Janine Duvitski)

DIARY OF A NOBODY (1964) (Starring Bryan Pringle)

DINNER AT NOON (1988) (Docu – Drama Narrated By Alan Bennett)

DINNER AT THE SPORTING CLUB (1978) (John Thaw & Billy McColl) PFT

DINNER PARTY (THE)   (2006) Starring Alun Armstrong & George Cole)

DIP    (2010)   (Starring David Avery & Theo Barklem Biggs)

DIRK GENTLY (2010) (Starring Stephen Mangan & Helen Baxendale)

DIRTY FILTHY LOVE (2004) (Michael Sheen & Anton Lesser)

DIRTY GOD (2019) (Vicky Knight & Katherine Kelly)

DIRTY PRETTY THINGS (2002) (Chiwetel Ejiofor & Sophie Okonedo)

DIRTY SOMETHING (1984) (Starring Bernard Hill)

DIRTY TRICKS     (2000) (Starring James Bolam & Martin Clunes)

DIRTY WAR (2004)  (Starring Joanne Adams & Zoe Conway)

DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED (2009) (Eddie Marsan & Gemma Arterton)

DISAPPEARED  (2004) (Starring Ray Winstone)

DISCONNECTED   (2007) (Starring Aml Ameen)

DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES (1988) Pete Postlethwaite & Freda Dourie

DIVORCE HIS DIVORCE HERS (1973) (Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton)

DO AS I SAY (1977) Angela Down & Kate Nelligan (PFT)

DO NOT DISTURB (1991) (Starring Francis Barber & Peter Capaldi)

DOCKERS (1999) (Ken Stott & Ricky Tomlinson)

DOCTOR FISCHER OF GENEVA  (1985) (Starring Alan Bates & James Mason)

DOG IT WAS THAT DIED (THE)  (1988)   (Alan Bates & Alan Howard)

DOG SOLDIERS (2001) (Sean Pertwee &Kevin McKidd)

DOGENDS (1984)  (Starring Liz Crowther & Leonard Rossiter)

DOGGIN AROUND (1994) (Starring Alun Armstrong)

DOING MONEY (2018) (Starring Anca Dumitra & Allen Leach)

DOM HEMINGWAY (2013) (Starring Jude Law & Richard E Grant)

DON’T BE SILLY (1979) (Susan Fleetwood & Stephanie Cole) PFT

DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY (1993) (Starring Janet McTeer & Imelda Staunton)

DONAL & SALLY (1978) Sylvestra Le Touzel & Gerard Kelly (PFT)

DONKEYS YEARS (1980’s) (Starring Colin Blakely & Penelope Keith)

DONOVAN QUICK (2000)  (Starring Colin Firth & David Brown)

DON'T UTTER A NOTE (Comedy Theatre) (1966) (Sybil Thorndyke & Sid James)

DOORS OPEN (2012) (Starring Rab Affleck & Stephen Fry)

DORIS AND DOREEN (1979) (Prunella Scales & Patricia Routledge)

DOUBLE DARE ((1976) (Written By Dennis Potter And Starring Alan Dobie)

DOUBLE EXPOSURE (1976) Anouska Hempel & David Baron

DOUBLE TIME (2006)  (Starring James Dreyfus)

DOWN AMONG THE BIG BOYS   (1993) (Starring Billy Connolly)

DOWN TERRACE (2009) (Starring Robin Hill & Julia Deakin)

DOWN WHERE THE BUFFALO GO (1988) (Harvey Keitel & Stella Gonet)

DOWNHILL (2014) (Starring Ned Dennehy & Jeremy Swift)

DR JEYKLL & MR HYDE (1980) (David Hemmings & Ian Bannen)

DRACULA (Mystery & Imnagination)  (1968) (Starring Denholm Elliott)

DREAD POETS SOCIETY (1992) (Starring Benjamin Zephaniah & Timothy Spall)

DREAMCHILD (1985)  (Starring Ian Holm & Coral Browne)

DREAMING ( 1991)  (Starring Ewan Bremner & Billy Connolly)

DREAMS OF LEAVING (1980) (Bill Nighy & Kate Nelligan) PFT

DRINKING PARTY (1965) (Starring Leo McKern & Alan Bennett)

DRIVING LESSONS (2006) (Julie Walters & Rupert Grint)

DROWNING BY NUMBERS (1988) (Starring Joan Plowright & Juliet Stevenson)

DRUMS ALONG BALMORAL DRIVE (1986) (Colin Blakely & Rowena Cooper)

DRUMS ALONG THE AVON (1967) Leonard Rossiter & Valerie Newman (WED)

DUCHESS OF MALFI (1972) (Starring Michael Bryant)

DUMB WAITER (THE)   (1985) (Starring Colin Blakely)

DUSTBIN BABY   (2008) (Starring Dakota Blue Richards)

DUTCH GIRLS (1985) (Starring Bill Patterson & Colin Firth)




84 CHARING CROSS (1987) (Starring Anthony Hopkins & Judi Dench)

84 CHARING CROSS ROAD (1975) (Starring Frank Finlay & Anne Jackson)

EARLY STRUGGLES (1976) Paul Nicholas & Tom Conti (PFT)

EAST IS EAST (1999) (Starring Ruth Jones & Chris Bisson)

EAST LYNNE (1982) (Starring Martin Shaw & Gemma Craven)

EAST OF ELEPHANT ROCK (1978) (starring John Hurt & Judi Bowker)

EAST OF IPSWICH (1986) (Starring John Nettleton & Pat Heywood)

EASTER 2016   (1982 Play For Tomorrow) (Starring Kenneth Brannagh)

EASY VIRTUE (2008) Colin Firth & Jessica Biel

EATEN BY LIONS (2018) (Johnny Vegas & Vicki Pepperdine)

EBONY TOWER (THE) (1984) (Starring Laurence Olivier & Greta Scacchi)

EDEN LAKE (2008) (Starring Kelly Reilly & Michael Fassbender)

EDNA THE INEBRIATED WOMAN (1971) (Starring Patricia Hayes)

EDWARD II (1991) (Starring Steve Waddington & Kevin Collins)

EDWARD THE CONFESSOR Armchair Theatre (1969) (Starring William Abney)   

EDWIN (1984) (Alec Guinness & Ren’ee Asherson)

EH! JOE (1966) (Starring Jack MacGowran & Sian Phillips)

EIGHT MINUTES IDLE (2019) (Tom Hughes & Pippa Haywood)

EINSTEIN AND EDDINGTON   (2008) (Starring David Tennant)

ELECTRA (1974) Eileen Atkins & Martin Shaw

ELECTRICITY (2014) (Agnus Reyn & Christian Cooke)

ELEMENT OF DOUBT (1996) Gina McKee &Nigel Havers

ELEPHANT (1989) (Starring Gary Walker & Bill Hamilton) (Short)

ELEPHANTS GRAVEYARD (THE) (1976) (Starring Billy Connolly)

ELEVEN MEN AGAINST ELEVEN   (1995) (Starring James Bolam)

ELIZA FRASER (1976) (Starring Sussanah York & Trevor Howard)

ELLA AND HER MOTHERS   (2002) (Starring Michelle Collins)

ELLINGTON (1994) (Starring Chris Ellison & Anna Chancellor)

EMERGENCY WARD 9 (1966) Terence De Marney & Tenniel Evans (Short)

EMMA’S TIME (1970) Michelle Dotrice & Ian Holm (WED)

EMPATHY (2007) (Starring Stephen Moyer)

EMPEROR JONES (1958) Kenneth Spencer & Harry H Corbett (AT)

ENCHANTED APRIL (1991)  (Miranda Richardson & Michael Kitchen)

END OF ARTHURS MARRIAGE (THE) (1965) (Starring Ken jones)

ENDGAME (1989) Norman Beaton & Stephen Rea

ENDGAME (2009) (Starring William Hurt)

ENDING UP (1989)  (John Mills & Wendy Hiller)

ENDLESS NIGHT (1972) (Starring Hywel Bennett & Hayley Mills)

ENGLAND EXPECTS (2004) (Starring Steven Mackintosh & Keith Barron)

ENGLAND MY ENGLAND (1995) (Simon Callow & Michael Ball)

ENGLISH HAREM (THE)  (2005) (Starring Martine McCutcheon)

ENID (2009)  (Starring Helena Bonham Carter)

ENTER ACHILLES (1996) (Gabriel Castillo & David Emanuel)

EQUUS (1977) (Starring Peter Firth & Richard Burton)

ERIC AND ERNIE (2011) (Starring Daniel Rigby & Bryan Dick)

ERIC, ERNIE & ME (2017) (Stephen Tompkinson, Mark Bonner, Neil Maskell)

ERUPTION (2010) (Starring ben Barrington & Andrew Beattie) (NZ)

ESCAPE FROM SOBIBOR (1987)  (Rutger Hauer & Jack Shepherd)

ESKIMO DAY (1996) (Starring Maureen Lipman)

ESKIMO NELL (1975) (Christopher Timothy & Roy Kinnear)

ETHEL AND ERNEST (2016) (Animated - Brenda Blethyn & Jim Broadbent)

EVACUEES (THE) (1975) (Starring Margery Withers)

EVELYN (1971) (Edward Woodward & Angela Scoular) PFT

EVEN SOLOMON (1979) Sylvia Kay Paul Healey (PFT)

EVERY WOMAN KNOWS A SECRET (1999) (Starring Siobhan Redmond)

EVERYDAY (2012)  (Starring (Shirley Henderson & John Simm)

EX (1991) Griff Rhys Jones & Geraldine James

EXAM CONDITION (1992) (Starring Brian Blessed)  (Short)

EXCLUDED (2010)  (Starring Bryan Dick & George Whitehead)

EXECUTION OF GARY GLITTER (2009) (Starring Adam James)


EYE OF THE NEEDLE (1981) (Donald Sutherland & Kate Nelligan)

EYEWITNESS - DANIELLE CABLE STORY (2003) (Starring Joanne Froggatt) 




FABLE (1965) (Narrated By Keith Barron)

FABULOUS BAGEL BOYS (2001) (Starring Michael French & Denis Lawson)

FACE (1997) Robert Carlisle & Phil Davis)

FACING THE SUN (1980) David Yelland & Gerard Murphy

FAIR GAME (1994) (Starring Lena Headley & Prunella Scales)

FAITH (2005) (Starring Maxine Peake & Christine Tremarco)

FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (1966) (Starring Denholm Elliott)

FALL OF THE KRAYS (2015) (Simon Cotton & Kevin Leslie)

FALLING APART (2002 (Starring Hermione Norris & Mark Strong)                                                                   

FAMILY LIFE (1971) Sandy Ratcliff & Bill Dean

FAST FREDDIE, THE WIDOW AND ME (2011) (Starring Tamzin Outhwaite)

FAST GIRLS (2012) (Lenora Crichlow & Phil Davis)

FAST HANDS (1976)  (Starring Bill Buffery & Stephen Bill)

FATHERLAND (1986) (Geralf Pannach & Fabienne Babe)

FATHERS DAY (2012) (Starring Charles Dance & Ray Winstone)

FATHERS OF GIRLS (2009) (Starring Ray Winstone & Cloe Howman)

FATTEST MAN IN BRITAIN (2009) (Starring Timothy Spall)

FEARLESS FRANK   (1967) (Starring Leonard Rossiter)

FEET FOREMOST (From Shades Of Darkness 1982) (Starring Carol Royle)

FELIX AND MURDO (2011) (Starring Armstrong & Miller)  (Short Play)

FELLOW TRAVELLER (1991) (Starring Imogen Stubbs & Ron Silver)                                                                 

FEMME FATALE (1993) Sophie Diaz & Donald Pleasance

FEVER PITCH (1996) Colin Firth & Holly Aird)

FIELD OF BLOOD (2011) (Starring Jonas Armstrong)

FIGHTING FOR GEMMA   (1993) (Starring Christine Anderson)

FILIPINA DREAMGIRLS (1991) (Starring Bill Maynard & Charlie Drake)

FILTH (2013) James McAvoy & Eddie Marsan

FILTH THE MARY WHITEHOUSE STORY (2008) (Starring Julie Walters)

FINDING YOUR FEET (2017) (Imelda Staunton & Celia Imrie)

FIONA’S STORY (2008) (Starring Gina McKee & Jimi Mistry)

FIRE AT MAGILLIGAN (1984) (Dilys Hamlet & Derek Halligan)

FIRST AND LAST (1989) (Starring Joss Ackland)

FIRST HANDS (1976) (Phil Buffery & Paul Davis)

FIRST LIGHT (2010) (Sam Heughan & Gary Lewis)

FIRST NEW HEART (THE)   (2007) (Starring Rupert Graves)

FISH TANK (2009) (Katie Jarvis & Kierston Wareing)

FISHING MATCH (THE)  Armchair Theatre (1962) (Starring Peter Butterworth)

FISHING PARTY (THE)   (1972) (Starring Brian Glover)

FIVE MINUTES OF HEAVEN (2009) (Starring Liam Neeson & James Nesbitt)

FIX   (THE)    (1997)  (Starring Ricky Tomlinson)

FLEA BITES (1991) (Nigel Hawthorne & Tim Healy)
FLOWERS OF THE FOREST (1996) (Lia Williams & Pauline Collins)

FLESH AND BLOOD (1972) (Starring Ray Brooks & Jenny Hanley)

FLESH AND BLOOD (2002) (Starring Christopher Eccleston)

FLINT STREET NATIVITY (1999) (Stephen Tompkinson & Neil Morrisey)

FLIPSIDE OF DOMINIC HIDE (1980) (Starring Peter Firth)

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE (2008) (Starring Laura Fraser)

FLY FISHING (2002) (Starring Frances Barber & Kate Ashfield)

FLYING BLIND (2012) (Starring Helen McCrory & Kenneth Cranham)

FLYING IN THE BRANCHES (1988) (Susan Fleetwood & Ralph Bates)

FLYING INTO THE WIND (1983) Derrick O’ Connor & Rynagh O’Grady

FOLK SINGER (THE) Armchair Theatre (1972) (Starring Tom Bell) 

FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD (1974) (Denholm Elliot)

FOOD FOR RAVENS (1997) (Starring Sinead Cusack & Brian Cox)                     

FOOD OF LOVE (1997) (Starring Richard E Grant & Joe McGann)

FOOLING HITLER   (2004) (Starring Jason Durr)

FOOLS GOLD (1992) Sean Bean & Sharon Maiden

FOOLS ON THE HILL (1986) (Starring Shaughan Seymour)

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW   (2005) (Starring Caroline Quentin) 

FOREIGN FIELD (1993) (Alec Guinness & Leo McKern)

FOREVER YOUNG (1985) (Starring Jamnes Aubrey & Nicholas Gecks)

FORGET ME NOT (2010) (Starring Luke De Woolfson & Charlie Covell)

FOTHERGILL (1981) (Starring Robert Hardy & John Bird)

FOUR DAYS IN JULY  (1984) (Starring Brid Brennan & Pamela Hamilton)

FOUR FEATHERS (THE)  (1977) (Starring Robert Powell)

FOUR IN THE MORNING (1965) Judi Dench & Norman Rodway

FOUR LIONS (2010) (Nigel Lindsay & Riz Ahmed)

FOURTH PROTOCOL (1987) (Starring Michael Caine & Pierce Brosnan)

FOXTROT (THE)   (1971) (Starring Thora Hird & Michael Bates)

FRAMED     (2009) (Starring Trevor Eve)

FRANCHISE AFFAIR  (1988) (Starring Patrick Malahide)

FRANCIS TUESDAY  (2004) (Starring Tamzin Outhwaite)

FRANK KAFKA’S IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Short) (Starring Ken Stott)

FRANKENSTEIN (1968 Mystery & Imagination) (Starring Ian Holm)

FRANKENSTEIN THE TRUE STORY (Starring James Mason & David McCallum)

FRANKENSTEIN’S BABY (1990) (Starring Nigel Planer & Kate Buffery)

FRANKIE & JOHNNIE (1986) (Starring Hywel Bennett)

FRANKIE HOWERD RATHER YOU THAN ME (2008) (Starring David Walliams)


FREE FIRE (2016) (Sam Riley & Brie Larson)

FREEFALL     (2009) (Starring Dominic Cooper)

FREEZE FRAME (2004) Lee Evans & Sean McGinley

FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS (1976) (Starring Anthony Hopkins & Nocola Pagett)

FRENCHMANS CREEK  (1998) (Tara Fitzgerald & Anthony Delon)

FRIENDS AND CROCODILES  (2005) (Starring Damian Lewis & Robert Lindsay)

FRIGHT (1971) (Susan George & Dennis Waterman)

FROM TIME TO TIME (2004) (Starring Timothy Spall & Maggie Smith)

FUGITIVE (1974) Stephen Rea & Eve Belton (PFT)

FULL THROTTLE (1994) Rowan Atkinson & Geoffrey Palmer

FUNNY BONES (1995) (Lee Evans & Oliver Reed)

FUNNY FARM   (1975) (Starring Tom Preece)

FUNNY FARM (1975) (Alan Surtees & Tim Preece) PFT

FUTURE WAGS OF GREAT BRITAIN (2010) (Naana Agyer & Vickie Elliott)




GANGSTA GRANNY (2013)  (Starring Julia McKenzie)

GANGSTER No1 (2000) Malcolm McDowell & David Thewlis

GAS AND CANDLES (1991) (Starring Richard Braine)

GAS ATTACK (2001) Sherko Zen Aloush & Ben Hassan

GENERAL'S DAY (THE)   (1972) (Starring Alastair Sim)

GENGHIS KOHN (1993) (Robert Lindsay & Diana Rigg)

GENTLEMAN CALLER (1967) George Cole & Tony Selby (Short)

GENTLEMAN’S RELISH   (2001) (Starring Sarah Lancashire & Billy Connolly)

GENTRY (1988) (Starring Roger Daltrey & Duncan Preston)

GEORGE’S ROOM (1967) (Starring John Neville & Geraldine Moffatt) (Short)

GET CARMAN (2002)  (Starring David Suchet & Lisa Maxwell)

GETTING HURT (1998) (Starring Ciaran Hinds & Amanda Ooms)

GETTING IN (30 Min Theatre) (1971) (Starring Robert Hardy)

GHOST IN THE WATER (1982) Judith Allchurch & Ian Stevens

GHOSTS (1977) (Starring Dorothy Tutin)

GHOSTS (1986) Judi Dench & Kenneth Brannagh

GHOSTS (2006) (Zhan Yu & Al Qin Lin) (Docu Drama)

GHOSTS OF BERKELEY SQUARE (1947) (Robert Morley & Felix Aylmer)


GIDEON’S DAUGHTER  (2006) (Starring Emily Blunt & Robert Lindsay)

GIFTED (2003)  (Starring Claire Goose & Christine Tremarco)

GIFTIE   (THE)  (1988) (Starring Richard O’Sullivan)

GIRL (THE)  (2012) (Starring Sienna Miller & Toby Jones)

GIRL IN THE CAFÉ   (THE) (2005) (Starring Bill Nighy)

GIRL WITH A PEARL EARING (2000) (Tom Wilkinson & Scarlet Johansson

GIRLS FROM BELAURUS   (2006) (Starring Alun Armstrong)

GIRLS NIGHT (1998) (Starring Brenda Blethyn & Julie Walters)

GIRLS WEEKEND (2006) (Starring Danielle Denby Ashe)

GIRLY (1970) Michael Bryant & Ursula Howells

GIRO CITY (1982) (Glenda Jackson & Kenneth Colley)

GIVE US TOMORROW (1978) (Starring Sylvia Syms & Derren Nesbit)

GIVING TONGUE (1996) (Starring Charlotte Coleman & Peter Capaldi)

GLAMOUR NIGHT (1985) (Starring Phillip Jackson & Rodney Bewes) (Short)

GLITTER (1976) Phil Daniels & Toyah Wilcox (Short)

GLORIOUS 39 (2011) (Starring Bil Nighy & Julie Christie)

GO NOW (1995)  (Starring Robert Carlyle & James Nesbitt)                     

GOD ON TRIAL (2008)  (Starring Rupert Graves & Joseph Muir)

GODS AND MASTERS (1998) (Ian McKellen & Lynn Redgrave)

GOING GENTLY (1980) Norman Wisdom & Judi Dench)

GOING HOME (1987) (Nicholas Campbell & Sioned Mair)

GOLD (2014) (Starring James Nesbitt & Steven Mackintosh)

GOLDEN VISION (1964)  (Starring Ken Jones)

GOOD (2007) (Starring Jason Isaacs & Steven Mackintosh)

GOOD AND BAD AT GAMES (1985) (Anton Lesser & Laura Davenport)

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING GUIDE (2006) (Starring Alan Davies)

GOOD SAMARITAN (THE)   (2007) (Starring Shane Richie)

GOOD SOLDIER (THE) (1981)  (Starring Jeremy Brett & Robin Ellis)

GOODBYE CHARLIE BRIGHT (2001) ((Paul Nichols & Roland Manpokian)

GOODBYE MR STEADMAN (2001) (Starring Robert Bathurst & Adam Scanlon)

GOODNIGHT ALBERT (1967) (Starring Victor Henry & Gwen Nelson) (Short)

GOODNIGHT MISTER TOM (1998) (John Thaw & Peter England)

GORGE (THE)   (1968 - Wednesday Play) (Starring Reg Lye)

GOSSIP FROM THE FORREST (1979) Hugh Burden & Michael Jayston

GOTCHA/CAMPION’S INTERVIEW (1977) Phil Davis & Peter Hughes (PFT)

GOVAN'S GHOST STORY (1989) (Starring Tom Watson)

GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (THE)   (2007) (Starring Mark Rylance)

GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (THE)  (1958) (Starring Tony Hancock)

GRACE LOOKING GOOD DEAD (2021) (John Simm & Richie Campbell)

GRACIE (2009) (Starring Jane Horrocks & Tom Hollander)

GRAND SLAM (1978) (Starring Windsor Davies)

GRASS   (1982) (Starring Judy Geeson)

GRASS ARENA (THE)   (1991) (Starring Pete Postlethwaite)

GREAT CATHERINE (1968) Peter O’Toole & Jack Hawkins

GREAT KANDINSKY (THE) (1995) (Starring Richard Harris)

GREAT MOMENTS IN AVIATION (1995) (Vanessa Redgrave & John Hurt)

GREATEST MAN IN THE WORLD (1958) (Patrick McGoohan & Donald Pleasance)

GREENFINGERS (2000) (Clive Owen & Helen Mirren)

GREGORY’S TWO GIRLS (1999) (John Gordon Sinclair & Carly McKinnon

GREY MAN (THE) (2007) (Starring Daniel Ryan)

GROW YOUR OWN (2007) (Starring Eddie Marsan & Benedict Wong

GROWN UPS (1980) Lesley Manville & Phil Davis

GUILTY CONSCIENCE (1985) (Anthony Hopkins & Blythe Danner)

GUMSHOE (1971) (Albert Finney & Billie Whitelaw)

GUNRUSH     (2008) (Starring Timothy Spall)

GYPO (2005) Pauline McLynn & Paul McGann




HACKS (2012) (Starring Phil Davis & Michael Kitchen)

HALF BROKEN THINGS (2007)   (Starring Penelope Wilton)

HALLELUJAH ANYHOW (1990) (Dona Croll & Keith David)

HALLELUJAH HANDSHAKE (1970) (Starring Tony Calvin)

HAMLET (1964 (Richard Burton)

HAMLET (1976)  (Starring Helen Mirren & Quintin Crisp)

HAMLET ELSINORE (1964)  (Starring Christopher Plummer & Robert Shaw) 

HAMLET PRINCE OF DENMARK (1980) (Derek Jacobi & Claire Bloom)

HANCOCK & JOAN (2008)  (Starring Ken Stott)

HANCOCK SCREEN ONE   (1991) (Starring Alfred Molina)

HANDFUL OF DUST   (1988) (Starring James Wilby & Judi Dench)

HANDS OF A MURDERER (1990) (Starring Edward Woodward & John Hillerman)

HANDS OF THE RIPPER (1971) Eric Porter & Angharad Rees)

HANNAH (1979) (Patsy Kensit & Tim Pigott Smith)

HANNIBAL ROME’S WORST NIGHTMARE (1982) (Alexander Siddig & Ben Cross)

HAPPINESS SALESMAN (2009) (Starring Christopher Eccleston) (Short)

HAPPY CHRISTMAS, I LOVE YOU (1989) Michael Williams & Gwen Taylor

HAPPY DAYS (2000)  (Starring Rosaleen Linehan & Richard Johnson)

HAPPY FEET (1991) (Phyllis Logan & Marjie Lawrence)

HAPPY GO LUCKY (2008) Sally Hawkins & Eddie Marsan

HAPPY HUNTING GROUND (1976) (Neil Phillips & Tim Healy)

HAPPY NEW YEAR COLIN BURSTEAD (2018)  (Charles Dance & Bill Patterson)

HAPPY SINCE I MET YOU (1981) Duncan Preston & Julie Walters

HAPPY TOGETHER (2002) (Starring Lynda Bellingham & Gavin Abbott)

HARD FEELINGS (1982) Frances Barber & Chris Jury

HARD LABOUR (1973) (Starring Liz Smith)

HARD TRAVELLING (1986) (Tom Bell & Jack Shepherd)

HARLEQUIN (1980) (Starring Robert Powell & David Hemmings)

HARNESSING PEACOCKS   (1992) (Starring Peter Davison)

HARPUR & ISLES (1996) (Hywel Bennett & Aneirin Hughes)

HARRY BROWN (2009) (Michael Caine & Emily Mortimer)

HARRY PRICE GHOST HUNTER (2015) (Starring Rafe Spall & Cara Theobald)

HARRY’S KINGDOM (1987)  (Starring Peter Vaughn & Timothy West)

HATTIE (2011)  (Starring Ruth Jones)

HAUNTED - THE FERRYMAN   (1974) (Starring Jeremy Brett)

HAUNTED AIRMAN (THE)   (2006) (Starring Daniel Ainsleigh)

HAUNTING OF RADCLIFFE HOUSE (2014) (Starring Rebecca Calder)

HAWK (2001) (Starring Robert Lindsay)

HAWKING (2004) (Benedict Cumberbatch & Lisa Dillon)

HAWKINS (2001) (Robert Lindsay & Elizabeth McGovern)

HAYFEVER (1984)  (Starring Penelope Keith & Paul Eddington)

HAZZARDS OF HEARTS   (1987) (Starring Diana Rigg)

HEADING HOME (1991) (Starring Gary Oldman & Joely Richardson)

HEADMASTER (1974) (Starring Frank Windsor & Michael Byrne)

HEAR MY SONG (1991) (Starring Adrian Dunbar & Ned Beatty)

HEAR THE SILENCE (2003)  (Starring Juliet Stevenson & Hugh Bonneville)

HEART (1999) (Starring Christopher Eccleston & Saskia Reeves)

HEARTBREAK HOUSE (1977) (John Gielgud & Lesley Anne Down)

HEARTLAND (1989) Anthony Hopkins & Lynn Fairleigh

HEARTLESS   (2005) (Starring Angus Deayton)

HEARTS AND FLOWERS (1970) (Anthony Hopkins & Donald Churchill) PFT

HEAT OF THE DAY (1989) (Michael Gambon & Patricia Hodge)

HEAVEN ON EARTH (1986) (Jan Austin & Fiona Reid)

HEAVY WEATHER BY PG WODEHOUSE (1995) (Starring Richard Briers)

HEDDA GABLER (1963) (Starring Ingrid Bergman & Trevor Howard)

HEDDA GABLER (1972) (Starring Janet Suzman & Ian McKellen)

HEDDA GABLER (1993) Fiona Shaw & Stephen Rea

HEDGEHOG WEDDING (1987) (Carol Royle & Richard Durden)

HEIST (2006) (Starring Kris Marshall)

HELP! (2020) (Jodie Comer & Stephen Graham)

HENRI (1993) (Kara Bowman & John Hewitt)

HERE IS THE NEWS (1989) (Richard E Grant & Jim Carter)

HE'S ASKING FOR ME (1988) (Maggie O’Neill & David Threlfall)

HERO OF THE HOUR (2000) (Starring Ross Kemp & Maggie O’Neill)                                                                   

HIDDEN AGENDA (1990) (Frances McDormand & Brian Cox)

HIDDEN CITY (1987) (Charles Dance & Bill Patterson)

HIDDEN TREASURE (2001) (Starring John Thaw & Dominique Jackson)

HIDE   (THE)    (2008)  (Starring Alex McQueen)

HIGH HOPES (1988) Phil Davis & Ruth Sheen 

HIGH SUMMER (1972) (starring Ronald Culver & Margaret Leighton)

HILLSBOROUGH (1996)    (Starring Christopher Eccleston)

HINDLE WAKES (1976) (Jack Hedley & Trevor Eve)

HISTORY OF MR POLLY (THE) (2007) (Starring Lee Evans & Julie Graham)

HITCH (2006) (Starring Samantha Janus)

HITLERS LAST TEN DAYS (1973) (Starring Alec Guinness & Simon Ward)

HITTING TOWN (1976) Deborah Horton & Mick Ford)

HOLD BACK THE NIGHT   (1999) (Starring Christine Tremarco)

HOLIDAY WITH STRINGS (1974) (Les Dawson & Roy Barroclough)

HOLY CROSS (2003) Louise Doran & Emma Whyte

HOLY FLYING CIRCUS (2011) (Starring

HOME (1971) (John Gielgud & Ralph Richardson) PFT

HOME (2003) (Starring Antony Sher & Matilda Ziegler)

HOME BEFORE MIDNIGHT (1979) (Starring James Aubrey & Alison Elliott)

HOME SWEET HOME (1982) (Starring Timothy Spall & Eric Richard)

HOMER AND PIGEONS (1992) (Brinkley Jenkins &Colin Price)

HONEST DECENT AND TRUE (1986) (Starring Richard E Grant)

HOPE ETERNAL (2008) (Christine Rochat Genoud & Richard Harrington)

HOPE IN THE YEAR TWO (1994) (Jack Shepherd & Tom Bowles)

HORACE (1982) Barry Jackson & Jean Heywood

HORROR OF DARKNESS (1965) Glenda Jackson & Alfred Lynch (WED)

HOSTILE WATERS (1997) (Martin Sheen & Rutger Hauer)

HOT MONEY (2001) (Caroline Quentin & Gerard Horan)

HOT SUMMER NIGHT (1959) (Starring John Slater & Andree Melly)

HOTEL (2001) (Starring Peter Capaldi & Lysette Anthony)

HOTEL DE LAC (1986) (Starring Anna Massey & Denholm Elliott)

HOTEL ROOM (1993) Freddie Jones & Glenne Headly

HOTHOUSE (Armchair Theatre 1964) (Starring Harry H Corbett & Diana Rigg)

HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA   (1991) (Starring Glenda Jackson)

HOUSE OF GLASS (Appointment With Fear 1992) (Starring Lisa Orgolini)

HOUSE OF MORTAL SIN (1976) Anthony Sharpe & Susan Penhaligon

HOUSE OF WHIPCORD (1974) (Starring Patrick Barr & Ray Brooks)

HOUSEWIVES CHOICE (1976) Sharon Duce & Francis DeLaTour (PFT)

HOW MANY MILES TO BABYLON (1983) (Daniel Day Lewis & Sian Phillips)

HOWARDS END (1992) (Starring Vanessa Redgrave & Emma Thompson)

HOWL (2015) (Starring Holly Weston & Ed Speleers)

HUGHIE GREEN - MOST SINCERELY (2008) (Starring Trevor Eve)

HUMAN VOICE (THE) (1966)  (Starring Ingrid Bergman)                         

HUMMINGBIRD TREE (1992) (Patrick Bergin & Susan Wooldridge)

HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1976) (Warren Clarke & Kenneth Haigh)

HUNKY DORY (2011) (Starring Minnie Driver & Bob Pugh)

HUNTED DOWN (1989) (Starring Alec McCowen & Stephen Moore)

HUNTING VENUS (1999) (Starring Martin Clunes)

HUSH-A-BYE-BABY (1990) Emer McCourt & Cathy Casey




I AM SLAVE ( 2010)  (Starring Wunmi mosaku & Lubna Azabal)

I CAPTURE THE CASTLE (2003) (Bill Nighy & Tara Fitzgerald)

I DON’T CARE (2010)  (Starring Mark Benton & Paloma Faith)

I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE (1982) Herbert Lom & Anthony Valentine

I KNOW YOU KNOW (2009) (Robert Carlisle & Arron Fuller)

I START COUNTING (1968) Jenny Agutter & Bryan Marshall

I WANT YOU (1998) (Starring Rachel Weisz & Paul Popplewell)

I WENT DOWN (1997) Peter McDonald & Antoine Byrne

I.D. (1985) (Reece Dinsdale & Warren Clarke)

ICE DANCE (1988) (Warren Clarke & Joanne Allen)

ICE HOUSE (1978)  (Starring John Stride)

IF I HAD YOU (2006) (Starring Paul McGann / Sarah Parish)

IF….THE OIL RAN OUT (2006) (Jennifer Calvert & Anthony Green)

ILL MANORS (2012) (Riz Ahmed & Ed Skrein)

IMITATION GAME (1980) (Starring Harriet walter & Bernard Gallagher)                                                                    

IMOGENS FACE (1998)  (Starring Samantha Janus & Lia Williams)

IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST (1981) (Starring Wendy hiller & Gary Bond)

IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST (THE) (1986) (Starring Paul McGann)

IMPOSSIBLE SPY (THE) (1987)  (Starring John Shea & Eli Wallach)

IN A COTTAGE HOSPITAL (1967) (Maureen Lipman & David Markham)

IN A SECRET STATE     (1985) (Starring Frank Finlay)

IN CAMERA (1964) (Starring Harold Pinter & Jane Arden)                                                                    

IN DENIAL OF MURDER   (2004 (Starring Stephen Tomkinson)

IN FABRIC (2017) (Marianne Jean Baptiste & Hayley Squires)

IN LAMBETH (1990) (Starring Mark Rylance & Lesley Clare O’Neill)

IN LOVE WITH BARBARA   (2008) (Starring Tom Burke)

IN OUR NAME (2010) (Starring Joanne Froggatt & Mel Raido)

IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH (1973) (Patrick Mower & Prunella Ransome)

IN THE BLEAK MID WINTER (1995) (Richard Briers & Joan Collins)

IN THE DARK HALF (2012) (Lyndsay Marsahall & Georgia Henshaw)

IN TWO MINDS (1967) (Starring Anna Cropper & George A Cooper)

INFANTILE DISORDERS (1987) (Starring Gavin May & Mark Heatley) (CFU)

INGENIOUS (2009) (Starring David Calder & Una Stubbs)

INNAPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR   (1986 (Starring Charlotte Coleman)

INSPECTOR GHOTE MOVES IN (1983) (Starring Sam Dastor & Alfred Burke)


INTENSIVE CARE (1982) (Alan Bennett & Julie Walters)

INTERVIEW (THE) (30 Minute Theatre) (1968) (Starring Dennis Chinnery)

INTIMATE RELATIONS (1996) (Julie Walters & Rupert Graves)

INTO THE BLUE (1997) (John Thaw & Abigail Cruttenden)

INTO THE STORM (2009)  (Starring Brendan Gleeson & Janet McTeer)

INVESTIGATOR – CAROLINE MEAGHER STORY (1997) (Starring Helen Baxendale)

IONA (2015) (Ruth Negga & Douglas Henshall)

IRIS (2001) (Kate Winslet & Judi Dench)

IRIS IN THE TRAFFIC RUBY IN THE RAIN (1981) (Frances Tomelty & Aingeal Grehan)

IS HARRY ON THE BOAT (2001) (Starring Danny Dyer & Daniela Denby Ashe)

ISLAND OF ADVENTURE (1982) (Stars Eleanor Summerfield & Wifrid Brambell)

IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYBODY (1984) Anne Scott Jones & Joseph Brady (PFT)

IT COULDN’T HAPPEN HERE (1988) Pet Shop Boys & Joss Ackland

IT IS MIDNIGHT DR.SCHWEITZER   (1953) (Starring Andre Morell)

IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN TO A VET (1976) (John Alderton & Colin Blakely)

IT’S CALLED THE SUGAR PLUM (1969) (Maureen Lipman & John Shrapnel)




JACK POINT (1973) Stephen Murray & Isabel Dean (PFT)

JACK THE RIPPER (1976) (Starring Klaus Kinski & Josephine Chaplin)

JADOO KINGS OF CURRY (2013) (Harish Patel & Amara Karan)

JEFFREY BARNARD IS UNWELL (1999) (Peter O’Toole & Royce Mills)

JELLYFISH (2018) (Liv Hill & Sinead Matthews)

JESSIE (1980) Nanette Newman & Nigel Hawthorne (PFT)

JEYKLL & HYDE (1990) (Michael Caine & Joss Ackland)

JIMI – ALL IS BY MY SIDE (2013) (Hayley Atwell & Andre Benjamin)

JOANNA WHERE ARE YOU (1987) (Starring Charlotte Coleman) (Short)

JOE MADDISON’S WAR (2010) (Starring Kevin Whateley & Robson Green)

JOE’S PALACE (2007)  (Starring Michael Gambon & Rupert Perry Jones)

JOE'S ARK  (1974) (Starring Freddie Jones)

JOHNNY SHAKESPEARE   (2007) (Afternoon Play) 

JOSEPH ANDREWS  (1977) (Starring Ann Margaret & Beryl Reid)

JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN (1969) (Roy Thinnes & Ian Hendry)

JOURNEY’S END (2020) (Asa Butterfield & Toby Jones)

JUBILEE (1978) Jenny Runacre & Toyah Wilcox

JUDGEMENT DAY (1983) (Starring Carole Royle & Tony Steedman)

JULIUS CAESAR (1969) Maurice Denham & Frank Finlay

JULIUS CAESAR (2012) (Starring Segun Akingbola & Adjoa Andoh)

JUNK   (1999) (Starring Trevor Byfield)

JUNKHEARTS (2011) (Starring Eddie Marsan & Tom Sturridge)

JUST A BOYS GAME (1979) Frankie Miller & Ken Hutchison (PFT)

JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY (1975) (Ken Hutchinson & Billy Connolly) PFT

JUST ASK FOR DIAMOND (1988) (Starring Susannah York & Bill Patterson)

JUST BETWEEN OURSELVES (1978)  (Starring Richard Briars)

JUST HENRY (2011) (Starring Sheila Hancock & John Henshaw)

JUST JIM (2015) ((Emile Hirsch & Craig Roberts)

JUST YOUR LUCK (1972) (Starring Lesley Mackie & David Hagman)

JUSTICE IS A WOMAN (1969) (Margaret Lockwood & Iain Cuthbertson)




KAJAKI THE TRUE STORY (2014) (David Elliot & Mark Stanley)

KAREN CARPENTER GOODBYE TO LOVE (2016) (Stars Adele Keating)

KATE THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR (1980) Rachel Kempson & Sherie Hewson (PFT)

KATIE, THE YEAR OF A CHILD (1979) Donal McCann & John Murphy (PFT)

KEEP OF THE GRASS (1983) (Patricia Routledge & Dave King) Short

KEEP SMILING (1979) Stephen Moore & Morag Hood (PFT)

KEEPING ROSY (2014) (Starring Maxine Peake & Sam Hoare)


KES (1969) David Bradley & Colin Welland

KICKS (2008) (Starring Kerrie Hayes & Nichola Burley)

KIDNAP DIARIES (2012) (Starring Abdellatif Chaouki)

KIDULTHOOD (2006) (Starring Jaime Winstone & Rafe Spall)

KILL KEITH (2011) (Starring Marc Pickering & Keith Chegwin)

KILLED BY MY DEBT (2018) (Starring Chance Perdomo & Craig Parkinson)

KILLER CONTRACT (1984) (Edward Woodward & Kate Harper)

KILLING ME SOFTLY (1995) (Starring Maggie O’Neill & Peter Howitt)

KING (1984) Thomas Baptiste & Ella Wilder (PFT)

KING FOR A TERM (2014) (Starring Idris Elba)

KING HENRY IV (1995) (Starring Ronald Pickup & Paul Eddington)

KING LEAR (1998) (Starring Ian Holm & Amanda Redman) 

KING LEAR (2016) (Don Warrington)

KING LEEK (1997) (Starring Tim Healey)

KING OEDIPUS (1972) Ian Holm & Sheila Allen

KING OF THIEVES ( 2018) (Michael Caine & Francessca Annis)

KINGDOM COME (1990) Pete Postlethwaite  (Short Drama)

KINGFISHER (1983)  (Starring Rex Harrison & Wendy Hiller)

KINGS AND DESPERATE MEN (1981) (Patrick McGoohan & Alexis Kanner)


KISS OF DEATH  (1977) (Starring David Threlfall)

KISS OF DEATH (2008) (Starring Danny Dyer & Louise Lombard)

KISSES (2008) (Starring Lelly O’Neill & Shane Curry)

KISSES AT FIFTY (1972) Bill Maynard & Rose Marie Dunham (PFT)

KNIGHTSBRIDGE (30 Min Theatre) 

KNOCKBACK (1983) (Starring Derrick O’Connor & Pauline Collins)

KORCZAK (1993) (Andrzej Wajda & Robby Muller)

KRAPP’S LAST TAPE (1972) (Starring Patrick McGee) (Short)

KRAPP’S LAST TAPE (2000) (Starring John Hurt)

KRAPP’S LAST TAPE (2006) (Starring Harold Pinter)




LADIES (1980) Patsy Rowlands & June Brown (PFT)

LADIES NIGHT (1986) (Starring Alfred Burke & Ronald Pickup)

LADY AND THE HIGHWAY MAN (THE) (1989) (Emma Samms & Oliver Reed)

LADY AUDLEY’S SECRET (2000) (Starring Steve Macintosh & Neve Macintosh)

LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER (2015) (Holliday Granger & Richard Madden)

LADY FROM THE SEA  (1974) (Starring Eileen Atkins & Denholm Elliot)

LADY JANE (1986) (Starring Helena Bonham Carter & Michelle Hordern)

LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN (1985) (Starring Helena Little & Kenneth Cranham)

LADY’S NOT FOR BURNING (THE)   (1987)    (Starring Kenneth Brannagh)

LADYBIRD LADYBIRD (1994) Crissy Rock & Ray Winstone

LAND OF GREEN GINGER   (1973) (Starring Gwen Taylor)

LAND OF MISRULE     (1996)  (Starring Patricia Hayes)

LANDSCAPE (1983) (Dorothy Tutin & Colin Blakely)

LANDSCAPE (1995)  (Starring Ian Holm & Penelope Wilton)

LANGRISHE GO DOWN (1978) (Starring Judi dench & Jeremy Irons)

LAPLAND (2011)  (Starring Sue Johnston)

LAST CHANCERS (THE) (2004) (Starring Valerie Edmond & Tony MacMurray)

LAST CHRISTMAS (1999) (Starring Pauline Quirke & Ray Winstone)

LAST DAY OF SUMMER (1984) (Starring Annette Badlands)

LAST DAYS OF LEHMAN BROTHERS   (2009)  (Starring James Cromwell)

LAST OF THE BLONDE BOMBSHELLS (2000) (Starring Judi Dench & Ian Holm)

LAST ORDERS (2001) (Starring Michael Caine & Helen Mirren)

LAST SUMMER (1977) (Richard Beckinsale & Michael Elphick)

LAST TO GO (2002) (Starring Penelope Wilton)


LAST WORD ON JULIE Armchair Theatre (1964) (Starring John Bonney)

LATE NIGHT SHOPPING (2000) (Starring Luke Woolfson & James Lance)

LAUGHTER OF GOD (1991) (Starring Peter Firth & Amanda Donohue)

LAVENDER LIST   (2006) (Starring Kenneth Cranham)

LAW AND ORDER (1978) (Starring Peter Dean)

LAW LORD (THE)  (1992) (Starring Anthony Andrews & Bernard Hill)

LAWLESS (2013) (Starring Suranne Jones & Lidsay Duncan)

LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS (1970) (Dennis Potter)  (George Layton)

LE PETOMANE (1979) (Leonard Rossiter & John D Collins)

LEAP IN THE DARK (1980) (Lesley Dunlop & Ian Hogg)

LEARNERS   (2007)  (Jessica Hynes & David Tennant)

LEAVE TO REMAIN (2013) (Toby Jones & Nouf Ousellam)

LEAVING     (1988)  (Starring Kenneth MacFadyen)

LEEDS UNITED (1974) (Starring Lynne Perrie & Elizabeth Spriggs)

LEGACY (2013) (Starring Andrew Scott & Charlie Cox)

LEGEND OF THE TAMWORTH TWO (2004) (Gerard Horan & Kevin Whateley)

LENNON NAKED (2010) (Christopher Eccleston & Andrew Scott)

LENT (1985) (Starring Harry Andrews & Graham McGrath)

LEO THE LAST (1970) Billie Whitelaw & Marcello Mastroianni

LETS MURDER VIVALDI (1968) (Starring Denholm Elliot & Glenda Jackson)

LETTER TO BREZHNEV (1985) (Starring Alfred Molina & Margi Clarkson)

LIAM (2000) Ian Hart & Anne Reid

LICKING HITLER (1978) (Bill Patterson & Kate Nelligan)

LIFE AFTER LIFE   (1995) (Starring Lorcan Cranitch & Michelle Fairley)

LIFE AFTER LIFE (1990)  (Starring George Cole & Renee Asherson)

LIFE IS SWEET (1990) Alison Steadman & Jim Broadbent

LIFE LINE (2007) (Starring Ray Stevenson)

LIFESWAPPERS (1976) (Starring Sheila Gish & Peter Egan)

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON (Starring Robson Green & Phil Davis)

LILTING (2014) (Starring Ben Whishaw & Cheng Pei Pei)

LIPSTICK ON YOUR COLLAR   (1993) (Starring Ewan McGregor)

LISZTOMANIA (1975) Roger Daltrey & Sarah Kestelman

LITTLE BIRD (2000) (Starring Amanda Burton & Niam Cusack)

LITTLE EYOLF (1981) (Starring Anthony Hopkins & Diana Rigg)

LITTLE JOE (2019) Emily Beecham & Ben Whishaw


LITTLE MINISTER (THE) (1975) (Starring Helen Mirren & Ian Ogilvy)

LITTLE VOICE (1998) (Jane Horrocks & Brenda Blethyn)

LITTLE WHITE LIE (2008) (Andrew Scott & Elaine Cassidy)

LITTLE WHITE LIES (1998) (Starring Peter Bowles)

LONDON IS DROWNING (1981) (David Neal & Susan Tracy) PFT

LONDON PAYBACK (2014) (Starring Lila Bordan & Matt D’Angelo)

LONDON RIVER (2009) (Starring Brenda Blethyn & Satigui Kouyate)

LONDON ROAD (2015) (Olivia Coleman & Anita Dobson)

LONDON’S BURNING (2011)  (Starring Samantha Bond & David Morrisey)


LONG AGO TOMORROW (1971) (Stars Malcolm McDowell & Nannette Newman)

LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (1973) Maureen Lipman & Denis Quilley

LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (1987) (Jack Lemmon & Bethel Leslie)

LONG DISTANCE INFORMATION (1979) Pauline Collins & Neville Smith (PFT)

LONG DISTANCE PIANO PLAYER (1970) (Starring Ray Davies)

LONGFORD (2006) (Jim Broadbent & Lindsay Duncan)

LOOK BACK IN ANGER (1989) (Starring Kenneth Brannagh & Emma Thompson)

LOOK ME IN THE EYE (1994) (Caroline Katz & Joseph Long)

LOOKS AND SMILES (1981) Graham Green & Carolyn Nicholson

LOOT (2004)   (Starring Jason Donovan & Anita Hegh) (AUS)

LORD OF MISRULE   (1966) (Starring Rosemary Martin)

LORELEI (THE)   (1990) (Starring Amanda Redman)

LORNA (1987) Brid Brennan & Kenneth Brannagh

LOSERVILLE (Short Drama 2012) (Starring Matt Berry & Katelyn Jones)

LOSING IT   (2006) (Starring Martin Clunes)

LOSING TRACK (1992)  (Alan Bates & Geraldine James)

LOST CHRISTMAS (2011) (Starring Eddie Izzard)

LOST FOR WORDS (1999) (Starring Thora Hird & Pete Postlethwaite)

LOST HEARTS (1973) (Simon Gipps Kent & James Mellor)

LOST LANGUAGE OF CRANES (THE) (1991) (Brian Cox & Eileeen Atkins)

LOVE (2018) (Starring Anna Calder Marshall & Nick holder)

LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP (2016) (Kate Beckinsale & James Fleet)

LOVE AND HATE (2005) Samina Awan & Miriam Ali

LOVE HONOUR AND OBEY (2000) Ray Winstone & Sadie Frost

LOVE LABOURS LOST (1975) (Jeremy Brett & Martin Shaw)

LOVE LETTERS ON BLUE PAPER (1976) Richard Pasco & Patrick Troughton (PFT)

LOVE ON A GUNBOAT (1977) Stephen Moore & Barbara Flynn (PFT)

LOVE, GIRL AND THE INNOCENT (1973) (Starring Patrick Stewart)

LOVEBIRDS (1988) (Starring Stephen Bent & Paul Bhattacharjee)

LOVED UP   (1995) (Starring Lena Headey)

LOVING (1996) (Starring Mark Rylance & Georgina Cates)

LOVING MEMORY (1969) (Rosamund Greenwood & Roy Evans)

LOVING MISS HATTO (2012) (Starring Alfred Molina & Francesca Annis)

LOVING WALTER (1986)  (Starring Ian McKellen & Sarah Miles)

LOVING YOU (2003)  (Starring Niamh Cusack & Douglas Henshall)

LOW LEVEL PANIC (1994) (Starring Charlotte Coleman & Nicola Sanderson)

LOW WINTER SUN  (2006) (Alex Ferris & Neve McIntosh) 

LUCKY BREAK (2001) (Starring James Nesbitt & Bill Nighy)

LUCKY SUNIL (1988) (Starring Vass Anderson & Michelle Collins)

LUSITANIA, MURDER ON THE ATLANTIC (2007) (Starring John Hannah)

LYTTONS DIARY (1983) (Starring Peter Bowles & Frances Tomelty)




MACBETH (2010) (Starring Pat Stewart & Kate Fleetwood)

MACBETH ON THE ESTATE (1997)  (Starring James Frain)

MACHINE GUNNER (1976) (Starring Leonard Rossiter)

MACK THE KNIFE (1989) (Raul Julia & Julie Walters)

MACREADY’S GALA (1966) Richard Pearson & John Le Mesurier (WED)

MAD JACK (1970) (Michael Jayston & Clive Swift)

MADE IN BRITAIN (1982) Tim Roth & Terry Richards

MADE IN DAGENHAM (2010) (Bob Hoskins & Sally Hawkins)

MAGIC TOYSHOP (THE) (1987) (Starring Tom Bell & Caroline Milmoe)

MAGICIAN (THE)   (1993) (Starring Clive Owen)

MAGNIFICENT 7 (2005) (Starring Helena Bonham Carter & Thomas Redford)

MAGNUM FOR SCHNEIDER  (1967) (Starring Edward Woodward)

MAHLER (1974) (Starring Robert Powell & Georgina Hale)

MAKATU OF MRS JONES (1983) (Starring Diane Adams & Anne Whittle) (Short)

MAKE AND BREAK (1986) Judi Dench & Robert Hardy

MAKE ME FAMOUS (2020) (Amanda Abbington & Sam Baker Jones)

MAKING NEWS (1989) (Starring Tom Cotcher & Bill Nighy)

MAKING OF A LADY (2012) (Starring Linus Roache & Lydia Wilson)

MALICE IN WONDERLAND (2009) (Maggie Grace & Danny Dyer)

MAN AND BOY (1971) (Starring Ed Bishop & Liz Fraser)

MAN AND MIRROR   (Armchair Theatre)   (1965) (Starring Sybil Thorndyke)

MAN MAN IN THE IRON MASK (The) (1977)  (Patrick McGoohan & Jenny Agutter)

MAN OF VIOLENCE (1971) Michael Latimer & Luan Peters

MAN OUT THERE (THE) (1961 Armchair Theatre) (Starring Patrick McGoohan)

MAN UP (2014) (Simon Pegg & Harriet Walter)

MAN WHO CAME TO DIE (THE)   (1965) (Starring Peter Copley)

MAN WHO CRIED (THE) (1993) (Starring Ciaran Hinds & Kate Buffery)

MAN WHO CROSSED HITLER (2011)  (Starring Ed Stoppard & Bill Paterson)

MAN WHO LOST HIS HEAD (THE)     (2007)  (Starring Martin Clunes)

MAN WHO MARRIED HIMSELF (2010) Richard E Grant & Warren Clarke) (Short)

MANDELA – LONG WALK TO FREEDOM (2013) (Idris Elba & Naomie Harris)

MARCH (THE)  (1990) (Juliet Stevenson & Dermot Crowley) (Foreign Subs)

MARCH IN WINDY CITY (1998) (Starring David Jason & David McCallum)

MARCIE’S DOWRY (Short Play)   (1999) (Starring Edward Woodward)

MARGARET (2009) (Starring Lindsay Duncan)

MARGARET THATCHER LONG WALK TO FINCHLEY (2008) (Andrea Riseborough & Philip Jackson)

MARGERY AND GLADYS (2003)  (Starring Penelope Keith & June Brown)

MARGOT (2009)  (Starring Anne Marie Duff)

MARIA'S CHILD (1992) (Yolanda Vazquez & Sophie Okonedo)

MARK OF CAIN (2006)  (Gerard Kearns & Matthew McNulty)

MARKED (2014) (Starring Stephen fry & Kiefer Sutherland)

MARKS (1982) (Marjorie Yates & Ian Targett)

MARLOWE INQUEST (THE) (1986) (Starring Geofrey Beevers)

MARRIAGE ACTS (2006)  (Starring Colin Friels & Sonia Todd)

MARTIN’S CLOSE (2019) (Peter Capaldi & Elliot Levey)

MARVELLOUS (2014)  Starring Toby Jones & Gemma Jones)

MARY AND MARTHA (2013)  (Starring Hilary Swank & Berenda Blethyn)

MASTER OF THE MARIONETTES (1989) Kenneth Cranham & Kenneth Colley

MAXWELL (2005)  (Starring David Suchet)

MAY 33rd   (2004) (Starring Lia Williams & Soren Byder)                                                                           

MAY CONTAIN NUTS   (2008) (Starring Shirley Henderson)

MAY FLY AND THE FROG (1966) (Starring John Gielgud & Felicity Kendall)

MAY WE BORROW YOUR HUSBAND   (1986) (Starring Dirk Bogarde)

MAYOR’S CHARITY (1986) Thora Hird & Frank Windsor (PFT)

McGUFFIN (THE)  (1986) (Starring Charles Dance & Ann Todd)

ME AND MRS JONES (2002) (Starring Robson Green)

ME AND THE GIRLS (1985) (Tom Courtney & Nichola McAuliffe)

ME! I’M AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF (1979) (Neville Smith & Thora Hird)

MEANTIME (1984) (Starring Tim Roth & Phil Daniels)

MEASURE FOR MEASURE (1995)  (Starring Tom Wilkinson)

MEAT (1994)  (Sarah Jane Potts & John Simm)

MEMOIRS OF A SURVIVOR (1981) (Julie Christie & Nigel Hawthorne)

MEN OF THE MONTH (1994) (Douglas Hodge & Clare Higgins)

MERCHANT OF VENICE (1974)  (Starring Joan Plowright & Laurence Olivier)

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR (THE) (1982) (Alan Bennett & Richard Griffiths)

MESSAGE FOR POSTERITY (1994) (Starring Annette Crosbie & Eric Porter)

MESSIAH (1983) (Patrick Barlow & Jim Broadbent) 

METAMORPHOSIS (1987) Tim Roth & Steven Berkoff

MICKEY LOVE (1993) Rik Mayall & Eleanor Bron

MICRO MEN (2009)  (Starring Aleander Armstrong & Martin Freeman)

MIDNIGHT MOVIE (By Denis Potter) (1994) (Starring Jon Carter)

MIKE BASSETT ENGLAND MANAGER (2001) (Ricky Tomlinson & Amanda Redman)

MILL ON THE FLOSS (THE) (1997) (Starring Emily Watson & Cheryl Campbell)

MILLIONAIRESS (THE)   (1972) (Starring Maggie Smith)

MILNER (1994)  (Starring Mel Smith)

MINOR COMPLICATIONS (1980) David Hargreaves & Paul Brooke (PFT)

MISBEHAVIOUR (2020) Keira Knightley & Keeley Hawes

MISCHIEF NIGHT (2006) (Starring Kelli Hollis & James Foster)

MISS AUSTEN REGRETS (2008) (Starring Olivia Williams & Greta Scacchi)

MISS JULIE (1972) (Starring Helen Mirren)

MISS JULIE (1987)  (Starring Janet McTeer & Patrick Malahide)

MISS JULIE (1999) Saffron Burrows & Peter Mullan


MISS POTTER (2006) (Starring Ewan McGregor & Renee Zellwegger)

MISTER CORBETT’S GHOST (1986) (Paul Scofield & John Huston)

MISTER JERICO   (1969) (Starring Patrick MacNee)

MISTER JOHN (2013) (Starring Aidan Gillen & Molly Rose Lawlor)

MISTERIOSO (1991)  (Starring Jack Shepherd)

MO (2010) (Starring Julie Walters)

MOMENTO MORI   (1976) (Starring Maggie Smith)

MONEY FOR NOTHING (1993)  (Starring Christian Anholt & Jayne Ashbourne)

MONOLOGUE (1973) (Henry Woolf) (Short)

MONSIEUR QUIXOTE (1987) (Starring Alec Guinnes & Leo McKern)

MOON DOGS (2016) (Jack Parry Jones & Tara Lee)

MOONLIGHT ON THE HIGHWAY (1969) (Starring Ian Holm & Anthony Bate)

MOONSHOT THE FLIGHT OF APOLLO 11 (2009) (Starring Daniel Lapaine)

MOORS MURDERS, SEE NO EVIL (2005) (Joanne Frogatt & Maxine Peake)

MORPHINE & DOLLY MIXTURES (1990) (Patrick Bergin & Gwenllian Davies)

MORVERN CALLAR (2002) Samantha Morton & Kathleen McDermott

MOTHERS DAY (2018) (Starring Vicky McClure & Anna Maxwell Martin)

MOTHERTIME (1997)  (Starring Anthony Andrews & Imogen Stubbs)

MOUNTAIN AND THE MOLE HILL (THE) (1989) (Starring Michael Gough)

MOVING ON (1965) David Collings & Peter Jeffrey (WED)

MOVING ON THE EDGE (1982) Eleanor Bron & Gary Raymond (PFT)

MOVING STORY (1994) (Written By Jack Rosenthal Starring Warren Clarke)

MR AND MRS EDGEHILL (1985) (Ian Holm & Judi Dench)

MR HARVEY LIGHTS A CANDLE (2005) Timothy Spall & Celia Imrie

MR HOLMES (2015) Ian McKellen & Laura Linney

MR JEYKLL & MR HYDE (1980) (David Hemmings & Ian Bannen)

MR JONES (2019) James Norton & Vanessa Kirby

MR LOVEDAYS LITTLE OUTING (2006) (Starring Prunella Scales & Andrew Sachs)

MR TURNER (2014) Timothy Spall & Lesley Manville

MR.AXELFORD'S ANGEL (1974) (Starring Julia Foster & Michael Bryant)

MRS ACKLAND’S GHOST (1975) Sara Kestelman & John Bluthal

MRS AMWORTH (1975) (Starring Glynis Johns & Derek Francis)

MRS CALDICOTT’S CABBAGE WAR (2002) (Starring Pauline Collins)

MRS CAPPER’S BIRTHDAY   (1985) (Starring John Bird)

MRS HARRIS (2005) Annette Bening & Ben Kingsley

MRS HARTLEY AND THE GROWTH CENTRE (1995) (Starring Pam Ferris)

MRS MANDELA (2010) (Starring Sophie Okonedo)

MRS PALFREY AT THE CLAREMONT (1973) Celia Johnson & Alan Webb (PFT)

MRS REINHARDT (1981) Helen Mirren & Ralph Bates

MRS SILLY (1983) (Starring Maggie Smith)

MRS WARREN’S PROFESSION (1972) Coral Browne & Penelope Wilton

MRS. ACKLAND'S GHOST (1975) (Starring Sara Kestelman)

MRS.INBETWEENY   (2005) (Starring Amelia Bullmore)

MRS.WARREN'S PROFESSION   (1972) (Starring Coral Browne)

MUCKING OUT (1978) Ray Smith & Paul Copley (Short)

MUM AND DAD (2008) (Starring Perry Benson & Didi Miles)

MUM’S LIST (2019) (Rafe Spall & Emilia Fox)

MURDER IN MIND (1984) Charlotte Rampling & Trevor Eve

MURDER IN THE OUTBACK (2004) (Joanna Froggit & Brian Brown)

MURDER JOINT ENTERPRISE (2012) (Karla Crome & Robert Pugh) 


MURDER ON THE BLACKPOOL EXPRESS (2017) (Johnny Vegas & Susie Blake)

MURDER ON THE BLUEBELL LINE   (1987) (Starring Hugh Fraser)


MURDER RAP (1979) Arthur Lovegrove & Liz Smith (PFT)

MURDER ROOMS DARK BEGINNINGS (2000) (Starring Robert Laing)

MURDERED BY MY BOYFRIEND (2014) (Georgina Campbell & Stephanie Hyam)

MURDERED BY MY FATHER (2016) (Adeel Akhtar & Salman Akhtar)

MURDERED FOR BEING DIFFERENT (2017) (Chanel Cresswell & Abigail Lawrie)

MURRAIN (1975) (Starring Bernard Lee & David Simeon)

MUSCLE MARKET   (1981) (Starring Pip Donaghy)

MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE (1985) Daniel Day Lewis & Richard Graham

MY BEAUTIFUL SON (2001)  (Starring Julie Walters & Paul Reiser)

MY BOY JACK (2007) (Starring David Haig & Daniel Radcliffe)

MY BROTHER THE DEVIL (2012) (James Floyd & Fady El Sayed)

MY BROTHER TOM (2001) (Starring Jenna Harrison & Ben Whishaw)

MY CHILDHOOD (1972) (Stephen Archibald & Hughie Restorick)

MY FAMILY & OTHER ANIMALS (2005) (Imelda Staunton & Eugene Simon)

MY FRIEND WALTER (1992) Ronald Pickup & Prunella Scales

MY LOVER MY SON (1969) (Dennis Waterman & Romy Schneider)

MY MURDER (2012) (Starring John Boyega)

MY NAME IS JOE  (1998) (Starring Peter Mullan & Louise Goodall)

MY NIGHT WITH REG (1997) (Starring Anthony Calf & Joe Duttine)

MY OLD LADY (2014) Kevin Kline & Maggie Smith

MY REPRESENTATIVE (1960) Paul Massie & Helen Cherry (AT)

MY SISTER-WIFE (1992) (Meera Syal  & Harriet Bagnall

MY SON THE FANATIC (1997) (Om Puri & Sarah Jane Potts)

MY SUMMER WITH DES (1998) (Neil Morrisey & Rachel Weisz)

MY ZINC BED   (2008) (Starring Uma Thurman)

MYSTERIOUS CREATURES (2006) (Starring Timothy Spall & Brenda Blethyn)

MYSTERY OF A HANSOM CAB (2012) (John Waters & Madge Frettby) (AUS)

MYSTERY OF MEN (THE)  (1999) (Starring Warren Clark & Neil Pearson)




1984 (1954) (Starring Peter Cushing)

NAKED (1993) (Starring David Thewlis & Lesley Sharp)

NAMING THE NAMES (1986) (Sylvestra Le Touzel & Mick Ford)

NATHAN AND TABILETH (1970) (Starring Nell Knoop & Albert Van Dalsun)

NATIVITY 3 (Starring Martin Clunes & Catherine Tate)

NATURAL CAUSES (1988) (Starring George Cole & Prunella Scales)

NEARLY A HAPPY ENDING (1988) Victoria Wood & Julie Walters

NEEDLE (1999) (Starring Sean McKee & Emma Bird)

NEGATIVES (1968) Maurice Denham & Peter McEnery

NEIGHBOURS (Armchair Theatre) (1966) (Starring Ruby Dee & Dick Gregory)                         

NEITHER THE SEA NOR THE SAND (1972)  (Susan Hampshire & Frank Finlay)

NERVOUS ENERGY (1995)   (Alfred Molina & Siobhan Redmond)

NEVER COME BACK (1989) Nathaniel Parker & Martin Clunes

NEVILLE’S ISLAND   (1998) (Starring Timothy Spall & Martin Clunes)

NEW TOWN   (2009) (Starring Cameron Bowie)

NEW YEARS DAY (2001) Andrew Lee Potts & Michael Kitchen

NEWS BENDERS (THE) (1968) (Starring Nigel Davenport)

NEWSHOUNDS (1990) (Starring Ade Edmondson)

NICE GIRL (2000) Joanna Griffiths & Steve Meo)

NIGEL BARTON TRILOGY OF PLAYS (1965) (Starring   Keith Barron)

NIGHT CONSPIRATORS (1962) (Starring John Arnatt & Peter Arne)

NIGHT FLIGHT (2002)  (Starring Christopher Plummer & Edward Woodward)

NIGHT OF THE FOX (1990) (Michael York & John Mills)

NIGHT TRAIN (1998) Brenda Blethyn & John Hurt

NIGHT WATCH (THE) (2011)  (Starring Anna Wilson jones & JJ Field)

NIGHTWATCHING (2007) (Martin Freeman & Eva Birthistle)

NIL BY MOUTH (1997)  (Starring Ray Winstone & Kathy Burke)

NINA (1978)  (Starring Jack Shepherd & Eleanor Bron)

NINA’S HEAVENLY DELIGHTS (2006) (Laura Fraser & Shelley Conn)

NINETEEN 96 (1989) (Keith Barron & Alun Armstrong)

NIPPER (1977) Coral Atkins & John Fowler (PFT)

NO CHILD OF MINE   (2006) (Starring Brooke Kinsella)

NO DEFENCE (1980) Jonathan Newth & Patrick Troughton (PFT)

NO HOLDS BARD (2009)  (starring Ashley Jensen & Barbara Rafferty)

NO MANS LAND (1978) John Gielgud & Ralph Richardson

NO NIGHT IS TOO LONG (2002) (Lee Williams & Marc Warren)

NO SURRENDER (1985) (Michael Angelis & James Ellis)

NO TRAMS TO LIME STREET (1970) Rosemary Nicols & Anthony May (WED)

NOBODY HERE BUT US CHICKENS (1989) (Starring Jack Shepherd)

NONA (1993)  (Starring Les Dawson)

NORMAL SERVICE (1987) Richard Wilson & Kenneth Cranham

NORTHANGER ABBEY   (2007) (Starring Geraldine James)

NOT FOR THE LIKES OF US (1980) (Pam St Clement & Terry Scully) PFT

NOT NOW COMRADE (1976) Leslie Phillips & Ray Cooney

NOT ONLY BUT ALWAYS (2004) (Rhys Ifans & Aidan McArdie)

NOTES ON A SCANDAL (2020) (Judi Dench & Cate Blanchett)

NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT (1973) (Starring Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee)

NOTHING PERSONAL (1995) (Starring Ian Hart & Michael Gambon)

NOW LET HIM GO (1957) (Starring Margaret Ashcroft & Hugh Griffith) AT

NOW YOU SEE HER (2001) (Starring Amanda Holden)

NUCLEAR FALL OUT (1982 Play For Tomorrow) (Starring Gavin Campbell)

NUMBER 27 (1988) (Starring Nigel Planer & Alun Armstrong)

NUMBER ON END (1980) (Nick Tate & John Challis) PFT

NUMBER ONE (1984) (Starring Bob Geldof) & Mel Smith)

NUTS IN MAY (1976)  (Starring Alison Steadman)

NW (2016) (Phoebe Fox & Nikki Amuka-Bird)




102 BOULEVARD HAUSSMAN  (1990) (Starring Alan Bates)

O FAT WHITE WOMAN (1971)  (Starring Maureen Pryor)

O MARY THIS LONDON (1994)  (Starring Jason Barry)

OBITUARIES (1989) (Starring Ian Carmichael & Ronald Fraser)

OEDIPUS AT COLONUS  (1986) (Anthony Quayle & Juliet Stevenson)

OFFICE PARTY (1971) (Starring Peter Barkworth & Angharad Rees)

OI FOR ENGLAND (1982)  (Starring Neil Pearson & Adam Kotz)

OLD FLAMES   (1990) (Starring Simon Callow & Stephen Fry)

OLD MAN WHO READ LOVE STORIES (2001) (Richard Dreyfuss & Timothy Spall)

OLD STREET (2004)  (Starring Ray Winstone & David Tennant) (Short)

OLD TIMES (1975) (Anna Cropper & Barry Foster)

OLD TIMES (1991) (Starring John Malkovich & Kate Nelligan)

ON CHESILBEACH (2007) (Saoirse Ronan & Billy Howie)

ON EXPENSES (2008) (Starring Brian Cox)

ON GIANTS SHOULDERS (1979) Judi Dench & Bryan Pringle

ON THE BLACK HILL (1988) (Starring Bob Peck & Gemma Jones)

ON THE EVE OF PUBLICATION (1968) Starring Leo McKern)

ON THE PALM (1987) (Cathy Tyson & Tony Melody)

ON YOUR WAY RILEY (1984) (Starring Brian Murphy & Maureen Lipman)

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE MIDLANDS (2002) (Robert Carlyle & Ricky Tomlinson)

ONE AND ONLY PHYLLIS DIXEY (THE)   (1978) (Starring Lesley Ann Down)

ONE BUMMER NEWS DAY (1978) Simon Rouse & Kenneth Colley (PFT)

ONE CHANCE (PAUL POTTS STORY) (2014) (Starring Matthew Corden)

ONE DAY AT A TIME (1977) Don Henderson & Stephanie Cole (PFT)

ONE FINE DAY (1979) (Starring Dave Allen & Robert Stephens)

ONE FOR THE ROAD (1985) Alan Bates & Roger Lloyd Pack

ONE FOR THE ROAD (2001) (Harold Pinter & Lloyd Hutchinson)

ONE GAME (THE)     (1988) (Starring Gillian Andrews)

ONE NIGHT IN EMERGENCY (2010) (Starring Michelle Ryan & Kvin McKidd)

ONE OF THE MISSING (1971) (Jeffrey Brown & Dave Edwards) (Short)

ONE OF THOSE BLIGHTERS (1982) (Starring Bruno Lawrence & Ian Hune) (AUS)

ONE THAT GOT AWAY     (1996)  (Starring Nick Brimble)

ONE WAY OUT (1991)   (Starring Sean Bean)

ONLY BOY FOR ME (THE)     (2006) (Starring Helen Baxendale) 

ONLY CHILDREN (1984) Charlotte Cornwell & Eric Deacon (PFT)

ONLY MAKE BELIEVE (1973)  (Starring Keith Barron & Georgina Hale)

OPEN DOOR (THE)   (1966 Mystery & Imagination)  (Starring Jack Hawkins)

OPERATION   (THE)  (Play For Today 1973) (Starring George Lazenby)

OPERATION DAYBREAK (1975) (Starring Martin Shaw & Joss Ackland)

ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT   (1990) (Starring Charlotte Coleman)

ORKNEY (1971)  (Three Short Plays)  (Hannah Gordon & Fulton Mackay)

ORPHANS (1998) (Douglas Henshall & Gary Lewis)

OUR BOY (1998)  (Starring Ray Winstone & Pauline Quirke)

OUR DAY OUT (1978)  (Starring Alun Armstrong)

OUR FLESH AND BLOOD (1977) (Bernard Hill & Alison Steadman) PFT

OUR GIRL (2013) (Starring Flossy Grounds & Lacey Turner)

OUR HIDDEN LIVES     (2005) (Starring Sarah Parish)

OUR WINNIE (1982)  (Starring Sheila Kelley)

OUT OF CONTROL   (2002) (Starring Mark Benton)

OUT OF SEASON (1975) (Starring Vanessa Redgrave & Susan George)

OUT OF THE BLUE (1991) Colin Firth & Cathy Tyson

OUTLAW (2007) Sean Bean Rupert Friens

OUTSIDE EDGE (1982) Paul Eddington & Prunella Scales

OY VAY MARIA (1977) Carmel McSharry & Cheryl Hall (PFT)




PACKMAN’S BARN (1976) John Barrett & Roger Booth (PFT)

PAGE 8 (2011) Bill Nighy & Rachel Weisz

PALLET ON THE FLOOR (1984) (Bruce Spence & Peter Macauley)  (NZ)

PALMER (1991)  (Starring Ray Winstone)

PANTO (2012) (John Bishop & Ami Metcalf)

PAPADOPOULOUS AND SONS (2012) (Starring Stephen Dillane & Selina Cadell)

PAPARAZZO   (1995) (Starring Nick Berry)

PAPER ROSES (1971) Bill Maynard & Donald Gee

PARACHUTE (THE) (1968) (Starring John Osbourne & Jill Bennett)

PARADISE ROAD (1997) (Glenn Close & Pauline Collins)

PARADISE RUN (1976) (Starring Kevin McNally & Ian Charleson)

PARIS BY NIGHT (1988) (Michael Gambon & Charlotte Rampling)

PARTING SHOTS (1999) (Chris Rea & Felicity Kendall)

PARTY TIME (2000) (Starring Barry Foster & Nicola Pagett) (Short)

PARTY, PARTY (1983) (Daniel Peacock & Karl Howman)

PASCALLI’S ISLAND (1988) (Starring Ben Kingsley & Helen Mirren)

PASMORE (1980) Philip Jackson & Alison Steadman (PFT)

PASSER BY (2004) (James Nesbitt & Joe Armstrong)

PASSION (2012) Rachel McAdams & Naomi Rapace

PASSION KILLERS   (1999) (Starring Ben Miller)

PAST CARING (1985) (Denholm Elliott & Connie Booth)

PAT AND MARGARET   ((1994) (Starring Vicroria Wood)

PATH TO PARADISE (1997) Art Malik & Peter Gallagher

PATTERNS (1970’s) (By Rod Serling)

PENDA’S FEN (1970) (Starring Spencer Banks & John Atkinson)

PENNY GOLD (1974) (Starring James Booth & Francesca Annis)

PERFECT BLUE (THE) (1997) (Starring Philip Glennister)

PERFECT PARENTS    (2006) (Starring Sussanah Harker)

PERFORMANCE (1970) (Starring James Fox & Mick Jagger)

PERMISSIVE (1970) Maggie Stride & Gay Singleton

PERMISSIVE SOCIETY (1975) (Starring Bob Mason & Veronica Roberto)

PERSONAL SERVICES (1987) (Julie Walters & Shirley Stellfox)

PERSONAL SHOPPER (2016) (Kristen Stewart & Lars Eidinger)

PERSUASION     (2007) (Starring Sally Hawkins)

PERSUASION (1995) (Ciaran Hinds & Amanda root)

PETER’S FRIENDS (1992) (Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry)

PETERLOO (2018) Rory Kinnear & Maxine Peake

PHILBY, BURGESS  & MACLEAN (1977)  (Anthony Bate & Derek Jacobi)

PHILOMINA (2013) (Starring Steve Coogan & Judi Dench)


PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (1975) (Rachel Roberts & Anne Louise Lambert)

PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (THE)  (1976)  (Starring John Gielgud) 

PIDGEON, HAWK OR DOVE (1974) Jack Shepherd & Iain Cuthbertson (PFT)

PIECES OF A SILVER LINING   (2007)  (Afternoon Play)

PIED PIPER   (1989) (Starring Peter O’Toole)

PILLION (1979) Edward Peel & Ashley Barker (PFT)

PITY ABOUT THE ABBEY (1966) Derek Francis & Henry McGee (WED)

PLAIN JANE (Starring Kevin Whately & Lesley Manville)

PLAIN MURDER (1978) (Christopher Fairbank & Paul Angelis)

PLAINTIFFS AND DEFENDANTS     (1975)  (Starring Alan Bates)

PLANE SPOTTING   (2005)  (Starring Mark Benton & Lesley Sharpe)

PLATANOV (1971) (Starring Rex Harrison)

PLEASURE (1994) (Adrian Dunbar & Jennifer Ehle)

PLOT AGAINST HARROLD WILSON (2006) (James Bolam & Liz McKechnie)

PLUNKETT & MACLEANE (1999) Robert Carlyle & Jenny Lee Miller

POLDARK (1996) (Starring Joan Gruffudd &Mel Martin)

POLICE (1990) (Starring Guy Faulkner & Oliver ford Davies)

POLLYANNA (2003)  (Starring Amanda Burton & Kenneth Cranham)

POOR GIRL (1974) (Starring Lynne Miller & Stuart Wilson)

POPPY SHAKESPEARE (2008) (Anna Maxwell Martin & Tessa Peake Jones)

POPPYLAND (1985)  (Starring Alan Howard)

POSTCARD BANDIT (2003) (Starring Tom Lang & Brett Stiller) (AUS)

PRAGUE (1991) (Alan Cumming & Sandrine Bonnaire)

PRECIOUS BANE (1988)  (Starring John Bowe)

PREDICAMENT (2010)  (Starring Jermaine Clement & Heath Franklin) (NZ)

PRESENT LAUGHTER (1964) (Starring Peter Wyngarde & Barbara Murray)

PRESENT LAUGHTER (1981) (Starring Donald Sinden & Dinah Sheridan)

PRESSURE (1976) Herbert Norville & Oscar James

PRESTON PASSION (THE)   (2012)  (Starring Paul Barber & Samantha Bond)

PRETENDING TO BE JUDITH   (2001) (Starring Marc Warren)

PRICE OF COAL BACK TO REALITY Pt2 (1977) (Rita May & Bobby Knutt)

PRICE OF COAL MEET THE PEOPLE Pt1 (1977) (Bobby Knutt & Rita May)

PRICE OF THE BRIDE (1990) (Starring Mike Farrell & Peter Egan)

PRICK UP YOUR EARS (1987) (Gary Oldman & Julie Walters)

PRIDE AND EXTREME PREJUDICE (1990)  (Starring Simon Cadell)

PRIEST (1994) (Tom Wilkinson & Linus Roache)

PRIMO (2008) (Anthony Sher)

PRINCE (1991)  (Sean Bean & Janet McTeer)

PRINCIPLES OF LUST (2003) (Starring Marc Warren & Sienna Guillory)

PRISON (THE) (1973)  (Starring James Laurenson)

PRISONER C33 (2022) Toby Stephens

PRIVATE LIFE OF SAMUEL PEPYS   (2003)  (Starring Steve Coogan)

PRIVATE LIVES   (1976) (Starring Penelope Keith)

PRIVATE PEACEFUL (2012) (Starring Richard Griffiths & Jack O’Connell) 

PRIVATE ROAD (1971) (Susan Penhalligan & Peter Morrisey)

PRIVILEGE (1967) (Paul Jones & Jean Shrimpton)

PRODIGAL DAUGHTER (1975)  (Starring Alistair Sim & Jeremy Brett)

PROFESSIONAL FOUL   (1977) (Starring Peter Barkworth)

PROMOTED TO GLORY (2003)  (Starring Ken Stott & Lesley Manville)

PROPOSAL (THE) (1959)  (Starring David Bird)

PROSPERO’S BOOKS (1991) (John Gielgud & Michael Clark)

PROVIDENCE (1977) (Starring Dirk Bogarde & David Warner)

PSY WARRIORS (1981) (Warren Clark & Colin Blakely) PFT

PSYCHOMANIA (1973) Nicky Henson & Mary Larkin

PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR (THE) (2013) (Starring Anna Friel & Eva Birthistle)

P'TANG YANG KIPPERBANG   (1982) (Starring Abigail Cruttenden)

PUCKOON (2002) Sean Hughes & Griff Rhys Jones

PULSE (2010)  (Starring Stephen Campbell Moore)

PUNK AND THE PRINCESS (1993) (Charlie Creed Miles & Vanessa Hadaway)

PURELY BELTER (2000) Chris Beattie & Tracy Whitwell

PYGMALION (1973)  (Starring Lynn Redgrave & James Villiers)

PYGMALION (1981) (Starring Twiggy & Robert Powell)

PYGMALION (1983) (Starring Peter O’Toole & John Standing)




QUARTET (2015) Maggie Smith & Tom Courtenay)

QUATERMAINE’S TERMS (1987) (Starring Eleanor Bron & Edward Fox)

QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT LIVE (2005) (David Tennant & Adrian Dunbar)

QUAY SOUTH (1955) (Starring Roger Livesey & Miriam Karlin)

QUEEN OF THE EAST (1995) (Starring Jennifer Saunders & Patrick Barlow)

QUEST 1 (2002) (Starring David Jason & Hywell Bennett, Roy Hudd)

QUEST 2 (2003) (Starring David Jason & Hywell Bennett, Roy Hudd)

QUEST 3 (2004) (Starring David Jason & Hywell Bennett, Roy Hudd)

QUESTION OF ATTRIBUTION (1991) (Starring James Fox & Geoffrey Palmer)

QUITE UGLY ONE MORNING (2004) (Starring James Nessbitt & Mark Benton)




R.H.I.N.O. REALLY HERE IN NAME ONLY (1983) (Delta Mcleod & Peter Halliday)

RADIO ON (1979) (Sandy Ratcliff & David Beames)

RAFFLES THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN (1975) Anthony Valentine & Chris Strauli

RAGGEDY RAWNEY (1988) (Starring Bob Hoskins & Zoe Wannamaker)

RAGTIME SUMMER (1977) (David Warner & Honor Blackman)

RAIN ON THE ROOF (1980)  (Cheryl Campbell & Malcolm Stoddard)

RAINBIRDS (1970) Madge Ryan & James Cossins (PFT)

RAINING STONES (1993) (Starring Bruce Jones & Ricky Tomlinson)

RAINY DAY WOMAN (1984)  (Starring Sally Baxter)

RANDOM (2011) (Starring Richie Campbell & Lu Corfield)

RANDOM QUEST (2006) (Starring Samuel West)

RANK AND FILE (THE) (1971) (Starring Peter Kerrigan & Bill Dean)

RATBURGER (2017) (Starring Mark Benton & Sheridan Smith)


RATTLE OF A SIMPLE MAN (1964) (Harry H Corbett & Diane Cilento)

READY WHEN YOU ARE MR McGILL (1976) (Joe Black & Barbara Moore-Black)

READY WHEN YOU ARE MR McGILL (2009)  (Starring Tom Courtenay)

REAL DEAL (THE)   (2007 Afternoon Play) (Starring Tom Hunter)

REASON FOR SALE Armchair Theatre (1967) (Starring William Lucas)                              

REASONABLE FORCE (1987) (Adrian Dunbar & Warren Clarke

REBECCA’S DAUGHTER (1992) (Peter O’Toole & Joely Richardson)

RECOVERY (2006) (Starring David Tennant & Sarah Parish)

RED FOX (1991) (Starring John Hurt & Brian Cox)

RED JOAN (2018) (Judi Dench & Nina Sosanya)

RED MONARCH (1983) (Starring Colin Blakely & David Suchet)

RED RIDING HOOD (1973) Rita Tushingham & Keith Barron (AT)

RED ROAD (2006) (Martin Compston & Natalie Press)

RED SHIFT (1974) (Starring Lesley Dunlop)

REDEMPTION (1991) (Tom Courtenay & Miranda Richardson)

REG (2016) (Starring Tim Roth & Anna Maxwell Martin)


REHAB (2003)  (Starring Carolne Patterson & Gary Lewis)

REICHENBACH FALLS (2005) (Starring Alec Newman)

RELATIVELY SPEAKING (1989) Nigel Hawthorne & Imogen Stubbs

RELUCTANT TRAGIC HERO (2010) (Starring Johnny Vegas (Short Play)

REMEMBER ME (1997) (Starring Robert Lindsay & Rick Mayall)

RENOIR MY FATHER (1978)(Starring Richard O’Callaghan & Peggy Aichison)                                                                      

RENTADICK (1972) Richard Briers & Donald Sinden

REPORTERS (THE)   (1972)  (Starring Michael Kitchen)

REQUIEM APACHE   (2003) (Starring Alfred Molina)

RESPECT (1996)  (Starring Nick Berry)

RESPONSIBLE CHILD (2019) (Billy Barratt & Tom Burke)

RESSURECTION MAN (1998) (Starring James Nesbitt & Stuart Townsend)

RESURRECTED (1988) (Starring Tom Bell & Rita Tushingham)

RETURN OF THE NATIVE (1994) (Clive Owen & Catherine Zeta Jones)

RETURN TO BLOODRIVER (1994) (Warren Clarke & Kevin McNally)

RETURN TO WATERLOO (1984) (Starring Tim Roth & Kenneth Colley)

REUNION AT FAIRBOROUGH (1985) (Starring Robert Mitchum & Deborah Kerr)

REUNITED (2010) (Zoe Tapper & Emma Stansfield)

REVERSALS (2003) (Sarah Parish & Marc Warren)

RICH DECEIVER (1995) (Starring Lesley Dunlop & John McArdle)

RIFF RAFF (1991)  (Starring Robert Carlyle & Emer McCourt)

RIGHT PROSPECTUS (THE) (1970) (Starring George Cole)

RIOT AT THE RITE (2006) (Starring Alex Jennings)

RIVETER (THE)   (1988) (Starring Andrew Barr & Ewan Bremner)                                     

ROAD    (1987)  (Starring Jane Horrocks)

ROAD TO CORONATION STREET (2010) (Lynda Baron & Celia Imrie)

ROBIN REDBREAST (1970) (Starring Anna Cropper)

ROCK AND CHIPS  (2010) (Starring Nicholas Lyndhurst)

ROCKY MARCIANO IS DEAD (1976) Ron Moody & Lesley Dunlop (PFT)

ROGUE MALE (1976) (Starring Peter O’Toole & John Standing)

ROGUE MAN   (Starring Fiona Fullerton)

ROGUE TRADER (1999) (Starring Ewan McGregor & Anna Friel)

ROLL ON 4 O’CLOCK (1970) (George A Cooper & Bill Dean)

ROLL ON FOUR O’CLOCK (1960’s) (Starring Colin Welland)

ROLLING HOME (1982) (John Barrett & Maureen Lipman)

ROMAN ROAD (2004)  (Alan Davies & John Gordon Sinclair)

ROMEO & JULIET (1968) (Starring Olivia Hussey & John McEnery

ROOM (THE) (2002)  (Starring Lindsay Duncan)

ROOTS (1992) Timothy Spall & Imelda Staunton

ROSE (2021) (Maureen Lipman) (One Woman Show)

ROSIE (2018) (Sarah Greene & Molly McCann)

ROTTEN (1978) Alan Raymond & Georgina Smith (Short)

ROUGH GIRLS (2022) Caroline Curran & Carol Moore

ROUGH MAGIK (2000) (Starring Paul Darrow &  Gerrard MacArthur) (Short)

ROYAL CELEBRATION (1993) (Starring Kenneth Cranham & Rupert Graves)

ROYAL WEDDING (2010)  (Starring Kevin Bishop)

RUBENESQUE (2013) (Starring Freema Agyeman & Kate Bracken)

RUFFIAN HEARTS (1995) (Starring Ewan Bremner &Peter Mullan)

RULES OF LOVE (2010) (Starring Daisy Head & Laura Aikman)

RUMOUR (1970) (Starring Michael Coles & Ronald Clarke)

RUN (2019) Mark Stanley & Amy Manson

RUN FOR THE LIFEBOAT (1988) (Stacey Tendeter & David Burke)

RUNNERS (1983) (Kate Hardie & James Fox)

RUNNING BLIND (1979) Stuart Wilson & George Sewell

RUNNING LATE (1992) Peter Bowles & Michael Byrne

RUTLES 2 CAN’T BUY THE LUNCH (2004) (Eric Idle & Neil Innes)




SACRED HEARTS (1985) Anna Massey & Fiona Shaw)

SADDAM’S TRIBE (2006) (Starring Sergon Yelda)

SAFE (1993) (Starring Robert Carlyle & Kate Hardie)

SAIGON BABY (1995) (Starring Kerry Fox & John Hurt)

SAIGON YEAR OF THE CAT (1983) Judi Dench & Frederic Forrest

SAILORS RETURN (1975) (Starring Tom Bell)

SAKHAROV (1984) Glenda Jackson & Jason Robards

SALOME’S LAST DANCE (1988) (Glenda Jackson & Strattford johns)

SALTING THE BATTLEFIELD (2014) (Starring Ralph Fiennes & Bill Nighy)

SALTWATER (2000) Brian Cox & Eve Birthistle

SALVAGE (2009) (Starring Neve McIntosh & Shaun Dooley)

SARAFINA (1992) (Leleti Khumalo & Whoopi Goldberg)

SATURDAY PARTY (1975) Peter Barkworth & Sheila Gish) PFT

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY (1978) (Starring Joan Plowright & Frank Finlay)

SAVAGE MESSIAH (1972) Dorothy Tutin & Helen Mirren

SAVING GRACE (2000) (Brenda Blethyn & Martin Clunes)

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR GRANDMA (1970) Colin Welland & Susan Jameson) (AT)

SAY SOMETHING HAPPENED (1982) (Starring Thora Hird & Hugh Lloyd)

SCAPEGOAT (2012) (Starring Matthew Rhys & Eileen Atkins)

SCAR TISSUE (2013) (Starring Charity Wakefield & Kenneth Colley)

SCARLETT PIMPERNEL (1982) (Starring Anthony Andrews & Jane Seymour)

SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE (2006) Holly Aird & Hugh Bonneville

SCHMOEDIPUS (1974)  (Starring Anna Cropper & Tim Curry)

SCHOOLGIRL CHUMS (1982) (Lalla Ward & Patsy Kensit)

SCOOP (1987) (Starring Denholm Elliott / Michael Hordern

SCORCHED (2008) (Starring Cameron Daddo & Rachael Carpari) (AUS)

SCORE (2000) (Starring Sue Johnston & Alun Armstrong)

SCOTTISH MUSSEL (2015) Martin Compston & Talulah Riley

SCULLY’S NEW YEARS EVE (1976) (Starring Andrew Schofield)

SCUM (1977) (Starring Ray Winstone & David Threlfall)         

SEA SONG (1974) (Starring Tom Bell & Kika Markham)

SEASON OF THE WITCH (1970) Julie Driscoll & Robert Powell

SEASONS GREETINGS   (1986) (Starring Geoffrey Palmer)

SECRET & LIES (1996) (Starring Timothy Spall & Brenda Blethyn)

SECRET (THE)  (2002)  (Starring Robert Bathurst & Haydn Gwynn)

SECRET AND LIES (1996) (Brenda Blethyn & Timothy Spall)

SECRET DIARIES OF MISS ANNE LISTER (2010) (Maxine Peake & Anna Madeley)

SECRET FRIENDS (1991) (Alan Bates & Frances Barber)

SECRET LIFE   (2007) (Starring Phil Davies)

SECRET LIFE OF ARNOLD BAX (1992) (Starring Glenda Jackson & Ken Russell)

SECRET RAPTURE (1993) Juliet Stevenson & Neil Pearson

SECRET WORLD OF MICHAEL FRY   (2003) (Starring Ewan Bremner)

SECRETARY WHO STOLE £4 MILLION POUNDS (2005) (Starring Meera Syal)

SECRETS (1973) Warren Mitchell & Clifford Rose

SECRETS (1983) (Starring John Castle & Barbara Kellerman)

SECRETS AND LIES (1996) Timothy Spall & Brenda Blethyn

SECURITY MEN (THE) (2012) (Starring Dean Andrews & Bobby Ball)

SEEING IN THE DARK (1989) (Starring David Threlfall & Sylvestra Le Touzel)

SEEING RED (2000) (Starring Sarah Lancashire)

SELF CATERING (1994) (Starring Jane Horrocks)

SEPARATE LIES (2004) (Starring Tom Wilkinson & Emily Watson)

SEPARATE TABLES (1970) (Geraldine McEwan & Eric Porter)

SET FIRE TO THE STARS (2014) (Steven Mackintosh & Celya Jones)

SEVEN DIALS MYSTERY (1981) (Starring John Gielgud & Harry Andrews)

SEWERS OF GOLD (1971)  (Starring Ian McShane & Warren Clarke)

SEX AND CHOCOLATE   (1997) (Starring Dawn French & Phil Daniels)

SEX AND LIES (2004) (Starring Keeley Hawes & James Hillier)

SEX N’ DEATH (1999) (Starring Martin Jarvis & Martin Clunes)

SEX, THE CITY AND ME (2005) (Starring Sarah Parish)

SEXY BEAST (2000) (Ray Winstone & Ian McShane)

SEXY MURDER (2016) (Maggie O’Neill & Shaun Williamson (Short)

SHADES   (1982 Play For Tomorrow)   (1982) (Starring Tracey Childs)

SHADOW DANCER (2012) (Clive Owen & Andrew Riseborough)

SHADOW IN THE NORTH (THE) (2006) (Billie Piper & David Harewood)

SHADOW OF A GUN MAN (1995) (Starring Stephen Rea & Kenneth Brannagh)

SHADOW OF THE EARTH (1988) (Sheila Grier & Billy Hartman)

SHADOW ON THE SUN (1980) Claire Bloom & Trevor Eve

SHADOWS OF OUR SKIN (1980) Macrae Clarke & May Friel (PFT)

SHAGGY DOG (1968)    (Dennis Potter) (John Neville & Ray Smith)

SHAKESPEARE OR BUST   (1973) (Starring Brian Glover)

SHAKESPEARE RETOLD – MACBETH (2005) (James McAvoy & Keeley Hawes)




SHALL I SEE YOU NOW (1978) Pat St.Clement & Toby Salaman (Short)

SHALLOW GRAVE (1994) Kerry Fox & Christopher Eccleston)

SHAMED (2017) (Starring Faye Marsay & Nick Blood)

SHANK (2010) (Kadar Williams-Stirling & Adam Deacon)

SHARP AT FOUR (1964 Armchair Theatre) (Starring Rosemary Leach) 

SHE FELL AMONG THIEVES (1980) (Malcolm McDowell & Michael Jayston)

SHE’LL BE WEARING PINK PYJAMAS (Julie Walters & Jane Evers

SHE’S BEEN AWAY (1989) (Starring Peggy Ashcroft)

SHELTER (1967) (Starring Wendy Craig & Colin Blakeley) (Short)

SHERGAR (1986) (Stephen Rea & Dermot Crowley)

SITTING TARGETS (1989) (Leslee Udwin & Phyllis Logan)



SHERLOCK HOLMES THE PLAY (1980’s) (Starring Frank Langella)

SHIFTY (2008) (Starring Riz Ahmed & Daniel Mays)


SHIP THAT COULDN’T STOP (THE) (Starring Frank Forbes & Donald Churchill)

SHIPMAN - PRESCRIPTION FOR MURDER (2002) (Starring James Bolam)

SHIRALEE (THE) (1987)  (Starring Bryan Brown & Noni Hazelhurst) (AUS)

SHIRLEY (2011) (Starring Ruth Negga & Lesley Sharp)

SHOCKERS PARENTS NIGHT   (2001) (Starring Liam Barr)

SHOOT THE MESSENGER (2006) (Starring Medina Ajikawo & Jotham Annan)

SHOOTING OF THOMAS HURNDALL (THE)   (2008) (Starring Stephen Dillane)

SHOOTING THE CHANDELIER (1977) Denholm Elliott & Alun Armstrong

SHOOTING THE PAST (1999) (Starring Timothy Spall & Lindsay Duncan)

SHORE LEAVE   (1987) (Starring Phil Daniels)

SHUTDOWN (1973) Freddie Fletcher & Clifford Kershaw (PFT)

SHUTTLECOCK (1976) (Dinsdale Landon & Ann Pennington)

SID AND NANCY (1986) (Gary Oldman & Chloe Webb)

SIGNALMAN (THE) (1976) (Starring Denholm Elliott)

SILENT GRACE (2001) Orla Brady & Cara Seymour

SILENT SCREAM (1990) Iain Glen & Anne Kirsten)

SILENT SONG (1966) Milo O’Shea & Jack MacGowran (WED)

SIN BIN (1994) (Starring Pete Postlethwaite & Kathy Burke)

SING STREET (2016) (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo & Kelly Thornton)

SINGLES NIGHT (1984) (Stars Robin Nedwell & Patricia Brake) (Pilot to Series)

SINNERS   (2002) (Starring Karen Ardiff)

SITTING TARGET (1972) Oliver Reed & Ian McShane


SIX INTO ONE (1984) (Starring Don Chaffey)

SKALLAGRIGG (1994) (Bernard Hill & Billie Whitelaw)

SKELLIG THE OWL MAN (2009) (Tim Roth & John Simm)

SKULDUGGERY (1989) (Chris Pitt & David Thewlis)

SLAB BOYS (1979) (Starring Gerard Kelly & Joseph McKenna)

SLADE IN FLAME (1975) (Noddy Holder & Dave Hill)

SLEEP WITH ME (2009)  (Starring Adrian Lester & Jedhi May)

SMALL FACES (1995) (Starring Iain Robertson & Laura Fraser)

SMALL ZONES (1989) (Sean Bean & Stephanie Turner)

SNAKES AND LADDERS (1989) (Starring Peter Blake & Duncan Preston)

SNOW (1992) (Starring Michael Maloney & Rupert Frazer)

SNOW GOOSE (THE)   (1971) (Starring Richard Harris)

SNOW QUEEN (THE) (2005)  (Starring Juliet Stevenson)

SOFT TARGETS   (1982) (Starring Helen Mirren)

SOLDIERS TALKING CLEANLY (1978) Wayne Laryea & Julie Walters (PFT)

SOLID GEOMETRY (2002)  (Starring Ewan McGregor & Peter Capaldi0

SOME DOGS BITE (2010) (Starring Aaron Taylor & Thomas Brodie Sangster)

SOME MOTHERS SON (1996) (Helen Mirren & Aiden Gillan)

SOMERS TOWN (2008) (Piotr Jagiello & Thomas Turgoose)

SOMETIME IN AUGUST (1988) (Starring Craig Lorimer & Tom Wilkinson)

SON OF MAN (1969) (Starring Colin Blakeley & Robert Hardy)

SONG FOR A RAGGY BOY (2003) (Aidan Quinn & Marc Warren)

SONG FOR LUNCH (2010) (Starring Alan Rickman & Emma Thompson)

SONG FOR MARVIN (2012) (Starring Terrence Stamp & Vannessa Redgrave)

SONG OF EXPERIENCE (1986) (Alan Bell & Paul Darrow)

SORRY (1978) (Michael Crawford & Freddie Jones)

SORRY WE MISSED YOU (2019) Kris Hitchen & Debbie Honeywood

SOS THE TITANIC INQUIRY (2012)  (Starring Paul McGann & Stuart Lord)

SOUL OF MAN (1969) (Starring Colin Blakely & Bernard Hepton)

SOULS ARK (1991) (Starring Colin Baker & Wendy Padbury)                                                                       

SOUND OF PROOF (2006) (Susan Lynch & Brendan Coyle)

SOUTH (1959) (Peter Wyngarde & Helena Hughes)

SOVEREIGN’S COMPANY (Wednesday Play 1964) (Starring Roland Culver)

SPACE STATION: MILTON KEYNES (1984) (Penny Murray & Peter Jonfield)

SPAGHETTI TWO STEP (1977) (Starring John Bluthal & Paul Geoffrey)

SPANISH FLU THE FORGOTTEN FALLEN (2009) (Starring Bill Patterson)

SPARKLING CYANIDE (2003) (Starring Kenneth Cranham & Susan Hampshire)

SPECIAL CORESPONDENT (1970) (William Simons & Maureen Lipman)

SPEECH DAY   (1973) (Starring David Smith)

SPEED KING   (1979) (Starring Robert Hardy)

SPEND SPEND SPEND (1977)  (Starring Susan Littler & John Duttine)

SPIKE ISLAND (2012) (Emilia Clark & Philip Jackson)

SPLITTING HEIRS (1993) (Eric Idle & Rick Moranis)

SPONGERS (THE) (1978)  (Starring Gertie Almond & Bernard Atha)

SPOONFACE STEINBERG (1998) (Starring Ella Jones & Helen McCrory)

SPRING AND PORT WINE (1970) (James Mason & Susan George)

SQUARE OF THREE (THE) (1973) (Gordon Jackson & Christopher Beeny)

SQUARE ROOT OF THREE (THE) (1973)(Starring Gordon Jackson)   

SQUARING THE CIRCLE (1984) (Starring Don Henderson & Roy Kinnear)

SQUEEZE A FLOWER (1970) (Starring Jack Albertson & Dave Allen)

SQUIRE (1974) Alan Hull & Madeleine Newton

ST URSULA’S IN DANGER (1983)  (Charlotte Long & Rupert Graves)

STACKED     (2008) (Starring Eleanor Bird)

STALKER’S APPRENTICE     (1998) (Starring Peter Davison)

STALLS OF BARCHESTER (1971) (Starring Robert Hardy)

STAN (2006) (Starring Jim Norton)

STAN’S FIRST NIGHT (1987) (Paul Oldham & Julia Graham)

STANLEY (1988) (Anton Lesser & Juliet Stevenson)

STAN’S LAST GAME (1983) James Grout & Bill Patterson (PFT)

STANLEY (1987) (Anton Lesser & Juliet Stevenson)

STANLEY A MAN OF VARIETY (2016) (Timothy Spall) (One Man Play)

STANLEY PARK (2010) (Starring Morwenna Banks)

STAR QUALITY (1985) (Starring Ian Richardson)

STAR TRAP (1988) (Starring Nicky Henson)

STARGAZY ON ZUMMERDOWN   (1978) (Starring Roy Dotrice)

STARGAZY ON ZUMMERDOWN (1978) (Roy Dotrice & Peggy Mount)

STARLINGS (1988) (Starring Michael Maloney & Lynsey Baxter)                                                            

STARRED UP (2013) Jack O’Connell & Gilly Gilchrist

STARS DON’T DIE IN LIVERPOOL (2017) Annette Bening & Julie Walters

STARS OF THE ROLLER SKATE DISCO (1984) Perry Benson & Cathy Murphy)

STARTER FOR 10 (2006) (Catherine Tate & Mark Gatiss)

STARZ (2017) (Gerard McSorely & Michael Smiley)

STATION JIM   (2001) (Starring George Cole)

STAYING ON (1980)  (Starring Trevor Howard & Celia Johnson)

STEAMIE (THE)   (1988) (Starring Jo Cameron Brown)

STELLA (1967) (Geraldine Moffatt & Ray Smith) (Short)

STEVIE (1978) Glenda Jackson & Trevor Howerd

STICKY WICKETS (1990) (James Bolam & Alun Armstrong)

STIFF UPPER LIPS (1998) (Starring Prunella Scales & Frank Finlay)

STIGMA (1977)  (Starring Kate Binchy & Peter Bowles)

STILL LIFE A THREE PINES MYSTERY (2012) (Starring Nathaniel Parker) (CAN) 

STILL WATERS (1972) (Margery Mason & Bryan Pringle) PFT

STOCKERS COPPER (1972) (Starring Gareth Thomas)

STOCKWELL (2009) (Starring Nicholas Rowe)

STOLEN (2011) Anna Krippa & Damian Lewis

STONE TAPE (1972) (Michael Bryant & Jane Asher)

STORM DAMAGE (2000) (Starring Adrian Lester & Kate Ashfield)

STRANGE AFFLICTION OF ANTON BRUCKNER (1990) (Peter Mackriel) Bio/Drama                             


STRANGE FISH (1993) (Kate Champion & Nigel Charnock)

STRANGE INTERLUDE (1988) Glenda Jackson & Kenneth Brannagh

STRANGEWAYS HERE WE COME (2018) Elaine Cassidy & James Cooney

STRAUSS THE WALTZ KING (2005) (Docu Drama) Joseph Edwards)

STRAWBERRY FIELDS (2011) (Anna Madeley & Emun Elliott

STREET LIFE (1995) (Helen McCrory & Rhys Ifans)

STRETCH (THE)  (2000)  (Leslie Grantham & Anita Dobson)

STRIFE (1965) (Rachel Herbert & Fulton Mackay)

STRONGER THAN THE SUN (1977) (Starring Francesca Annis & Tom Bell)                                                      

STRUMPET (2001) (Starring Christopher Eccleston)

STUART A LIFE BACKWARDS (2007) (Benedict Cumberbatch & Tom Hardy)

STUDENT PRINCE (THE) (1997) (Starring Robson Green & Tara Fitzgerald)

SUBSTANCE OF DREAMS (THE) (1988) (Sarah Anson) (Short Drama)

SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER (1993) Maggie Smith & Natasha Richardson

SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN (1994) (Jane Horrocks & Lynn Farleigh)

SUFFRAGETTE (2015) Corey Mulligan & Helena Bonham Carter

SUICIDE CLUB (THE) (1970 Mystery & Imagination) (Starring Bernard Archard)


SUNSET ACROSS THE BAY (1975)  (Starring Harry Markham & Gabrielle Daye)

SUNSET SONG (2019) (Agyness Deyn & Peter Mullen)

SUNSHINE IN BRIXTON (1976) Elvis Payne & Jill Gascoigne)

SUPERVOLCANO (2005)  (Starring Michael Riley & Gary Lewis)

SURVIVING DISASTER – CHERNOBYL (2006) (Starring Ade Edmondson)

SUS (2010) (Ralph Brown & Rafe Spall)

SUSPECT (1969) (Starring Bryan Marshall & George Sewell)

SUSPICIONS OF MR WHICHTER (2011) (Starring Paddy Considine)

SWARM IN MAY (1983) (Starring Jack May & Oliver Hicks)

SWEENEY TODD (1966) (Freddie Jones & Peter Sallis)

SWEENEY TODD (2005)  (Starring Ray Winstone)

SWEET AS YOU ARE (1987) (Starring Liam Neeson & Miranda Richardson)

SWEET NOTHING (1990) (Charlotte Coleman & Lee Ross)

SWEET NOTHINGS (1984) (Starring Eileen McCallum & Siobhan Redmond)

SWEETHEART (2021) Nell Barlow & Jo Hartley

SYMPTOMS (1974) (Angela Pleasance & Peter Vaughn)




24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE (2002) (Starring Steve Coogan & Keith Allen)

TAKING OF PRINCE HARRY (THE) (2010) (Starring David Annen)

TALE OF LITTLE PIG ROBINSON (1990) (Starring Edward Fox & Dawn French)

TALENT   (1979) (Starring Victoria Wood)

TALES FROM HOLLYWOOD (1992) (Starring Jeremy Irons & Alec Guinness)

TALKING TO THE DEAD (2013) (Starring Sophie Rundle & Russell Tovey)

TAMARA DREWE (2010) (Gemma Arterton & Luke Evans)

TANGIWAI (2011)  (Starring Rose McIvor & Ryan O’Kane)  (AUS)

TARRY DAN SCAREY OLD SPOOKY MAN (1978) (Starring Paul Curran)

TARTUFFE (1985) (Nigel Hawthorne & Alison Steadman)

TEA PARTY (1965) (Leo McKern & John Le Mesurier)

TEA WITH MUSSOLINI (1998) (Maggie Smith & Joan Plowright

TEMPTATION OF EILEEN HUGHES (1988) (Jim Norton & Angharad Rees)

THACKER (1992) (Starring Leslie Phillips)

THANK YOU MISS JONES (1986) (Starring Susie Blake & Oliver Cotton)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH (1971) Julian Holloway & Stanley Lebor (PFT)

THAT CRAZY WOMAN (1980) Zena Walker & David Markham (PFT)

THAT DAY WE SANG (2014) (Imelda Staunton & Michaerl Ball)

THAT SINKING FEELING (1980) (Starring Eddie Burt & Tom Mannion)

THAT SUMMER (1979) (Starring Ray Winstone & Julie Shipley)

THAT SUMMER DAY (2006) (Starring Sanchez Adams & Michael Curtis Parsons) 

THATCHER THE FINAL DAYS (1991) (Sylvia Syms & David Hargreaves)

THE 14 (1973) (Starring June Brown & Alun Armstrong)

THE ABDUCTION CLUB (2002) (Starring Patrick Malahide & Edward Woodward)

THE ACTORS (2003) (Michael Gambon & Michael Caine)

THE AFTER DINNER JOKE (1978) Paula Wilcox & Richard Vernon (PFT)

THE AMAZING MISS STELLA ESTELLE (1984) (Elaine Lordan & Claire Gordon)

THE AMAZING MR BLUNDEN (2021) Simon Callow & Mark Gattis

THE AMERICAN (1998)  (Starring Diana Rigg & Matthew Modine)

THE ANATOMIST (1956) (Alistair Sim & George Cole)

THE ANGELS SHARE (2012) (Starring Paul Brannigan & Siobhan Reilly)

THE APPLE CART (1975) (Nigel Davenport & Helen Mirren)

THE APPONTMENT (1981) Edward Woodward & Jane Merrow

THE ARK (2015) (David Threllfall & Joanne Whalley)

THE ASPHYX (1972) (Starring Robert Powell & Robert Stephens)

THE AWAKENING (2011) (Rebecca Hall & Imelda Staunton)

THE BACK PAGE (1978) Graham Stark & Henry Moxon (Short)

THE BANK JOB (2008) (Starring Saffron Burrows & Keeley Hawes)

THE BASEMENT (1967) Derek Godfrey & Harold Pinter 

THE BEAR (2010) (Starring Julia Davis & Reece Shearsmith) (Short Play)

THE BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC (2018) (Anna Chancellor & Tom Wilkinson)

THE BELLS OF ASTERCOTE (1980) Siobhan Brooks & Ifor Williams

THE BEST OF MEN (2012) (Starring Eddie Marsan & Niamh Cusack)

THE BEST PAIR OF LEGS IN THE BUSINESS (1968) (Reg Varney & Diana Coupland)

THE BEVELLERS (1974) Roddy McMillan & Andrew Byatt (PFT)

THE BIG BREAKER (1965) Rupert Davies & Nigel Stock (WED)

THE BIG FLAME (1967) (Starring Norman Rossington & Godfrey Quigley)

THE BIG MAN (1990) Liam Neeson & Billy Connolly)

THE BIRD, THE BEAR AND THE ACTRESS (1959) (Harry H Corbett & Kate Reid)

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (1987) (Kenneth Cranham & Joan Plowright)

THE BLACK AND BLUE LAMP (1988) (Starring Kenneth Cranham & Ian Brimble)

THE BLACK PANTHER (1977) (Donald Sumpter Debbie Farrington)

THE BLACK STUFF (1979) (Michael Angelis & Bernard Hill)

THE BODY STEALERS (1969) Maurice Evans & Patrick Allen

THE BONEYARD (1964) (Starring Nigel Davenport & John Barron)

THE BORDERLANDS (2013) (Gordon Kennedy & Aidan McArdle)

THE BOSTONIANS (1984) (Starring Christopher Reeve & Vannessa Redgrave)

THE BOUNCING BOY (1972) Norman Eshley & Patricia Brake (PFT)

THE BOX (1981) (Richard Vernon & Michael Palin (Voices) (Short)

THE BOY IN THE DRESS (2014) (Starring Billy Kennedy & Jennifer Saunders)

THE BOY SOLDIER (1984) (James Donnelly & Bernard Latham)

THE BOY WHO WANTED PEACE (1970) Percy Phian & Roddy McMillan (WED)

THE BRIDE (1985) (Sting & Jennifer Beals)

THE BRIDES IN THE BATH (2003) Martin Kemp & Richard Griffiths

THE BROWNING VERSION (1985) Judi Dench & Michael Kitchen

THE BURSTON REBELLION (1985) (Eileen Atkins & Bernard Hill)

THE CELLAR AND THE ALMOND TREE) (1970) Celia Johnson & Sydney Tafler)

THE CHANGELING (1993) Hugh Grant & Bob Hoskins

THE CHEST (1997) (Starring Jim Carter & Neil Morrisey)

THE CHIEF MOURNER (1979) Richard Pasco & Susan Farmer (PFT)

THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND (1974) Anthony Hopkins & Susan Fleetwood (PFT)

THE CIRCUIT (2011) (starring Eva Birthistle & Nicola Walker)

THE COCKSURE LADS (2015) (Chelse Leaman & Sophia Fabrilli)

THE COLLECTION (1978)  (Starring Alan Bates & Helen Mirren)

THE COMEBACK (1978) (Jack Jones & Pamela Stephenson)

THE COMING OUT PARTY (1965) Toni Palmer & George Sewell (WED)

THE COMMON PURSUIT (1992) (Tim Roth & Stephen fry)

THE COST OF LIVING (2004) (Eddie Kay & David Toole (Short)

THE COUNT OF SOLAR (1991) (Susan Jameson & David Calder)

THE COUNTRY WIFE (1977) (Starring Helen Mirren & Anthony Andrews)

THE COURIER (1988) Padraig O’Loingsigh & Cait O’Riordan

THE CREDITORS (1972) (Kenneth Haigh & Susannah York)

THE CRITIC (1981) (Starring Hywel Bennett & Rosemary Leach)

THE CROOKED MAN (2003) (Starring Ross Kemp & Natasha Little)

THE CROSSFIRE (1967) (Starring Patrick Barr & Ian Hendry)

THE CRUNCH (1964) (Harry Andrews & Peter Bowles)

THE CRUNCH (1964) (Starring Harry Andrews & Maxwell Shaw)

THE CRY (1984) Adrian Dunbar & Michael Duffy

THE CRY OF THE OWL (2009) (Paddy Considine & Julia Stiles)

THE CUPBOARD (Armchair Theatre)   (1960) (Starring Donald Pleasance)

THE DAMNED UNITED (2009) (Starring Michael Sheen & Timothy Spall)

THE DAWNING (1988) (Anthony Hopkins & Jean Simmons)

THE DAY THEY BURIED CLEAVER (1970) (David Langton & Richard Wilson)

THE DEAD ROOM (2017) (Simon Callow & Susan Penhaligon) (Short)

THE DEAL (2003)  (David Morrisey & Michael Sheen)

THE DEATH OF GLORY (1973) Warren Clarke & Dandy Nicholls (AT)

THE DECOY BRIDE (2021) Kelly MacDonald & David Tennant

THE DEEP BLUE SEA (1995) (Starring Ian Holm & Colin Firth)

THE DEPUTY (2004)  (Warrenb Clarke & Derrvla Kirwan)

THE DESIGNATED MOURNER (1996) (Mike Nichols & Miranda Richardson)

THE DEVIL’S DISCIPLE (1987) (Ian Richardson & Patrick Stewart)

THE DEVIL’S VICE (2014) (Starring Sarah Lloyd Gregory & Gareth Jewell)

THE DIG (2021) (Ralph Fiennes & Stephen Worrall)

THE DINNER PARTY (2007) (George Cole & Alison Steadman)

THE DIPLOMAT (2008) (Starring Dougray Scott & Rachael Blak) (For UK TV)

THE DOG IT WAS THAT DIED (1988) (Starring Alan Bates & Alan Howard)

THE DRAUGHTSMAN’S CONTRACT (1982) (Anthony Higgins & Janet Suzman)

THE DRESSER (2015) Anthony Hopkins & Sarah Lancashire

THE DRY STONE DYKER (1980) Derek Anders & Fiona Knowles

THE DUCHESS (2008) (Starring Keira Knightley & Ralph Feinnes)

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI (2014) (Gemma Arterton & Giles Cooper)

THE DYBBUK (1960) (Carol Lawrence & Theodore Bikel)

THE ECLIPSE (2009) (Starring Ciaran Hinds & Aidan Quinn)

THE EDGE OF LOVE (2007) (Starring Keira Knightley & Sienna Miller)

THE EICHMANN SHOW (2015) (Martin freeman & Anthony LaPaglia)

THE ENDLESS GAME (1990) (Starring Albert Finney & Ian Holm)

THE ENEMY (2001) (Starring Roger Moore & Tom Conti)

THE ENGLISHMAN’S WIFE (1989) (Starring Imelda Staunton & Adrian Dunbar)

THE ENTERTAINER (1993) Michael Gambon & Helen McCrory

THE ERPINGHAM CAMP (1966) (Starring Reginald Marsh & Peter Reeves)

THE EUROPEANS (1979) (Robin Ellis & Lee Remick)

THE EVACUEES (1975) (starring Maureen Lipman & Margery Withers)

THE EXECUTIONER (1980) Paul Rogers & Joyce Redman (PFT)

THE FALKLANDS PLAY (2002) James Fox & Patricia Hodge)

THE FALLING (2014) (Maisie Williams & Maxine Peake)

THE FANATICS (1968) (Leonard Rossiter & Alan Badel)

THE FIFTY SEVENTH SATURDAY (1967) (Ronald Fraser & Frances White) (Short)

THE FILTHY EARTH (2001) Rebecca Palmer & Shane Atwood

THE FIRM (1989) (Gary Oldman & Lesley Manville)

THE FOLK SINGER (1972) Tom Bell & Bernard Spear (AT)

THE FOOLS ON THE HILL (1986) (Jill Balcon & Mike Lewin)

THE FOXTROT (1971) (Donald Pleasance & Thora Hird) PFT

THE GAMBLING MAN (1995) Robson Green & Bernard Hill

THE GAMECHANGERS (2015) (Starring Kym Syster & Daniel Radcliffe)

THE GATHERING STORM (2002) (Starring Albert Finney & Ronnie Barker)

THE GENTLEMAN CALLER (1967) (Starring George Cole & Tony Selby) (Short)

THE GHOST WRITER (1983) Mark Linn-Baker & Claire Bloom

THE GINGHAM DOG (1970) (Maureen Lipman & Garrick Hagon)

THE GIRL IN THE CAFÉ (2005)  (Starring Bill Nighy & Anton Lesser)

THE GLASGOW GIRLS (2014) (Olivia Popica & Kirstie Steele)

THE GO BETWEEN (1971) (Starring Alan Bates & Julie Christie)

THE GO-BETWEEN (2015) (Starring Jim Broadbent & Jack Hollington)

THE GOOD FATHER (1985) Anthony Hopkins & Jim Broadbent

THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (2005) Mark Rylance & Emma Fielding

THE GRASS ARENA (1992) (Starring Mark Rylance & Pete Postlethwaite)

THE GREY AREA (2018) (Shaun Bhatti & Finlay Scott)

THE GROUNDLING AND THE KITE (1984) John Duttine & Leonard Preston (PFT)

THE HA HA (1969) (Fiona Walker & Miriam Margolyes)

THE HALLELUJAH HANDSHAKE (1970) (Tony Calvin & Lynne Farleigh) PFT

THE HALO EFFECT (2004) Stephen Rea & Kerry Condon

THE HAPPY VALLEY (1987) (Starring Denholm Elliott &Holly Aird)

THE HARD KNOCK (1962) Colin Blakely & Frank Finlay (AT)

THE HAUNTED AIRMAN (2006) (Starring Daniel Ainsleigh & Melissa Lloyd)

THE HAUNTING OF HELEN WALKER (1995) Elizabeth Morton & Tricia thorns

THE HAWK (1993) (Starring Helen Mirren & David Harewood)

THE HIRELING (1973)  (Starring Sarah Miles & Robert Shaw)

THE HISTORY BOYS (2006) (Richard Griffiths & Francis De La Tour)

THE HIT (1984) (Starring John Hurt & Tim Roth)

THE HOPE AND THE GLORY (1984) Rudolph Walker & Maurice Denham

THE HOTHOUSE (1982) (Derek Newark & James Grant)

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES (2002) (Richard Roxburgh & Ian Hart)

THE HUMAN FACTOR (1979) (Richard Attenborough & John Gielgud)

THE HUMAN VOICE (2022) Tilda Swinton (Short Play)

THE HUMMINGBIRD TREE (1992) (Susan Wooldridge & Patrick Bergin)

THE HUNTING OF LIONEL CRANE (1970) Robert Powell & Michael Robbins (WED)

THE IMITATION GAME (1980) (Harriett Walter & Lorne Charles) PFT

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (1964) Ian Carmichael & Susannah York

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (1986) Paul McGann & Joan Plowright

THE INCREDIBLE ROBERT BALDICK (1972) (Robert Hardy & Julian Holloway)

THE INSURANCE MAN (1986) (Starring Trevor Peacock & Robert Hines)

THE INTERIOR DECORATOR (1965) Barry Foster & Jane Arden (WED)

THE INTERVIEW   (1965) (Starring Peter Chinnery)

THE INVASION (1963) Frances Rowe & Patrick Wymark (AT)

THE INVESTIGATION (1967) (Peter Copley & George Sewell)

THE ISLE (2019) (Alex Hassell & Graham Butler)

THE JULY PLOT (1964) John Carson & Peter Copley (WED)


THE KISS OF DEATH (1976) (David Threlfall & John Wheatley)

THE KITCHEN (1977) Peter Egan & Sinead Cusack

THE KNOWLEDGE (1979) Nigel Hawthorne & Mick Ford

THE KREMLIN FAREWELL (1990) (Bernard Kay & Kenneth Colley)

THE LADY FROM THE SEA (1974) Eileen Atkins & Denholm Elliott

THE LADY IN THE VAN (2015) (Maggie Smith & Jim Broadbent)

THE LADY IRENE (1978) Michelle Newell & David Orrick (Short)

THE LAST ENGLISHMAN (1994) Jim Broadbent & Tony Haygarth

THE LAST EVENSONG (1984) Freddie Jones & Tony Robinson

THE LAST MUSKETEER (2000) Robson Green & Arkie Whiteley

THE LAST RIGHT (2019) Niamh Algar & Samuel Bottomley

THE LAST SEPTEMBER (1999) (Keeley Hawes & Maggie Smith)

THE LAST WITCH (2013) (Starring Katherine Kelly & Anne Reid)

THE LAVENDER LIST (2006) (Kenneth Cranham & Gina McKee)

THE LEFT OVERS (1972)  (Anton Rodgers & Ann Bell)

THE LEGION HALL BOMBING (1978) David Kelly & Ewan White (PFT)

THE LETTER (1982) (Starring Ronald Pickup & Lee Remick)

THE LEVELLING (2016) (Starring Ellie Kendrick & David Troughton)

THE LIE (1970) Frank Finlay & Adam Tandy (PFT)

THE LIFE SWAPPERS (1976) (Sheila Gish & Peter Egan)

THE LIGHTHOUSE (2016) (Starring Michael Jibson & Mark Lewis Jones)

THE LITTLE MINISTER (1975) (Starring Helen Mirren & Ian Ogilvy)

THE LONELY MAN’S LOVER (1974) Jan Francis & Anne Dyson (PFT)

THE LOOKING GLASS MURDERS (1970) (David Bowie & Jack Birkett) (Short)

THE LORELEI (1990) (Amanda Redman & Michael Maloney)

THE LOST WITCH (2013) (Katherine Kelly & Anne Reid)

THE LOVE GIRL AND THE INNOCENT (1973) (Patrick Stewart & David Leland)

THE LOVE PUNCH (2013) (Starring Emma Thompson & Pierce Brosnan)

THE LOVER (1963) (Starring Alan Badel & Vivian Merchant)

THE NOISE STOPPED Armchair Theatre (1966) (Starring Gwen Watford & Leslie Sands)

THE LUMP (1967) Joe Gladwin & Ken Jones (WED)

THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE (1994) (Rupert Graves & Helen Mirren)

THE MAGIC TOYSHOP (1987) Tom Bell & Caroline Milmoe

THE MAITLANDS (1993) Bill Nighy & Harriet Walter

THE MAN FROM THE PRU (1990) (Starring Jonathan Pryce & Anna Massey)

THE MAN OF DESTINY (1981) Simon Callow & Delphine Seyrig

THE MAN WHO CROSSED HITLER (2011) (Ed Stoppard & Bill Patterson)

THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH (1973) (David Bowie & Rip Torn)

THE MAN WHO LOST HIS HEAD (2007) (Starring Martin Clunes & John Callen)

THE MASTER BUILDER (1987) Leo McKern & Miranda Richardson

THE MATCH (1999) (Max Beesley & Richard E Grant)

THE MEDUSA TOUCH (1978) (Starring Richard Burton & Lee Remick)

THE MIDNIGHT GANG (2018) (Alan Davies & David Walliams)

THE MILLIONAIRESS (1972) (Maggie Smith & Peter Barkworth)

THE MIRROR CRACK’D (1980) Angela Lansbury & Carolyn Pickles

THE MOON OVER THE ALLEY (1975) Doris Fishwick & Peter Farrell

THE MOSEDALE HORSESHOE (1971) (Bernard Hepton & Rosemary Leach)

THE MOTHER (2003) (Anne Reid & Daniel Craig)

THE MUSCLE MARKET (1981) (Pete Postlethwaite & Alison Steadman)

THE NATIONAL HEALTH (1973) (Lynne Redgrave & Colin Blakeley)

THE NEAR ROOM (1995) (Adrian Dunbar & James Ellis)

THE NETWORK (1979) Anthony Bate & Penelope Horner (PFT)

THE NIGHT WATCH (2011) (Jenna Augen & Kenneth Cranham)

THE OLD CROWD (1979) (Starring John Moffat & Isabel Dean)

THE OTHER HALF (2005) (Danny Dyer & Gillian Kearney)

THE OTHER WOMAN (1975) (Michael Gambon & Jani Lapotaire) (PFT)

THE PALE HORSE (1997) Colin Buchanan & Leslie Phillips

THE PARACHUTE (1968) John Osborne & Jill Bennett (PFT)

THE PARADISE RUN (1976) (Kevin McNally & Ian Charleson)

THE PARADISE SUITE (1963) Ian Holm & Carroll Baker (AT)

THE PARK BENCH TRILOGY (2021) Alisha Bailey & Delroy Brown

THE PAROLE OFFICER (2001) (Steve Coogan & Lena Headey)

THE PASSION (1999) Paul Nicholls & Gina McKee

THE PENTHOUSE (1977) Terence Morgan & Suzy Kendall

THE PEOPLE’S JACK (1970) (Katherine Burke & Maureen Lipman)

THE PERMISSIVE SOCIETY (1975) (Starring Bob Mason & Veronica Roberts)

THE PHILANTHROPIST (1975) (Starring Helen Mirren & James Bolam)

THE PIANO (1971) Janet Munro & Leo Franklyn) (PFT)

THE PICNIC (1988) (Billie Whitelaw & Iain Glen)

THE PIGEON FANCIER (1971) Martin Shaw & Bert Palmer (PFT)

THE PLANT (1995) (Starring April Bird & Eoin McCarthy)

THE POLICE (1990) (Guy Faulkner & Oliver Ford Davies)

THE POLICEMAN AND THE COOK (1970) Michael Crawford & Felicity Gibson

THE PRISON (1974) (Starring James Laurenson & James Maxwell)


THE PROPOSAL (1965)  (Starring David Bird)

THE PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR (2013) (Starring Anna Friel & Eva Birthistle)

THE QUEEN’S SISTER (2016) (Starring Lucy Cohen & Alex Barclay)

THE RACK PACK (2016) (Starring Luke Treadway & Will Merrick)

THE RAILWAY STATION MAN (1992) (Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland)

THE RAINBIRDS (1971) (Madge Ryan & James Cossins) PFT

THE REAR COLUMN (1980) Donald Gee & Simon Ward

THE RECKONING (1969) (Nicol Williamson & Rachel Roberts)

THE RECKONING (2011) (Starring Max Beesley & Ashley Jensen)

THE REFLECTING SKIN (1990) (Viggo Mortenson & Lindsay Duncan)

THE REMAINS OF THE DAY (1993) (Anthony Hopkins & Emma Thompson)

THE RETURN (1972)  (Peter Vaughn)

THE RETURN (2003)  (Julie Walters & Neil Dudgeon)

THE RETURN OF THE SOLDIER (1982) Alan Bates & Julie Christie

THE RINGMASTER (1952) (Starring Anna Lee & Vincent Price) ( (For The UK)

THE RISE OF THE KRAYS (2015) (Starring Simon Cotton & Kevin Leslie)

THE RIVALS (1970) Beryl Reid & Jeremy Brett

THE RIVALS (1988) Donald Sinden &Sheila Hancock

THE ROMANTIC ENGLISH WOMAN (1973) (Glenda Jackson & Michael Caine)

THE ROSES OF EYAM (1973) (Ronald Pickup & Leslie Sands)


THE RUSSIAN SOLDIER (1985) (Warren Clarke & Patrick Malahide)
THE SILENT TWINS (1985) (Shirley Parker & Sharon Parker)

THE RUTLES ALL YOU NEED IS CASH (1978) Eric Idle & Neil Innes

THE SAFE HOUSE (2002) (Starring Geraldine Somerville & Phil Davis)

THE SAILOR’S RETURN (1978) (Starring Nigel Hawthorne & Tom Bell)

THE SALESMAN (1970)    (Starring Ian Holm)  (Short)

THE SCANDALOUS LADY (2015) (Starring Natalie Dormer & Shaun Evans)

THE SCAPEGOAT (2011) Matthew Rhys & Sheridan Smith

THE SCENT OF FEAR (1959) Anthony Quayle & Dorothy Tutin (AT)

THE SEAGULL (1977) (Michael Gambon & Zoe Caldwell)

THE SECRET RAPTURE (1993) (Starring Joanne Whalley & Juliet Stevenson)

THE SECURITY MEN (2013) (Bobby Ball & Dean Andrews)

THE SELFISH GIANT (2013) Shaun Thomas & Ralph Ineson

THE SEVEN PER CENT SOLUTION (1976) (Nicol Williamson & Vanessa Redgrave)

THE SHOOTING OF THOMAS HURNDALL (2008) (Stephen Dillane & Jodie Whittaker)

THE SHOOTING PARTY (1985) (Starring James Mason & Edward Fox)

THE SHORT AND CURLIES (1988) (Alison Steadman & David Thewlis) (Short)

THE SHOUT (1978) (Starring Alan Bates & Susannah York)

THE SILVER BULLET (1984) (David Hayman & Gregor Fisher)

THE SLAB BOYS (1979) (Starring Gerrard Kelly & Billy McColl)

THE SNAPPER (1993) (Tina Kellegher & Ruth McCabe)

THE SOLDIERS TALE (2002) Martins Imhangbe & Mark Lockyer

THE SPONGERS (1978) (Bernard Hill & Christopher Hargreaves) PFT

THE SQUEEZE (1977) (Starring Stacy Keach & David Hemmings)

THE STRETCH (2000) Leslie Grantham & Anita Dobson

THE SUNNY (2014) (Robert Florence & Iain Connell) (Short)

THE SUPERGRASS (1985) (Adrian Edmondson & Jennifer Saunders)

THE SURVIVOR (1981)  (Starring Robert Powell & Jenny Agutter)

THE TENTH MAN (1988) (Starring Anthony Hopkins & Derek Jacobi)

THE THIEVING HEADMISTRESS   (2006)  (Starring Pauline Quirke)

THE THIN END OF THE WEDGE (1977) Tom Marshall &Miriam Margolyes (PFT)

THE THIRTEENTH TALE (2013) (Vanessa Redgrave & Olivia Colman)

THE TRIAL (1993) (Anthony Hopkins & Alfred Molina)


THE TRIAL OF KLAUS BARBIE (1987) (Maurice Denham & John Stride)

THE TRIALS OF OZ (1991) (Hugh Grant & Leslie Phillips)

THE TRIBE (1998) (Starring Joely Richardson & Trevor Eve)

THE TRICK (2021) (Jason Watkins & Victoria Hamilton)

THE TRUTH (2002) (Starring Damian Lewis & Emily Mortimer)

THE TURN OF THE SCREW (2009) (Starring Michelle Dockery & Sue Johnston)

THE TWISTED TALE OF BLOODY MARY (2008) (Miranda French & Jason Sharp)

THE UNBORN (1980)  (Starring Jack Shepherd & Judy Parfitt)

THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (1984) (Nicholas Clay & Jenny Lee) 

THE VILLA MAROC (1972) Thora Hird & George A Cooper (PFT)

THE VIRGIN OF LIVERPOOL (2003) Ricky Tomlinson & Imelda Staunton

THE VISION (1987) (Starring Dirk Bogarde & Lee Remick)

THE VISIT (1959) (Alice Spaul & Eunice Phelps)

THE VOTE (2015) (Starring Judi Dench & Bill Patterson)

THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE (1979) Dulcie Gray & Jeremy Irons (PFT)

THE WALK   (2005) (Starring Nicola Stephenson)

THE WATCHMAN (2016) (Starring Stephen Graham & Imogen King)

THE WATER BABIES (1978) (James Mason & Bernard Cribbins)

THE WEDDING VIDEO (2012) ((Lucy Punch & Harriet Walter)

THE WEE MAN (2013) (Martin Compston & John Hannah)

THE WHALE (2013)  (Charles Furness & Martin Sheen)

THE WICKER TREE (2011) (Graham McTavish & Jacqueline Leonard)

THE WIDOWER Armchair Theatre  (1958) (Starring Maggie Smith)

THE WIDOWING OF MRS HOLROYD (1995) (Zoe Wanamaker & Colin Firth)

THE WIDOWMAKER (1990) Alun Armstrong & Annabelle Apsian

THE WILD DUCK (1971) Denholm Elliott & Jenny Agutter (WED)

THE WINDERMERE CHILDREN (2020) (Iain Glen & Tim Mcinnerny)

THE WOMEN OF WINDSOR (1992) (Starring Sally Ann Law & Nicola Formby)

THE WOOD DEMON (1974) Francessca Annis & Ian Holm

THE WOODLANDERS (1997) (Starring Emily Woof & Tony Haygarth)

THE YOUNG POISONERS HANDBOOK (1995) (Hugh O’Connor & Anthony Sher)

THEIR FINEST (2016) (Gemma Arterton & Bill Nighy)

THEN BARBARA MET ALAN (2022) Ruth Madeley & Arthur Hughes

THERE’S A HOLE IN YOUR DUSTBIN, DELILAH (1968) Jack MacGowran & Frank Windsor

THEY NEVER SLEPT (1990) Edward Fox & Emily Morgan

THICKER THAN WATER (1980) Colin Douglas & Nicholas Ball (PFT)

THREE CLEAR SUNDAYS (1965) Tony Selby & Rita Webb

THIEF (1967) (Starring Sian Phillips & Alan Lake) (Short)

THINGS I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU   (2008)  (Starring Haruka Abe)

THIRTEENTH TALE (THE)  (2013)  (Olivia Coleman & Vanessa Redgrave)

THIRTY NINE STEPS (2008) (Starring Rupert Perry Jones)

THIS DAY IN FEAR   (1958) (Starring Patrick McGoohan)

THIS IS ENGLAND (2006) (Starring Thomas Turgoose & Jo Hartley)

THIS LIFE + 10  (2007) (Jack Davenport & Jason Hughes)

THIS YEARS MODEL (1970’s) (From The Scene Tv Series on 1 DVD)

THOSE GLORY DAYS (1983) (Zoe Nathenson & Cathy Murphy)

THREE CLEAR SUNDAYS (1965) (Starring Tony Selby & Rita Webb)

THREE MEN IN A BOAT  (1975) (Starring Tim Curry & Michael Palin)

THREE MINUTE HEROES (1982) Philip Freeman & Ian Davies (PFT)

THREE SISTERS (1970) (Janet Suzman & Michelle Dotrice) POTM

THREE SISTERS (1970) (Joan Plowright & Derek Jacobi)

THROUGH THE NIGHT (1975) Alison Steadman & Jack Shepherd (PFT)

TIDES (2017) Jon Foster & Robyn Isaac

TIGHT TROUSERS (1990) (Starring Vas Blackwood & Eddie Osei)

TIME AND THE CONWAYS (1985) (Starring Claire Bloom & Geraldine James)

TINA GOES SHOPPING   (1999) (Starring Kelly Hollis)

TINA TAKES A BREAK   (2001) (Starring Kelly Hollis)

TITANIC TOWN (1998) (Starring Julie Walters & Ciaran Hinds)

TO ENCOURAGE THE OTHERS (1972) (Charles Bolton & Billy Hamon)

TO KILL A KING (2003) (Tim Roth & Dougray Scott)

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE (1983) (Starring Rosemary Harris & Michael Gough)

TOAST (2009) (Starring Nigel Slater)

TOFF AND FINGERS (1960) (Donald Pleasance & Roger Livesey)

TOM BROWN’S SCHOOLDAYS (2004) (Starring Stephen Fry & Jemma Redgrave)

TOMMY COOPER NOT LIKE THAT LIKE THIS (2014) (David Threlfall & Helen McCrory)

TOMORROW CALLING (1993) (Colin Salmon & Don Henderson) (Short)

TOMORROW LA SCALA (2002) (Starring Lucy Bates & Shaun Dingwall)

TOMORROW, YOU JUST WAIT (1965) James Chase & Janina Faye (WED)

TONY (2009) Peter Fernando & Ricky Grover)

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE   (2003) (Starring Peter Davison)

TOO LATE TO TALK TO BILLY (1982) (James Ellis & Kenneth Brannagh) PFT

TOPSY TURVY (1999) (Timothy Spall & Jim Broadbent)

TORMENTED (2009) (Alex Pettyfer & April Pearson)

TORVILL & DEAN (2018) (Dean Andrews & Annabelle Apsion)

TOUCH AND GO   (1998) (Starring Martin Clunes)

TOUGH LOVE   (2000) (Starring Ray Winstone)

TOWER BLOCK (2011) (Starring Sheridan Smith &Ralph Brown)

TOWER OF LONDON THE INNOCENT (1969) (James Maxwell & Bernard Archard

TRACATE MIDDOTH (THE) (2013) (Louise Jameson & Eleanor Bron) (Short) 

TRAGEDY OF MACBETH (1971) (Starring Jon Finch & Francesca Annis)

TRAITOR (1971) Starring (John LeMesurier)

TRAVELLING LIGHT (1967) (Trevor Bannister & Martin Shaw)

TRAVELLING NORTH (1987) (Starring Leo McKern & Julia Blake)

TREASURE ISLAND (1995) (Starring Michael Elphick & Hetty Baynes)

TREASURE OF ABBOT THOMAS (1974) (Starring Michael Bryant)

TRIAL BY FIRE   (1999) (Starring Juliet Stephenson)

TRIAL OF TONY BLAIR (THE)   (2007) (Starring Robert Lindsay)

TRIALS OF OSCAR WILDE (1960) Peter Finch & Yvonne Mitchell

TRIALS OF OZ   (1991) (Starring Hugh Grant)

TRIANGLE (2009)  (Melissa George & Jack Taylor)

TRIP TRAP (1996)  (Starring Kevin Whately & Stella Grant)

TRIPLE ECHO (1971) (Starring Glenda Jackson & Oliver Reed)

TRISTRAM SHANDY A COCK & BULL STORY (2005) Steve Coogan & Keeley Hawes)

TRUE LOVE   (1996) (Starring Elizabeth Earl)

TRUE NORTH (2006) Martin Compston & Gary Lewis

TRULY MADLY DEEPLY (1990) (Starring Juliet Stevenson & Alan Rickman)

TRUST   (2000)  (Starring Chris Armstrong & Caroline Goodall)

TRUST ME  (1992) (Alfred Molina & Jack Shepherd)

TU£SDAY  (2008) (Starring Phillip Glennister & Ashley Walters)

TULLY  (1975) (Starring Anthony Valentine & Barbara Nielsen)

TUMBLEDOWN (1988)  (Starring Colin Firth & Paul Rhys)

TURKS AND CAICOS (2014) (Starring Bill Nighy & Winona Ryder)

TURTLE DIARY (1985) (Starring Ben Kingsley & Michael Gambon)

TWELTH NIGHT (1970) (Starring Alec Guinness & Tommy Steele)

TWENTY FOUR SEVEN (1997) (Bob Hoskins & Annette Badland)


TWO DEATHS (1995) (Michael Gambon & Sonia Braga)

TWO DOORS DOWN (2013) (Starring Alex Norton & Arabelle Weir)

TWO GOLDEN BALLS (1994) (Starring Kim Catrall & Leslie Phillips)

TWO MINUTES (1996) (Starring Peter Kay & Paul shane) (Short)

TWO SUNDAYS (1975) (Starring Alan Bates)




U BE DEAD (2009)   (Starring David Morrisey)

UNCLE SILAS   (1968 Mystery & Imagination) (Starring Lally Bowers)

UNCLE VANYA (1970) (Starring Anthony Hopkins & Freddie Jones)

UNCLE VANYA (1991) (Starring David Warner & Ian Holm)

UNCONDITIONAL (2014) (Harry McEntire & James Bolam)

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (2003) (Starring Robson Green & Sarah Parrish)

UNDER THE AGE (1972) (Starring Paul Angelis & Michael Angelis) (Short)

UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE (2005) (Keeley Hawes & James Murray)

UNDER THE SKIN (1997) Samantha Morton & Rita Tushingham

UNDERWORLD (1985) (Denholm Elliott & Larry Lamb)

UNEXPLAINED LAUGHTER (1989) (Diana Rigg & Elaine Paige)

UNFAIR EXCHANGES (1984) (Julie Walters & George Lapham)

UNITED KINGDOM (1981) Ricky Tomlinson & Colin Welland (PFT)

UNITY (1981) Lesley Anne Down & Ingrid Pitt

UNLOVED   (THE)  (2009)  (Starring Robert Carlyle)

UNNATURAL CAUSES (1993) (Roy Marsden & Kenneth Colley)

UNSPEAKABLE (2017) (Starring Nina Sorrentino & Lucas Bond)

UP AND DOWNS (2019) (Susan Lynch & James Martin)

UP N’ UNDER (1998) (Gary Olsen & Samantha Janus)

UP THE JUNCTION (1975) (Starring Carol White and Tony Selby)

UP THERE (2012) (Starring Brian Gorman & Jo Hartley)

URBAN GHOST STORY (2009) (Starring Jason Connery & Stephanie Buttle)

UTZ (1992) (Starring Armin Mueller-Stahl & Brenda Fricker)




VACILLATIONS OF POPPY CAREW (THE) (1995) (Tara Fitzgerald & Sian Phillips)

VACUUMING COMPLETELY NUDE IN PARADISE (2001)(Starring Timothy Spall))                            

VAMPIRES  (1979) (Starring Peter Moran & Paul Moran)

VATEL (2000) Tim Roth & Julian Glover)

VENOM (1981) (Starring Oliver Reed & Susan George)

VENUS (2006) (Starring Peter O’Toole & Jodie Whittaker)

VERA DRAKE (2004)  (Starring Imelda Staunton & Phil Davis)

VERITE (1973) (Annabel Leventon & Tim Curry)

VICEROY’S HOME (2016) (Hugh Bonneville & Michael Gambon)

VICIOUS CIRCLE (1999)  (Starring Ken Stott)

VICTIMS OF APARTHEID (1978) John Kani & Coral Atkins (PFT)

VIGO (1998) Romane Bohringer & Jim Carter

VIRTUOSO (1988) (Alfred Molina & Alison Steadman)

VISITORS (1987) (Michael Brandon & Glynis Barber)

VOICE OVER (1981) Ian McNeice & Bish Nethercote

VOICES IN THE GARDEN (1992) (Joss Ackland & Samuel West)

VON TRAPPED (2004) (Caroline Quentin & Una Stubbs)

VORTEX (THE)   (1969) (Starring FlorenceLancaster)




WAITING FOR GODOT (1961) (Burgess Meredith) US Production For UK TV

WAITING FOR GODOT (2001) (Starring Barry McGovern)

WAKE WOOD (2009) Eve Birthistle & Timothy Spall

WALK AWAY AND I STUMBLE (2005) (Tamzin Outhwaite & Julie Graham)

WALK IN THE DARK   (1982)  (Starring Denis Quilley)

WALKING ON HE MOON (1999) (Starring Kate Gartside)

WALL OF SILENCE (2004) (Phil Davis & James Nesbitt)

WALLIS AND EDWARD (2005)  (Starring Joely Richardson)

WALTER   (1982) (Starring Ian McKellen & Barbara Jefford)

WALTER & JUNE   (1986) (Starring Ian McKellen & Sarah Miles)

WALTER (2014) (Starring Adrian Dunbar & Danny Erskine)

WALTER’S WAR     (2008)  (Starring O.T Fagbenle)

WAR BOOK (2014) (Starring Nichoilas Burns & Kerry Fox)

WAR GAME (THE) (1965 Drama Doc) (Starring Michael Aspel & Kathy Staff)

WAR THAT NEVER ENDS (THE) (1991) (Starring David Calder & Ben Kingsley)

WATERLAND (1992) Jeremy Irons & Sinead Cusack

WATERLOO SUNSET (1979) (Starring Queenie Watts)

WATERMELON (2003) (Starring Anna Friel & Jamie Draven)

WATERS OF THE MOON (1983) Swedish Subs(Starring Penelope Keith)

WAY OF BEAT (1966) Sydney Tafler & Brenda Bruce (WED)

WAY UPSTREAM (1987) (Starring Nick Dunning)

WE’LL SUPPORT YOU EVER MORE (1985) John Thaw & Ann Hasson

WE’LL TAKE MANHATTEN (2012) (Starring Helen McCrory & Aneurin Barnard)

WEDDING (A)  (1961)  (Starring Roy Kinnear & Dennis Handby)                                                           

WEDDING BELLES  (2007) (Michelle Gomez & Shirley Henderson)

WEDNESDAY LOVE (1975) (Lois Daine & Simon Rouse) PFT

WEDNESDAYS CHILD  (1970) (Starring  Katherine Blake & Prunella Ransome)                                                                 

WELCOME TO CURIOSITY (2018) (Starring Amrita Acharia & Jack Ashton)

WEST 10 LDN (2006) (Starring Ashley Madekwe)

WETHERBY (1985) (Ian Holm & Judi Dench)

WHAT BECAME OF JACK AND JILL (1972) Paul Nicholas & Vanessa Howard

WHAT MAD PURSIT (1985) (Starring Paul Daneman)

WHAT THE BUTLER SAW (1989) (Starring Prunella Scales & Dinsdale Landon)

WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY (2014) (David Tenant & Billy Connolly)

WHAT’S WRONG WITH HUMPTY DUMPTY? (1967) Donald Houston & Lynn Redgrave (AT)

WHATEVER IT TAKES   (2009) (Starring Shane Richie)

WHATEVER LOVE MEANS (2005) (Starring Laurence Fox & Olivia Poulet)

WHEN BRENDAN MET TRUDY (2000) (Peter McDonald & Flora Montgomery)

WHEN DAY IS DONE (1973) (Starring Edward Woodward & Rosemary Leach)

WHEN HAREY MET BOB (2010) (Starring Domhnall Gleeson & Ian Hart)

WHEN I’M SIXTY FOUR  (2004) (Starring Alun Armstrong)

WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS (1971) Hannah Gordon & Cheryl Kennedy (PFT)

WHEN WE ARE MARRIED (1987) (Starring Patricia Routledge & Peter Vaughn)

WHEN WE ARE MARRIED (1995) (Starring Alun Armstrong & Alan Bennett)

WHERE ADAM STOOD (1976)  (Starring Alan Badel)

WHERE I LIVE (1960) (Starring Ruth Dunning & Robert Brown)

WHERE IS BETTY BUCHAS   (1982)  (Starring Simon Cadell)

WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM (1968)  (Starring Hywel Bennett)

WHERE THE DIFFERENCE BEGINS (1961) (Leslie Sands & Nigel Stock)

WHISTLE AND I'LL COME TO YOU (1968)  (Starring Michael Hordern)

WHITE CARGO (1973) (David Jason & Hugh Lloyd)

WHITE GOODS (1994)  (Starring Ian McShane & Lenny Henry)

WHITE LADY (1987) (Starring Cornelius Garrett & Sophie Thompson)

WHITE SEASON, WHITE GIRL   (2008)  (Starring Anna Maxwell Martin)

WHO BOMBED BIRMINGHAM?  (1990)   (Starring John Hurt)

WHO GETS THE DOG (2007) (Starring Kevin Whatley)

WHO KILLED LAMB (1974) (Stanley Baker & David Swift)

WHO KILLED MRS DE ROPP? (2007)  (Starring Gemma Jones)

WHO’S WHO (1979) (Richard Kane & Phil Davis) PFT

WHO’S WHO? (1978) (Starring Richard Kane & Phil Davis)

WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK EVANS? (1980) (Francessca Annis & John Gielgud)

WIDE EYED AND LEGLESS (1993) (Jim Broadbent & Julie Walters)

WIDE SARGASSOSEA (2006)  (Starring Rafe Spall & Rebecca Hall)

WIDOW’S PEAK (1994) Mia Farrow & Adrian Dunbar

WIDOWING OF MRS HOLROYD (1995)  (Starring Zoe Wanamaker & Colin Firth)

WIDOWS PEAK (1994) (Starring Joan Plowright &Mia Farrow)

WIFE BEGINS AT FORTY (1988) Liza Goddard & Ray Cooney

WILBUR WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF (2002) (Jamie Sives & Shirley Henderson)

WILD DECEMBERS (2009) (Starring Matt Ryan & Lara Belmont) 

WILDE (1999) (Starring Stephen Fry & Jude Law)

WILL AMELIA QUINT CONTINUE WRITING...(1971) Beryl Reid & Richard Vernon (AT)

WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW? (1987) (Starring Joanne Whalley)

WINGS OF THE DOVE (THE)  (1979) (Elizabeth Spriggs & Lisa Eichorn)

WINSLOW BOY (THE)  (1989) (Starring Gordon Jackson & Rosemary Leach)

WINTER FLIGHT (1984) (Reece Dinsdale & Nicola Cowper)

WIPERS TIMES (2013) (Ben Chaplin & Michael Palin)

WISH YOU WERE HERE (1987) (Starring Emily Lloyd & Tom Bell)             

WITH OR WITHOUT YOU (1999) (Christopher Eccleston & Dervla Kirwan)

WITNESS AGAINST HITLER   (1996) (Starring Alun Armstrong)

WODEHOUSE IN EXILE (2013) (Starring Tim Pigott Smith & Zoe Wanamaker)

WOMEN BEWARE WOMEN (1965) (William Gaunt & Diana Rigg)


WOOD DEMON (THE)  (1974) (Starring Ian Holm)

WORDS OF LOVE (1989) (Starring Tom Bell & Liz Smith)

WORK IS A FOUR LETTER WORD (1968) David Warner & Cilla Black

WORKING WITH PINTER (2007) Patrick Brennan & Harry Burton)

WORM IN THE BUD (1959) Barry Foster & Edward Malin (AT)

WORRIED ABOUT THE BOY (2010) (Douglas Booth & Marc Warren)

WOULD LIKE TO MEET (2009) (Starring Maxine Peake) (Short)


WRECKERS (2010) (Benedict Cumberbatch & Claire Foy)




YARDIE (2020) (Ami Ameen & Fraser James)

YEAR LONDON BLEW UP (THE)  (Doc-Drama) (2005) (Michael Colgan)

YEAR OF THE SEX OLYMPICS (1968) (Starring Leonard Rossiter & Brian Cox)

YELLOW HOUSE (THE)   (2007) (Starring Kevin Eldon)   

YELLOW WALLPAPER (1989) Dorothy Tutin Carolyn Pickles

YESTERDAYS HERO (1979) (Starring Ian McShane & Adam Faith)

YOU AND ME AND HIM (1972) (Peter Vaughn) Short

YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS (2007)  (Anton Rodgers & Julie McKenzie)   

YOU ME AND MARLEY (1992) (Starring Marc O’Shea & Bronagh Gallagher)

YOU NEVER CAN TELL (1977) (Robert Powell & Warren Clarke)

YOU’LL NEVER SEE ME AGAIN (1959) (Starring Ben Gazzara & Leo Genn)

YOUNG SHOULDERS (1983) Andrew Groves & Jennifer Piercey

YOUNG SOUL REBELS (1991) Valentine Nonyela & Mo Sesay

YOUNG VISITORS (THE) (2003) (Starring Jim Broadbent & Hugh Laurie)

YOUR MAN FROM SIX COUNTIES (1976) (Donal McCann & Brenda Fricker) PFT

YOUR NAME’S NOT GOD, IT’S EDGAR (1968) (Alfred Lynch & Yootha Joyce)




Z FOR ZACHARIAH (1984) (Starring Anthony Andrews & Pippa Hinchley

ZIG ZAG LOVE (2009)  (Starring Robert Carlyle & Cara Readle)

ZINKY BOYS GO UNDERGROUND (1994) (Olga Rodina & Natasha Bain) (Short)











MILL HILL (1972)








AFTERS (1990) 




1/1     TURKISH DELIGHT     (Denise Welch & Glynis Barber)

1/2     COMING UP FOR AIR   (Jeremy Sheffield & June Whitfield)

1/3     THE REAL ARNIE GRIFFIN (Ray Burdis & Lucy Davis)

1/4     HEROES AND VILLAINS   (Tracie Bennett & Lisa Riley)

1/5     GIRLS WEEKEND   (Daniela Denby Ashe & Sarah Manners)

2/1     VENUS AND MARS     (Robson Green & Tina Hobley)

2/2     SONS, DAUGHTERS AND LOVERS   (Michael French)

2/3     DRIVE   (Kaye Wragg & Jean Alexander)

3/1     THE HITCH     (Samantha Janus)

3/2     THE TROUBLE WITH GEORGE   (Reece Dinsdale & Lisa Faukner)

3/3     THE GOOD CITIZEN   (Hugh Quarsie & Claire Goose)

3/4     REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY   (Jon Carver & Kate Deeley)

3/5     THE SINGING CACTUS   (Stephen Aintree & Peter Capaldi)

4/1     TEA WITH BETTY     (Sarah Crowden & Richard De Sousa)


4/3     YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW   (Claire Cox & Sheila Reid)

4/4     ARE YOU JIM’S WIFE  (Roy Dotrice)

4/5     MOLLY       (Georgia Taylor & Mark Bixter)

5/1     JOHNNY SHAKESPEARE   (Bobby Ball & James Cartwright)

5/2     DEATH BECOMES HIM   (Brian Capron & Diana Kent)

5/3     COME FLY WITH ME     (Hannah Waterman & Kate Isitt)

5/4     PIECES OF A SILVER LINING   (Jimmy Yuill)

5/5     THE REAL DEAL   (James Lance & Emma Fildes)



1960’s & 70’s ARMCHAIR THEATRE 


A Bit of a Lift 

A Night Out

According To The Rules

After the Show

Afternoon Of The Nymph

Amelia Quint 

Big Deal (The)

Blackmailing Of Mr S (The)

Brown Skin Gal 

Call Me Daddy

Cherry On Top (The)

Chocolate Tree

Compensation Alice


Danger Men Working

Dead Silence

Detective Waiting

Don't Utter a Note

Dr Kabil

Edward The Confessor

Emperor Jones

Fishing Match (The)

Greatest Man in World

Hard Knock (The)

High Summer

Hot House

Hot Summer Night

I Can Destroy The Sun

I Took My Little World Away 

Importance of Being Earnest

Lady of the Camellias (The)

Last Word On Julie

Lena Oh My Lena

Living Image

Long Past Glory 

Lord Arthur Saviles Crime 

Magnum For Schneider (Callan Pilot)

Man And Mirror

Man Out There (The)

Man Who Came To Die (The)

Mrs Capper's Birthday

My Representative


Night Before the Morning After

Night Conspirators 

Now Let Him Go

Noise Stopped (The)

Office Party 

Old Man's Fancy

Omega Mystery

Paradise Suite (The)

Poor Cherry

Reason For Sale

Red Riding Hood 

Say Goodnight To Grandma 

Scent Of Fear (The)

Sharp at Four

Ship That Couldn't Stop (The)

Square Root Of Three (The)

The Criminals

The Creditors

The Cupboard

The Folk Singer

The Leftovers

The Snag 

The Swindler

The Widower

Toff And Fingers

Trial Of Dr Fancy (The)

Trouble With Our Ivy

Tune On The Old Fiddle

Wednesdays Child






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